phareh asked:

heyyy :) i changed it from auto play :~) and I'm now only following ike 200 people so if anyone is a neon/modern blog could they please message me? thanks for the advice xox

Yay, guys please like this if you are neon/modern or message her! If you like I will check out your blog too because I need to follow more neon/modern blogs :) xx

phareh asked:

thankyou so much :) youve gained me over 100 followers in like two days and you gave me a url :') thank you so much!

aww no worries! you have such a great blog and you’re such a nice person! you’re great! :) xx

phareh asked:

hey i just messaged you on anon, i stopped using tumblr plug because i realise it didn't work, I'm trying to fix my blog but I'm no good at html stuff the only thing i did was the updates tab and the popup ask, is there anything else i should do? xx thanks :)

You have a stunning blog! I’m sure you should get more followers coming through soon enough! Maybe change your playlist just so it doesn’t play automatically. You could go on a mini unfollowing spree just to freshen up your dash. Lots of the people I follow have changed blog styles so I have been unfollowing quite a few blogs, so unfollow some people who aren’t your style and keep your eyes peeled for neon/modern blogs :) You just have to be patient with tumblr, it takes a while to get anywhere xx