daiya foods


I recently made some really really really good mac & cheese. I used a lot of cheese so it was amazing. I didn’t really do anything special, I cooked the noodles (I like mine very al dente) and poured them in the casserole dish and added the cheese. I used Daiya - A bag of cheddar, the container of cream cheese, 2 slices of swiss, and 2  slices of provolone, very cheesy. Then I baked it for a while. I’ve gotten tons of meals out of it and still have some in the fridge.

O-Of course I know who the members of AZALEA are!

They’re…*looks at smudged writing on hand*

and who could forget our beloved first-year,



TASTES JUST AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING but with no hormones, artery-clogging saturated fats or cholesterol, and death involved

it’s still processed so it’s not so healthy but still better than real meat 

Me and my best friend (who’s transitioning to veganism!!) order vegan pizzas from this pizza place in my hometown called Piaza Fresh. I had posted some pictures on my snapchat (blackvegandre) last week as well when I went on my adventure to see her, but I digress. I posted about the place once before, this is only my second time going, but they’re a pizza place that has vegan options. They have daiya cheese, vegan veggie grounds, and plenty of vegetable toppings to choose from.

I didn’t take a picture of her pizza but it had roasted garlic, peppers, veggie crumbles, daiya cheese, and onions. Mine, pictured above, had onions, peppers, veggie crumbles, daiya cheese, and artichoke. We both got the spicy red sauce and the rosemary garlic crust, all vegan. Truth be told my friends pizza was better than mine but I enjoyed mine thoroughly. 

And side note I appreciated how knowledgeable the guy who made our pizzas was about the ingredients and whether or not they were vegan. I need more places to be like this!

*through choked sobs* let him be happy

happy birthday banana son


Bacon-Wrapped Mac and Cheese