dako shut up

updated my icon soooo

yeah! man, it has actually been several years

I’ve been meaning too, but I keep forgetting. But anyway, here it is! I’ll probably be working on drawing up some new stuff for my blog background and other stuff so, get used to this new icon! :B or maybe not, may change it again we’ll see how I feel about this.

also on a last note emi is the fantasticalist like i know sometimes we don’t talk but just having you around on the interwebs is like having that one teddy bear you don’t necessarily cuddle as much as you did as a kid anymore but you still occassionally look and play with it and its just nice to have next to your pillow for comfort

also I’m not comparing you to the same value as an object but I think you get the message you’re adorable cuddly and nice to know is around so yeah goodnight