Today I would like to introduce you to the place that my art has referenced so often, insofar on this blog. Today, I would like to introduce you to MassiveCraft.

What is MassiveCraft, you say?

Let me tell you… No, let me SHOW you!

MassiveCraft is an amazing MineCraft server, which features Medieval Roleplay, PVP, and Quests hand in hand! It has one amazing community, and possesses a large staff team which works hard to make the server the best it can be. It prides itself on being 100% EULA compliant.

The server hosts fantastic architecture from our World Staff team, really making this a beautiful server to play on. Thanks to their hard work, there are many abundant roleplay hot spots located within the grande city of Regalia.

The lore for MassiveCraft, is well written and is being influenced and added to every day! We have forums, where members of the community can freely interact, provide suggestions, and request character feedback. We have our own teamspeak, where members of the server can chat to each other, or to staff! We are also proud to host our very own wiki! Check it out at Wiki.MassiveCraft.com

Cayorion, the owner of MassiveCraft, has coded many in-house plugins for the server! These include Factions, MassiveTraits, MassiveQuest, MassiveMobs, MassiveMoney, MassiveChat, and more! That’s right, MassiveCraft is the /original/ Factions server!

Furthermore, MassiveCraft hosts its own premium package which can be gained by way of a donation. The premium package includes colored names, special pets, access to emotes, forum priority, and more! In short, it would be my pleasure to invite each and every one of you to come check out this server! You can connect using any of the following IPs:




M3. MassiveCraft.com

M4. MassiveCraft.com


The staff are easy to communicate with, the community is great, and the server itself is phenomenal. It would be our pleasure to have you join us and add to the fantastic server that is MassiveCraft.