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Could I ask for how the RFA would deal with a heavily pregnant MC? Most of the pregnant ones I've seen have been about the earlier stages so I'm interested to read how'd they deal with the later months.

i got u anon

• he cannot get over how huge her belly is
• and like?? in a few weeks??? a baby will come out???
• loves to feel the baby move
• he felt the baby kick into his hand and was like??? holY SHIT IT KICKED ME!!
• so excited
• every morning he wakes up and asks MC if today is the day

•though that saying that pregnant women glow was a myth, but MC is pretty dazzling
• even when shes getting sick
• he loves, loves, loves rubbing lotion on her big tummy
• he goes to every ultrasound appointment
• Once they found out the sex of the baby, he started to go and buy clothes for them
• he reads baby advice books

• reads “what to expect when you are expecting” aloud to MC
• tries to get MC to eat healthy for the baby, but gives up when MC eats entire bag of Oreos dipped in peanut butter in one sitting
• she stocks up one all the necessities for newborns
• she is lowkey really excited yet nervous
• on the inside shes so happy bcshes going to be a MOM soon and shes never thought that would happen
• religiously counts how long MC’s contractions are

• he takes MC to the doctor his mom when to
• if there are stairs, he will carry her up them
• or of anything needs lifting (even if its something like a pillow) he wont let her do it
• she tries to tell him that she will not go into labor from doing things like that, but he wont have it
• he knows Elizabeth won’t smother the baby once it gets here, but he still asks Jaehee to keep her for the time being
• he told his dad, and he got so excited that he yelled “im going to be grandad”

• frets about everything
• every time she has a contraction, he wants to take her to the hospital
• talks to her belly a lot
• starts making dad jokes
• he indulges her cravings more than he should
• once felt the baby kick and he FREAKED
• recent google searches: where to get baby bottles; how long are contractions supposed to be; why are newborns so gross looking; dad jokes