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some doodles from @gnetophyta‘s funny, heart-melting, and all-around amazing kuramiyu fashion au, punctum:

Miyuki Kazuya, aspiring model, meets talented (and unfairly gorgeous) photographer Kuramochi Youichi and promptly makes an ass of himself. He figures it’s not a big deal until he starts running into Kuramochi on-set and off, and he realizes he kinda likes him. Just a little bit. And he’s a lot lonely.

Meanwhile, Kuramochi doesn’t know what to do with himself because he’s gone and developed a crush on an infuriating, but stunning model who seems to appear everywhere that he goes. It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore, and Kuramochi is leaning closer and closer to giving in. What’s the worst that could happen?

Miyuki is shocked/lowkey jealous/sulky about Mura's skinship with his friends in Nagano

I mean Eijun’s is naturally touchy feely in Seidou but when they visited Nagano this one time, the skinship was on a different level and Miyuki iS JUST


He’s conflicted like sHOULD I ALLOW THIS?!?!

As his boyfriend, aM I ALLOWED TO BE WHINY ABOUT THIS!?!?!?!?

lmao give him a scarf eijun


“Sawamur–” Miyuki started as they had finished revising one of their practice matches, he wanted to check Sawamura’s pitching condition before the match but he was interrupted by the very same person that he was calling out to.

                                                                                    “Koushuu, catch for me!”

Miyuki wasn’t sure how to handle this situation, normally it was Sawamura that was bothering him to catch his pitches left and right but it wasn’t like that anymore. Was he no longer the brunet’s first choice? Miyuki could feel his chest tighten as he watched the younger male walk out of the room together with the fellow catcher.

“Oh ho ho~” Miyuki heard a familiar snicker sneak up behind him but he didn’t want to fuel any thing.

“Looks like he’s moving on to someone younger huh, Miyuki?!”



I see! That’s reassuring, then! You guys are so bad at soccer, it was hurting my eyes!