40 years and 2000 episodes


[MECHA] Daizyujin.

Japanese: 大獣神
Romaji: Daijuujin

Composed of: Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus, Guardian Beast Zyu Mammoth, Guardian Beast Triceratops, Guardian Beast Saber Tiger, Guardian Beast Pteranodon

From: Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger - Episode 6 & Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers - Episodes 50 & 52


  • As part of the “Zyu2″ footage produced by Toei for Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, there was a new formation sequence for the Megazord/Daizyujin. Also included were unique summoning scenes for the Zords/Guardian Beasts.

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I know a mech named Daizyujin. Combiner gestalt, real tall, bit of a god complex. Ok, MAJOR god complex. Anyway, his components don't have their own alt modes tho, just beast and combiner modes. Red Tyrannosaurus forms the head and torso, Black Mastodon forms both arms, Yellow Sabertooth Tiger forms right leg, Blue Triceratops the left leg, and Pink Pteranodon forms his chest plating. Think he might be some kind of mutant Predacon?


And you’re certain this was a real mech? You didn’t by any chance dream them?


[VILLAIN] Totpat.

Japanese name: トットパット
Romanized name: Tottopatto

Alignment: Bandora Gang
Villain Type: Henchman
Inspiration: Bat, vampire
Status: Alive.

From: Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger


  • Much like his partner in crime Bukbak, Totpat did not engage in hand-to-hand combat with the Zyuranger heroes.
  • He was an alchemist.
  • His name may be a play on the words “tooth” (tot) and “bat” (pat).
  • Totpat’s suit actor, Hideaki Kusaka, has played numerous characters in the Super Sentai franchise. Many of which were mecha, including Daizyujin, Dragon Caesar, and Goryuujin in Zyuranger. However, he did not voice Totpat. That was provided by Kaoru Shinoda.

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No, sir, I didn't dream up Daizyujin! We met last month, when I was taking this stuff I found in a dumpster. Little yellow packet, inserted into my shoulder port. Daizyujin showed up at my door minutes later and we shared rust sticks that kept talking to me

…I’m professionally obligated to give you a lecture, but quite frankly, I’m tempted to ask if you’ve got any more lying around and how much?


[HENSHIN] Zyutei Daizyujin.

Starting in episode 31, Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar could unite to form a new fighting unit - Zyutei Daizyujin (獣帝大獣神; Beast Emperor Great Beast God). To activate the transformation, the Zyuranger said the incantation “Zyutei Fusion” (獣帝合体!; Zyutei Gattai).

Dragon Caesar’s entire body would open up and then rest upon Daizyujin’s shoulders like armor.

Zyutei Daizyujin was rarely used in the series, but it was necessary to conjure Kyukyoku Daizyujin.

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