Neymar Imagine ft. Bruna (Part 2)

“Come here Davi.” Said a voice you knew too well. A voice that you spent weeks wishing you would hear again. You looked up and your eyes locked with Neymars. You felt your legs go weak, and a swarm of butterflies fly in your stomach. Oh how you missed him and would do anything to be his again. Every single feature of his was perfect. Why did this have to happen? You nudged Davi, “Go.. your father wants you.” You said to the little boy. But Davi wouldn’t move, he was glued to your leg. “Come on, your father’s waiting.” You said but the child still clung tight to your leg. You were growing anxious. You had no idea what to do, this was the most awkward situation you were ever in. All of a sudden Bruna pops up at Neymar’s side. “Come to mommy!” Bruna says, but Davi doesn’t budge.

“You’re not my mommy, (Y/N) is my mommy!” Davi says as he looks up to you smiling. You feel yourself go red, things can’t get anymore awkward than this. Bruna gives you a dirty look and comes up to you and pulls off Davi, he ends up having a tantrum while Neymar is just standing their speechless, not knowing what to do. 

“Davi, shush already! People are looking!” Bruna tells Davi.

“But you’re not my mommy! i don’t like you! (Y/N) is my mommy and I miss her!” Davi screams his face all red. You feel your heart melt, but you don’t know what to do either so you just watch what goes on.

“(Y/N)’s not your mommy! She doesn’t love you or your daddy! She goes around dating other men, she’ll never treat you guys right like I will!” Bruna told the child while giving you a dirty look.

This isn’t any of my bussiness anyway, why bother? Why am I even here?

You think to yourself.Then you pick up all of your belongings and make your way to your house. It really hurt hearing those words from Bruna because non of what she said was true. You would take a bullet for both Neymar and Davi, and she goes around talking about you like that. It really upset you so you ended up spending your night crying and watching movies. Sometimes you just had to let all of your emotions out, because it never was good if you kept everything bottled up. Right when you were about to fall asleep you got a text message. Ugh who could this be? Its so late. You think to yourself, but when you look at your phone your heart skips a beat, it’s the last person you would expect to text you. It was Neymar. What could he possibly want from me at this time? 

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Is it six o'clock yet? David/Mitch

Having the whole day to himself but not being able to do much left Mitch bored while David was at the shop all day.  Sure he went out for lunch but that didn’t fill the afternoon but it wasn’t hard to figure out what to do while David was gone since the man said he was picking up dinner on the way home.

Mitch had the phone sitting on the counter its tiny speakers straining with how loud he had the music turned up.  The kitchen was a mess on one side but the house now smelled of vanilla bean cake and the butter cream frosting he had whipped up.  The finished product was resting in the fridge but even opening the windows had not let the smell dissipate.  The crutches were leaning against the opposite wall from where Mitch stood in front of the sink trying to clean up everything before David came home, he knew how much the man hated a mess and Mitch didn’t want the man cleaning the house after a day at work.

He would not hear David pull up as he was too engrossed in what he was doing and the dogs were outside.  He was not singing as he knew David would be home soon and that was the last thing he wanted to be caught doing.  Mitch was more than tired though from what he had done and having taken the dogs for an hour walk before he had escaped for lunch. 

Neymar Imagine ((Part One))

“I’m done with you [y/n]” Neymar screamed at you, he has a serious expression plastered on his face, his face was red with frustration. You just stood there and stared at him as a tear drop rolled down your cheek. You were also done; done with trying to keep a relationship bound together that kept collapsing every day. You weren’t happy anymore, every day ended with an argument between you and Neymar, it hurt you…it really did that you and the person that you love most couldn’t be together for a couple hours without a fight emerging. 

“I’m sorry…I try to make things perfect, but I always mess up.” You replied as you sobbed. You couldn’t even look Neymar in the eye anymore. You just wanted to be gone, to shatter into a million pieces…to be anywhere but here. 

“Yeah…I’m sorry too, but I can’t keep living like this…where I have a fight every five seconds. I’m not sure this is going to work out between us…I’m really sorry.” Neymar said with an expression of sorrow, as he slowly edged his way toward the door of your apartment. Your heart shattered into a million pieces you couldn’t believe it…the person you would take a bullet for was walking out and you couldn’t do anything to stop it.

“Neymar…please don’t” You whispered as more tears streamed out of your eyes. You were shaking you couldn’t stand it anymore. Neymar walked out without hesitating, you were broken, you just wanted to die. You went to your bed and cried yourself to sleep.

Neymars P.O.V

I just walked out on her, and it really broke my heart. I loved her more than anything and I left her. I’m so stupid! Whats wrong with me? I just sat in my car and I cried. I cried until all the lights went out in [Y/N]’s house. I gripped the steering wheel, and I rode off. I don’t know where I was going but I was just so frustrated with myself. I hated myself for hurting my princess, my baby, my everything. I was driving over the speed limit when I noticed a blinding light from the side. I turned my head and noticed they were headlights, my heart skipped a beat. The next second I was grabbing my side. I was in pain. Something hit me…I felt like I was dying…I probably was. Tears made there way down my cheeks…how would I tell [y/n] my real feelings for her if I was dying? whats going to happen to me?

Your P.O.V

It was late into the night when you were awoken by a phone call…phone calls at night were never good. You picked it up and your heart stopped when you heard the message.

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Neymar Imagine ft. Bruna (Part 3)

Your heart skipped a beat..you kept starring at the notification. You were deciding whether or not to reply. He was the reason you were crying your eyes out, wasn’t he? but he was also the person that meant so much to you that you’d do anything for him. You decided to give it all you got. You opened the message it said, “We need to talk.” Your heart started hammering in your chest. what could he possibly want to talk about? what does he want from me? I thought he was done with me…done with us. You were speechless you didn’t know what to reply… “about what?” you replied. At this moment you were pacing around your room you had no idea what was going on right now; you were far from wanting to fall asleep. Your phone suddenly lit up with another notification. “Do you mind if I come over?” Your were stunned by the reply. Why was this so urgent that it had to be talked about now? Why would he want to talk to me this late at night?! No matter what you thought you replied with “sure” Quickly you changed into something decent and wiped your face to get rid of your tear stains, even though you washed you face you face was still red from crying. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. Shit, hopefully he doesn’t notice that I cried you thought to yourself. You ran downstairs and opened the door. Your knees felt weak when you saw Neymar, he looked amazing…every single thing about him was perfect. 

“Hey” Neymar said.

“Come in.” You said as you smiled at him and let him into the living room. As the both of you were sitting on your couch a sudden silence settled upon the both of you.

“Are you okay?” Neymar questioned studying your face.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” You replied

“It looks like you were crying, and I don’t want to see you like this. I came here to apologize..Bruna overreacted today…I’m so sorry for that. You don’t deserve you be treated like that, you deserve to be treated like a princess, because you are one to me. Everything about you is perfect, from the way your eyes light up when you’re laughing, to how beautiful you look without even trying. I just want you to be happy, and I know you think I’m crazy for coming here and telling you this considering I’m dating Bruna but I couldn’t resist it. I could never forget about you…I love you.” Neymar said while looking straight into your eyes. Once he finished his phone rang, he looked at it and worry spread across his face. What happened; why did he go from being so happy to so worried? who is it? what’s going on?

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The visit || Selena and David

Sel smiled as she threw the last of her things in her suitcase. She’d just finish packing for her stay at David’s house and honestly, she couldn’t be more excited. After years of crushing on him, the two had just started going out. The boy knew how to make her smile and laugh and feel things she’d never felt before. So the thought of spending a few days with him was beyond intriguing and excitement flowed throughout every inch of her thoughts.

Zipping up her suitcase and heading downstairs, she looked around, making sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. Once satisfied, she turned out the living room light and walked out the door and into her car and drove to David’s house.

When she got to David’s, she pulled her suitcase from the backseat and made her way up to the front door, her pulse pounding with excitement as she knocked. The door opened, and a smile instantly spread across her lips at the sight of her boyfriend. She dropped her suitcase to the ground, running over to him and almost tackling him with a hug.

David Schwimmer and Pumpkins

David Schwimmer is a songwriter and has a Halloween blog along with a video, in which while he is talking, his sister, in the background is apparently carving a pumpkin and he doesn’t like how she is abusing it.

He starts out talking about being home again and likes that he gets to spend time with the family. He states that since he couldn’t make it for one of his sister’s birthday, he made it up to her by taking his sisters to Disneyland along with his mom, and he thinks that is one of the happiest places on earth. While talking about being in Washington D.C., he stops to confront his sister on her being mean to the pumpkin, by saying “Hey, don’t do that.”

He continues to talk about attending the Eunice Kennedy Shriver challenge while in D.C., which is for people with intellectual disabilities. Eunice is the founder of the Special Olympics and a supporter of Best Buddies programs also. He then says that it is close to Halloween and he went to a corn maze, where one was haunted and one was not. He says he went a couple years ago, where they made a corn maze out of him. He talks about going to a Halloween parade and how one girl came dressed as an alien or martian-type person, and a guy that had a cane with the white hair and balloons hanging from his pocket, and how much fun he had.

He then talks about the pumpkin that his sister has carved and he proceeds to show it to the camera. After that, he discusses about how he’s going to Fresno California again next week and also going to L.A. He closes by saying he is looking forward to attending the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas special. The year before he got to see his Natalie Cole. He also talks about watching the Food Network on TV and the History Channel and the News.

He doesn’t like all the natural disasters that are going on in our world and prays for all the families affected by it all.