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Agents Maine and Washington are the only ones on the Mother of Invention who know sign language. And, like, they’re ALWAYS TALKING IN IT like super long, fast conversations. Wash will be talking to Connie and simultaneously signing to Maine at the same time. Maine will laugh. (Well. Chuckle. Maine doesn’t -laugh-.)

Everyone is really fuckin curious because Maine doesn’t talk, except he and Wash have conversations that last hours and no one understands what they’re saying (except maybe Florida? But who knows with that fucker)

So, like, Maine and Wash get sent on this super long mission, like a few weeks. And York spends the entire time on the internet learning sign language. He’s determined.

Finally the pair gets back and York is ready, so fuckin ready to see -

- and Wash and Maine are signing the bee movie to each other.

(York runs crying into North’s room. North throws him a bottle of vodka and sighs.)

Finished my September spread ✨
Went with something starry and astrological for my birth month; gotta keep it organized and Virgo-ready.

The text under the moon reads:
“Čanhdeškaya maunipi hantanhaš taku yanunipi kin ake iyeyayapi kte”
Translated from Dakotah, it means “we live in a big circle, and because of this, whatever you lose you will find again”.
Something a relative taught us during Dakota language class, and it’s stuck with me for some time now–it’s a good thing to remember when the chaos of fall has me losing my mind.

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Dakota is a loud-ass dog that barks constantly. I’d say that’s a pretty common trait to find in most dogs of this breed. Not necessarily a bad thing depending on how tolerant you are. I actually prefer vocal animals. My cat talks LITERALLY all day. I’ll be in another room, or something, and I’ll hear her out there just meowing away at nothing. My little Puggle, Colt, is always whining and grunting and making little noises when I talk to him or when he needs something. It soothes my soul and makes me feel like less of a crazy person when I realize that I’m trying to maintain entire conversations with an animal that knows maybe 50 words in my language.

“The suppression of Indigenous languages is part of a colonial enterprise designed to completely subjugate everything Indigenous while establishing the dominance of the colonizing class. As bell hooks points out, ‘When I realize how long it has taken for white Americans to acknowledge diverse languages of Native Americans, to accept that the speech their ancestral colonizers declared was merely grunts or gibberish was indeed language, it is difficult not to hear in standard English always the sound of slaughter and conquest.’ It was with extreme violence that our languages were silenced. The brutality of the federal government and church-run boarding schools is still being realized as Indigenous Peoples continue to suffer the long-term consequences of those experiences and begin to place them in their proper context. The boarding schools themselves meet the criteria of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which states that 'forcibly transferring children of the group to another group’ constitutes a form of genocide. The United States leadership has yet to take ownership of and responsibility for this government-mandated genocidal policy, and thus part of the colonization process has been to minimize the severity of boarding-schoolviolence on the most vulnerable and impressionable segments of Indigenous populations — the children. These assaults perpetrated against the children were profoundly damaging to whole generations of Indigenous Peoples and threatened the very foundations of our cultural and spiritual life. The forbidding of speaking Indigenous languages in itself constitutes ethnocide, yet these issues remain swept under the vast rug of American history. Out stories of pain surrounding this issue have been silenced in American society, just as our children’s voices speaking out beautiful languages were silenced in schools across North America.”

Remember This! Dakota Decolonization and the Eli Taylor Narratives, Waziyatawin Angela Wilson

First hockey team: Dakota Lazers, Language I’ve Always Wanted to Learn: Spanish, Fav Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni, Fav Candy Bar: Milky Way and Mars, Song I Know All the Words Too: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, Talent I Wish I Had: Comedy.

Pick on a Teammate: Most Naps: Bickell, Running Late? Keith, Mute Button: Shaw, Most Gullible: Smith, Best Poker Face: Keith

He does his daughter's hair (5sos 4/4)

Request: Hey there lovely. Can you do blurbs about the 5sos lads and doing their daughters hair? Or something. Daddy 5sos is the best thing to exist!

