voltron characters as people i've met this week at school

lance: this guy in my study hall who just asked everyone in the room to follow him on instagram (I told him unemotionally “no, I don’t even know you” & apparently that was savage and everyone laughed so hard)

(lance is also the student body president who goes on the announcements and refers to himself as “The King”)

keith: the Angry Sophomore I met in band who didn’t know what he was doing and was really upset with getting band on his schedule. he left in the middle of class to get a schedule change. never saw him again

pidge: my computer science teacher who frequently makes jokes about the impending robot apocalypse (memorable quote: “I once tried to get a job at NASA, and once they stopped laughing at me, I left”)

hunk: my really chill math teacher who tries his best. he is a very thorough teacher and speaks clearly. he also made a nervous joke about tripping over a computer wire and dying.

allura: my friend who has 5 classes with me. she is tall, smart, and tough. I trust her with my life. if she killed me, i would thank her.

shiro: i literally have not met anyone who resembles him

coran: my Spanish teacher who talks too fast. my teacher is spontaneous and moves quickly in the class. i am low-key concerned for my teacher