Granger Danger ~ London Leakycon 2013

By the way, other people were taller than me and had longer arms for cameras so you might wanna try and find their videos instead.

daisyryeobrien replied to your post: List of British commedians I am now obsessed with:…

Very, VERY good list…but you need to add Russell Howard to that list for it to be perfect haha :D Also do you like the mighty boosh? (you seem like the sort that would :D)

I’ve seen him on Mock the Week, he blinks a lot and for some reason that drives me up the fucking wall. He’s funny, but I don’t find him that funny, maybe I haven’t seen enough of him to really get a good idea of what he (and his humor) are like, but I’m not crazy about it.

I haven’t watched The Mighty Boosh yet, but for some reason I get the feeling that I’ll watch it, and I’ll go in with pretty high expectations because I absolutely adore Noel, but that I’ll end up not getting it, or finding it too ridiculous and “out there”, or just not liking it, and ending up absolutely disappointed.

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if you like noel, watch some ‘never mind the buzzcocks’ he’s funnier in that then any other times i’ve seen him, and you can watch a random episode because it’s classed as a quiz show :):):)

The reason I know who Noel is is because I think Never Mind the Buzzcocks is the funniest thing ever. I watched it because of the Doctor Who special and then got hooked, it introduced me to British panel shows (which I am now completely obsessed with and watch constantly) and a bunch of British comics who make me laugh so hard I have pissed myself a couple of time. 

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Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican are me.

Sarah is completely hilarious and is me in 25 years.  I don’t really know Miranda Hart, but I saw that one interview with her and Adele and Jack Whitehall on Graham Norton and it was so funny, I think I’ve watched that episode 4 times in the last three days. Should I watch her sitcom?