The last stop on LA day with my sister is at @mudhentavern for trivia night! Even though our team is blowing it, we are having a blast!! 👏🎉📝 thank you, @thesexyvegan for joining us! Here is the fig/daiya/arugula pizza. #vegan (at Mud Hen Tavern)


My local grocery store just started carrying the Daiya frozen pizzas - so exciting! Tonight was my first time trying one, the margherita style. It was good, but I really wasn’t too impressed with the gluten free crust. I don’t think I’d get this version again, but I might try the roasted veggie style sometime down the road. I just like having another option for those stressful, get-home-late days!

On another note, where has November gone?! I’ve got some catching up to do…

anonymous asked:

In your opinion what's the best vegan cheese? Because I bought some shredded mozzarella from trader joes that made my mouth sad

Haha aw. I like follow your heart mozzarella. I like daiya sometimes, it depends on my mood if I like it idk its weird but mostly i’m not a huge fan anymore, except on the frozen daiya pizzas. When shredded follow your heart melts reallyyy well on pizza so I use that, it also doesn’t have like crazy intense taste like daiya, which I like. There’s so many vegan cheeses, try em all out. I’ve heard really good things about Field Roast cheese. Besides making pizza I don’t really use vegan cheeses, I use avocado or a ton of sriracha on everything, don’t really find a use for cheese. I liked Teese nacho cheese a lot but they stopped making it and im sad about it. 

I made vegan pizza for my boyfriend and his family (none of whom are vegans) last night, and his mom went on and on about how awesome it was and we should make it again and wtf son, how do you eat dominos crap when Teagan can make pizza like this????

And she ate like a quarter of the thing herself!

Yaaayyyy :D

Chill night trying out the mushroom garlic Daiya pizza our Kroger started stocking. That and a beer that I have so fucking totally earned after this mornings emergency vet trip. Gabby is ok, she was freaked out and therefore I freaked out (after yesterday’s dream especially).
Also I’m gonna have garlic breath for a while. This pizza is tasty but not sexy at all. Which works. I get none of the sexy.

Vegan pizza review..

To any of my vegan followers. I’ve had the awesomeness that is two different kinds of vegan frozen pizza. Tofurky pepperoni pizza and Daiya cheese pizza. Gotta say. Daiya cheese pizza for the win. It tastes like creamy alfredo. Although that Tofurky was crazy good.. just liked the taste of the daiya cheese better.

And, I tried this faux cheese… almond shredded mozzerella style cheese. Wth. Best ever! Tip: Don’t try VEGAN GORMET yellow block cheese.. you will very much regret the spongey crazily fakey orange processed block of gross.

Just starting trying SOME processed food like dairy alternatives, because we’ve pretty much been eating raw and cooked veggies/fruits, beans, no sugar, salt, oil… but this weekend we’ve been pretty relaxed. With TWO vegan pizzas..vegan cookie..and that shredded cheese. But its back to more raw eating tonight and the weekdays again. :)