dakota lyrics

Ode To Sleep -
If he starts to close his eyes and sleep his thoughts will start to get to him, he needs to stay awake even though he hasn’t stone anything wrong.

Holding On To You -
Okay fuck this ones going to be long. I actually really fucking love this song so much. He is finally taking control of his mind and he is doing what he wants to do and he doesn’t care what happens, he even explains to you to take control of your mind if you need to, but no matter what he will always be holding on to you.
Also what the fuck are these nonsense lyrics I hear people singing, we were gifted with thought for a reason (that’s what the lean with it, rock with it, when are we gonna stop with it? Lyrics are about)

Migraine -
The migraine actually represents a deeper problem in his head that he just needs to get rid of, and he thinks he is alone but he actually is not.

House Of Gold -
IMMA TAKE CARE OF YOU MOM FOREVER AND EVER. Also dreams never come fucking true so fuck trying to dream.

Car Radio -
This actually has no deeper meaning the song is literally saying what it means. Somebody stole his car radio so now he sits in silence and you need to be alive.

Semi-Automatic -
Tyler is sadistic and never likes how he is. But no matter what he goes through he is going to survive. Also his prayers are fucking weird.

Screen -
Tyler is trying to be someone he isn’t but he realized you can see right through him so he can’t lie. We are all broken, we’re broken people, so excuse us while we sing to the sky.

The Run And Go -

Fake You Out -
He will never be what you want him to be. He will just fake you out with all these problems he has and he will take advantage of you. He is afraid of what you think. He has done so much and teens are just so suicidal. Also our brains are sick but that’s okay.

Guns For Hands -
The rate of teen suicide is rising, and it just scares tyler to think about how many people are like that and how many people just could kill them in a instant because their hand always has their gun in it ready to pull the trigger to their head, so it would just be better if we all could just make fists instead.

Trees -
I’ve actually never thought about how deep this song is. Tyler is just standing silently in the woods and he can just feel that god is there and he wants to just finally meet his maker, and that’s why he says he can feel his death because well suicide.

Truce -
You are going to die eventually but please just please stay alive for me, don’t do it.

—  Dakota’s thoughts on Vessel
Fast Car

So remember when we were driving in your car, speed so fast I felt like I was drunk: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

City lights lay out before us, and your arm felt nice wrapped ‘round my shoulder: Taurus, Libra, Pisces

I had a feeling that I belonged: Cancer, Virgo, Leo

I had a feeling that I could be someone: Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio