daitaikei said: Something you have to experience. Its different for everyone.

(/thinks to himself a bit) it just seems interesting, but i’m not truly interested to be involved with anyone. relationships seem like they too much time and effort. 

daitaikei-deactivated20130605 asked:

mango ice cream: strawberri froyo: mint choco froyo: cookies and cream froyo: green tea ice cream: strawberry iced tea :banana popsicles

mango ice cream:  jongyu

strawberri froyo: i really only have one insecurity and it’s my eyes since people claim i look like a frog.

mint choco froyo: my height, my rapping, my editing skills.

cookies and cream froyo: make me laugh, make me feel comfortable, hold a long conversation with me. 

green tea ice cream: i don’t know actually, haha. 

strawberry iced tea: my legs.

banana popsicles: we were talking about music we liked and i truly felt part of the crowd.