daiya vegan cheese


I recently made some really really really good mac & cheese. I used a lot of cheese so it was amazing. I didn’t really do anything special, I cooked the noodles (I like mine very al dente) and poured them in the casserole dish and added the cheese. I used Daiya - A bag of cheddar, the container of cream cheese, 2 slices of swiss, and 2  slices of provolone, very cheesy. Then I baked it for a while. I’ve gotten tons of meals out of it and still have some in the fridge.


Bacon-Wrapped Mac and Cheese


Hadn’t been to the health food store in my hometown forever (because I don’t live there anymore) so I decided to go last weekend while I was home. They actually had a few new items, like these Field Roast Mexican Chipotle Sausages. I could definitely tell these were a Field Roast product, they have a distinctive taste and texture, both good things btw. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that these sausages are actually hot and spicy! I tried them on 2 different pizzas, one with Daiya pepper jack and another with Follow Your heart mozzarella. Both were stellar!

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Two slices of whole wheat bread, one put in the toaster oven briefly to melt the vegan cheese, 3 pieces of Trader Joe’s vegan chicken, a pickle, hummus, ketchup, and vegan buffalo sauce (from a local restaurant)….. really helps satisfy my buffalo chicken craving :)

🌸 amazing homemade dinner last night: edamame & mung bean fettuccini with olive tapenade, garlic greens, melted mozzarella daiya vegan cheese & chrysanthemum iced tea mixed with sparkling white wine on the side 🌸

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what i ate on september 26 :)

- califa farms almond milk espresso drink
- two slices of ezekiel multigrain toast with an avocado, nutritional yeast & pink salt

- whole wheat spaghetti with garlic marinara sauce, daiya vegan jack cheese, salt & pepper

- beyond meat vegan vietnamese chicken frozen meal with braggs liquid aminos

- a few squares of vegan mint dark chocolate

what i ate on august 12 :)

- coconut water
- acai bowl topped with fruits, almonds & granola

- kombucha
- slice of pizza with veggies, daiya vegan cheese & hot sauce

- dark chocolate
- mulberries
- califa farms iced almond milk latte drink

- green lentil pasta with sautéed kale, garlic, olive oil, pink salt & nutritional yeast