daja k

Ladies’ (K)nights is here! Every month, on the first Friday of the month, we want you to post new Tamora Pierce femslash fanworks, be they fanart, fanfiction, graphics, or anything else you can come up with! Every Ladies’ (K)night will be dedicated to a specific character, but we’ll reblog anything you post to the #tpfemslash tag, no matter the ship. Think of the character dedication as an optional prompt, meant to give you a direction if you’re not sure what ship you want to create for or to give you a challenge if you only ever write for the same characters and want to try something new.

The first Ladies’ (K)night, January 2nd, will be dedicated to Daja Kisubo, since she’s one of our few canon queer ladies and she didn’t get much love during Femslash Week. We’ll be giving a Ladies’ (K)night to each of the other canon queer ladies - Lark, Rosethorn, and Lalasa - as well as each of the Tortall protags, Tris, and Sandry, to start. After that, we’ll open things up to character suggestions! But again, ships with other characters are always welcome, as long as they’re femslash ships. So if you want to post a Buri/Alanna drabble every single month, go right ahead!

Both canon and non-canon ships are welcome, and make sure you tag #tpfemslash within the first five tags so we can find and reblog your work here.

Have fun!

(Art courtesy of ricketsandmaladies​. Like/reblog it here.)