Is It All Over My Face (H+F Original Mix) - Dajae [Cajual, 1994]


Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter Days (Louie’s Masters At Work Remix)

Natural Records, 1993

an even better vocal


dajae - is it all over my face


1. Cajmere feat. Terence FM - Feelin Kinda High
2. Jump “chico” Slam - Feel Free
3. Dj Sneak - Groovadelic
4 . Chicago Connection - Dancin
5. Johnny Fiasco - Conduction
6. Johnny Fiasco - Sunrise
7. Hard Corey & Wray - Love Train (Cajmere’s Underground Goodie Mix)
8. Braxton Holmes People Everyday basement boys style
9. Braxton Holmes & Dewey B - Club Lonely
10. Glenn Underground - Mighty Real (yes I know - Prescription!)
11. Johnny Fiasco - Movin
12 Dajae -U Got Me Up - Cajmere’s Underground Goodie Mix
13. Green Velvet -Conniption


“Cajmere | Dajae | Brighter Days”

Riva Starr delivers this week yet another celebration of house music and house party spirit with this collaboration with no other than Cajmere and Dajae. A groovy bass rhythm paired with electric synth chord drive the track while Dajae’s powerful voice recalls the glory days of house music and the Frankie Knucles times. The ensemble bears Riva Starr’s characteristic vibe and we cannot wait to hear it being played in clubs !

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So I’m heading out to our property tomorrow and I’ll be spending the night, which is awesome (trees! taking pictures! adventures in my imagination!) but also means no internet. I have a gigantic queue, so it doesn’t really matter, but anyway here are some dolls I did a while ago of Emelan’s most unusual mages.



Fuuuuurk. Old school house is bawwssss.

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“Tonight” by Dajae and Bernard Badie/Miami Uncuts 2012 (via SoundCloud)

The vocal track is nice as well


Dajae - Get Up Off Me (Cajmere’s Mix)

1995 - Soulful House / Classic House