Yasss! I agree omg, imagine them doing their daughter’s hair??? So cute omg! I just came up with their daughters names myself, hope that’s okay and, for the first time ever, it’s in the boys’ P.O.V. not (Y/N)’s! Some are futuristic as not all their daughters are like, two or three, some of them are older x



“Ash, I’m really running late and I need to leave in five minutes, would you please do Arabella’s hair?” (Y/N) asks as she throws on her jacket

“Yeah, sure thing babe” I smile, kissing her on the cheek before she leaves for work.

“BELLA!!” I shout, not knowing where she’s gonna come running from.

“DADDY!” I hear a screech and a patter of footsteps running up to me from behind, and a pair of arms wrap around my legs.

I hug her back, “Is daddy going to do your hair?”

“Where’s mummy?” Arabella asks, pouting.

“She’s had to go to work, she was running late. But don’t worry, daddy can do your hair like mummy does” I smile

“Okay” She shrugs “Put it in a ponytail like mummy does!”

She stands in front of me, as I grab the comb, bobble and conditioning spray off the counter. I crouch down and spray her hair, making sure to cover her eyes.

I comb her hair, trying not to tug too much at the tangles.

“Ow!” She screeches

“Sorry, sweetheart. There’s a big tangle here, let me get some more spray” I apologise

I spray some extra on the spot of the tangle, and just about manage to untangle it.

Once I’m sure her hair is tangle-free, I begin to put the ponytail in - remembering what (Y/N) previously said about how tight I should make it.

“There you go! All done” I announce, as she spins round to face me.

“Good work, daddy! You did well. Maybes even better than mummy!” She smiles

I gasp, “Even better than mummy?”

She nods, “But shh, don’t tell her that! It’s our little secret!”

“Oh okay” I wink, “It’s our little secret”


“So, you really think that you can do a French plait?” (Y/N) asks, raising her eyebrows.

I nod, “Yeah. I’ve seen you do them plenty of times”

She sighs, “Okay, well why don’t we get our daughter in here so you can prove it?”

“What? No, we don’t need to do that” I laugh

“No I wanna see you do it” (Y/N) persists

“DAKOTA!” She shouts

About two minutes later, Dakota opens our bedroom door.

“Yeah?” She grunts

She sure as hell is a grumpy fifteen year old.

“Dad reckons he can do a French plait” (Y/N) announces

“Can he fuck” Dakota spits

“Hey missy, language” (Y/N) warns

“Dad says shit like that all the time” Dakota complains, as I smirk to myself - she’s definitely her dad’s daughter.

“Yeah well maybes your dad’s a bad influence” (Y/N) tuts

“I don’t know, you always let me be a bad influence on you” I smirk

“Urgh! Guys, can we get back to the point of me being here?!” Dakota says in disgust

“Well, why don’t you let dad put your hair into a French plait?” (Y/N) suggests

“He’s not going anywhere near my hair” Dakota snaps

“Exactly” I giggle

“I’ll give you twenty dollars” (Y/N) adds

“Thirty” Dakota replies

“twenty-five” (Y/N) shoots back

Dakota sighs, “Fine”

I look at the two of them, “Dakota Clifford, I offer you money all the time but you never take it!”

“Yeah well this is mum, she never just hands out money” Dakota shrugs

“HA!” (Y/N) laughs, “Now go on then husband, show us you can do a French plait!”

I sigh, “FINE!”

Dakota sits on the bed in front of me, handing me the bobble from her wrist. I separate her hair into three parts, and plait it.

“SEE! I told you I could French plait hair!” I smile sarcastically

(Y/N) holds back a laugh, “Yeah Michael, you’re excellent at doing a basic plait”

Dakota shoots a look at me, “You said you were going to do a French plait”

“That’s what I did” I defend

Dakota takes the plait and has a look at it, “Dad that’s a basic plait!”

I sigh, “Well then how do you do a French plait?”

“Mum?” Dakota says

(Y/N) gets up and we swap places so that she could do Dakota’s hair.

Five minutes later, (Y/N) ties Dakota’s bobble “There!”

