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Gods of the Kiev pantheon: Dazbog

Dažbog (Daždbog, Dabog, Dajbog) was the god of the Sun, the hearth, and the rain. He was considered a giver, a deity which gives, quite literally. The “daj” in one of the versions of his name is a form of the verb “to give”. He gave sunlight, and he gave rain, and he protected the family hearths and fires. He was one of Svarog’s (the Allfather, the creator of the gods) sons. It was believed that Dazbog went to ride his white horse across the sky every morning, and every night he died and retreated to the underworld, only to be resurrected in the morning again. The Serbs actually always portrayed him as an old man wearing bear hide, and followed by a wolf. The wolf was believed to be his primal form, before he took on the form of a man. The Slavs, especially the Serbs, considered themselves direct descendants of Dazbog, and so the wolf remained a holy symbol among them.