Happy Holidays Follow List 

–short edition–

I love all of you mother fuckers but here are the people that make it worthwhile to suffer through all of the dumb fucking shit that is this website. If your name isn’t on this list don’t get butthurt and whine. Maybe we don’t talk anymore, maybe we don’t talk enough, maybe we met/talk outside of tumblr or maybe I have no idea who the fuck you are and just like the shit you reblog. Get over it, it’s Christmas go drink some eggnog or shit.

*stars indicate blogs/people I stalk on a regular basis and double recommend*

This list is not in any alphabetical order because fuck you.

Actual Family*

Kam (king-wasabi) || Larissa (explodinganyway) || internetporn

DD&DC + bitches that keep it real

Kelsey* (powerlesbian) || Ebony* (robinrealhood) || Laura* (deadchester) || Elanor (beccatobing) || Chianne (kluinchel) || Brian (kluinchel too???? idk) || Sara (theredbeauties) || Faye (letscall-l)

Faberry Army + my multishipper/multifandom bitches

Bobbie* (teadalek) || Katelyn* (bettymcgay) || Kyle* (insynchlikeharmony) || Ana (queen-satanas) || John (jarrow272) || Amy (misbhavingbrowncoat) || Ryann* (captainelizabeth) || Amelia/Jailbait (agronic) || || -bawsten (you are awesome I should actually try to talk to you) || Jess (catchmejumping) || Steph (winstonta) || Alix (sakurakohimawari)

The Rickys + Co.*

Britt (imtherage) || Mel (platero) || Kate (fabiketana)

RP bitches + sexy hoes

Beth (braceletsandstallions) || H (rokkrdottr) || Lynette (babybunnyunicornsparkles)

The Others

Kelsey2 (obamasbutt)|| Hat-Kate (theroyalkitten) || Katie (merryfaberrymas) Erika (caroline-mikaelson) || Nikki (thecanadiasian) || Tyla (ftm420) || Elani (becauseisaidiloveyou)