“Oh my word, that’s wizardry” I say

“No Michael, it’s just skill” (Y/N) says as both her and Dakota laugh.


“Dad” I hear a little voice say from behind me

I turn around and crouch down to Cleo’s level, “Yes, sweetie”

“Can you put my hair up into bunches please?” She asks, shyly.

“Erm…” I stutter, “Yeah, I guess”

“Yay! Thank you” She smiles, taking a seat on the sofa.

Truth is, I’m not good with hair. I’m not co-ordinated enough to do this sort of thing. You’d think I would be being able to play bass and stuff, but apparently not. I sit down behind Cleo and she passes me a couple of bobbles. I can do ponytails - like, one pony tail. But anything over one, I struggle. I guess I have to separate her hair into two parts and then just put them into ponytails. God, it’s so stupid that I don’t know how to do this.

Five minutes later, I’m finished.

“Right, there you go” I say, kissing her forehead.

“Thanks dad” She smiles, skipping up the stairs.

After a few minutes I hear a loud laugh coming from upstairs. I of course want to be in on this joke, so I go to see what is so funny.

I walk in mine and (Y/N)’s bedroom to find (Y/N) taking photos of Cleo on her phone while she’s trying not to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I ask, clueless.

“Bless you. Thanks for trying to put Cleo’s hair in bunches” She says, biting her lip as to prevent her from laughing.

“What do you mean trying? I did it, didn’t I?” I question

“Well, yeah, kind of” (Y/N) replies, “They’re a bit…lob-sided though”

“Oh well I didn’t think it mattered” I state

“Well it doesn’t, it would just look more presentable if they weren’t” (Y/N) says, bursting out laughing.

I roll my eyes, “Whatever”

“Calum, no wait!” She calls

She follows me out of the bedroom, “No babe, I think it’s very cute that you tried. Really, they’re not that bad. You just need a little practise”

“No thanks. I think I’ll leave it to you next time. Why would I put myself up for humiliation like this again?” I mumble

“Calum, honestly, your daughter would love for you to do her hair again” (Y/N) tells me

“Yeah dad, I’d love it if you’d do my hair some more. Even if my bunches are lobsided” Cleo smiles

“Okay, I guess I can do that for you!” I grin “Come on, family hug!”


“Dad, can you do me a HUGE favour?” Sydney asks

“Yes, darling what is it?” I ask her

“Well mum told me that she would put my hair into ringlets with her curling tongs for when I go out to lunch with my friends, but she’s still asleep and I don’t want to wake her…” Sydney begins

“Mmhhm” I back-channel

“So, do you think you could do it instead?” She asks

I look up at her. Why can’t she just wake her mum up? I can do anything BUT use the curling tongs. Believe me, I’ve tried. But, I guess you have to keep eleven year olds happy. Don’t want them rebelling in the future, do we?

“Erm, I guess I can give it a go” I say

I stand up and lead her upstairs.

“Just you go into your room and I’ll get the curling tongs from our room” I smile


I take the curling tongs and plug them into a socket in Sydney’s room. She sits on the bed and I kneel down on the ground. I’ve seen (Y/N) do this before, so at least I know the basics of it.

I begin to put her hair into loose curls. Everything’s going great. I’m actually making a good job of it.

“Morning you guys”

I jump out of my skin; I didn’t realise there was someone there.

“OW!” I shout




I don’t think Sydney really cares. She’s too busy laughing at the fact I’ve just burnt myself on the curling tongs.

“Luke are you alright?” (Y/N) asks

“I just burnt myself on your stupid curling tongs!” I yell

“Then what are you still doing here? Go run it under a cold tap!” She says “What were you trying to do anyway?”

“You said you’d put her hair in ringlets but you were still in bed and she didn’t want to wake you, so I said I’d do it” I explain

(Y/N) sighs, “Right, I’m sorry Sydney. You should have just woke me, I wouldn’t have minded. Luke, go see to your burn. Sydney, I’ll finish your hair for you”

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