pretty whack that zendaya received vitriolic hate from racists for literal months because there was a simple rumor she might play mj and marvel didn’t once decide to speak up and say that mj isn’t even in the movie

jlaw is like that girl you know of in high school that has this reputation for being universally disliked and once or twice people will try to talk you until feeling bad for her because “she’s really not that bad if you get to know her” so you try to have a conversation with her and you realize 2 minutes in that her reputation is entirely justified and she’s fucking abhorrent


My favorite thing about Ezra walking out on stage in the Gandalf cosplay was that Ray gave him his flash hat. You can see it tucked into Ray’s pocket and then he dramatically pulls it out for Ezra. This means they planned this out. Ezra looked to Ray and was like “hey Ray im gonna wear this gandalf costume and Imma need you to hand me my flash hat it’ll be awesome” and Ray was like “fuck YEAH I’ll do that”. When will your brotp even.