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Nickname: Humanity’s Bad Habit, MR. H, Evan
Zodiac Sign: unknown sagittarius
Gender: Male
Favorite Color: purple
Average Hours of Sleep: n/a
Last Thing You Googled: WHY IS JEFF SAYING UWU TO ME??
Height:  5′3″


Name: Fairy
Nickname: Fairy
Zodiac Sign: scorpio
Gender:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Favorite Color: yellow!
Average Hours of Sleep: 8ish
Last Thing You Googled: pwr bttm tickets
Height:  5′5″

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             “Why are you here?” he asked looking up from writing and sighed tapping the pencil in his hand against his temple, trying to think. “If you have a demon problem or if you need advice on demonology you need to make an appointment with my secretary and I will get to you at my earliest convince…right now I have my own problems..”