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Want to watch a documentary calling out the misrepresentation and appropriation of Native Americans, touching on the apologistic shit of Hollywood and the white glorification of Columbus and letting Native Americans voice their opinions instead of a white guy talking at you?

Take a look at Inventing The Indian. It’s very relevent right now.


My ideas for who should play who in reality!
Wendy - Rose Leslie
Tinkerbell - Scarlett Johanson
Alice - Emma Watson
Kida - Anne Hathaway
Meg - Jenna Coleman
Jane - Jennifer Anniston
Pocahontas - Grace Park
Belle - Katherine McPhee
Elsa - Megan Hilty
Anna - Jennifer Lawrence
Rapunzel - Emma Bett Rickards
Vanelope - Anna Kendrick
Aroura - Keira Knightly
Jasmine - Vanessa Hudgens
Ariel - Amy Adams
Mulan - Brenda Song
Snow White - Dakota Fanning
Cinderella - Ashley Tisdale
Merida - Karen Gillan
Esmeralda - Sara Martins
Tiana - Halle Berry

Dakota walked down the hall, she’d just come from talking with Harper. Her best friend, who didn’t even remember her. She knew she’d overreacted, it wasn’t Harper’s fault. She’d just been so thrown that Harper hadn’t remembered her. “Stupid Mendez” she mumbled under her breath. She didn’t know how but it was probably that girls fault. She needed something to distract herself. Dakota rounded the corner, bumping into someone as she did. She looked up, “Oh! Sorry!”

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite movies? Can you link them?

Virgin Suicdes

It’s kind of a funny story

The perks of being a wallflower

The art of getting by

Stuck in love

Archie’s final project

Bang Bang you’re dead

Donnie Darko

The Uninvited

The secret window


Lemony Snickets; ASOUE.


Corpse Bride

edward scissor hands


My soul to take

This took way too fucking long to do and that’s not even all of them but those are most of the ones that I watch a lot. 

Tanner hall & dakota skye are ones that i watched all the time on netflix. 

Wait and wait, what seems all day,
for the chance to go out and play.
Tired of work and responsibility,
being an adult is not what I expected it to be.
I long for the days of freedom and fun,
time spent beneath the great warm sun.
Just a day would do, it’d be enough to bring me through,
to restore this heart to what it formally knew.
I’d give it all to be young and dumb,
yet full of life and no longer numb.
—  Dakota Hall