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For a little recap, and for those who might want to start reading it just now, here are the previous chapters:


Chapter 1: Children Of A Lesser God

Chapter 2: Victims Of Ourselves

Chapter 3: Through Blood And Name

Chapter 4: Into The Night

Chapter 5: Between Heaven And Hell

Chapter 6: The Lessons That We’ve Learned Here

Chapter 7: Hopeless And Taken

Chapter 8: Desperate And Broken

Chapter 9: The Sound Of A Fight

Chapter 10: A Darkness Comes At Dawn

Chapter 11: We Stole Our New Lives

Chapter 12: Into Your Eyes

Chapter 13: Father Has Spoken

Chapter 14: The Age Of Man Is Over

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Capricorn: They will be very hot and cold.  One day, they can be outrageous and flirty and coy, but you can bet your life that they will go home and overthink it and the next day they will give their utmost effort to avoid you or seem indifferent towards you. This is because Capricorns have a superiority complex, and sometimes a crush makes them feel weak; they are afraid of getting hurt so they will never act too smitten for too long.  This is why most Capricorns will not admit to their feelings until they are secure in the fact that you feel the same way. A Capricorn will also try to help you and give you advice, not because they think you are wrong or in need of actual help, but because they care about your well being and want you to live the best life you can. They will try to impress you with their unique talents or philosophies. They can be very coy and charming.  Intense eye contact (they honestly believe they can seduce you with their eyes).  They are chivalrous regardless of gender; they love holding doors for their crush (like literally all of them do this). Side note: they will never forget a single thing you say or do. Ever.

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quote:” jaredleto  is no joker. In fact, he is immersing deeply in the wilderness of the American West. Fusing a strange and beautiful inner creativity into the conversations of all those around him, and the hard science of what is happening to these wild places. Largely as a result of human impact. Today he interviewed Doug Smith, the man who was involved in reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone. Doug told us that the wolves taught him perspective. They fight for their survival daily. They don’t live in the future or the past because they can’t. We realized this evening that climbing sharp steep rocks can bring us to a similar state of mind : ) [Such an amazing crew here for the#GreatWideOpen film.@camp4collective. Stay tuned!]”