I made the mistake of letting Daisy play with my phone this morning and I had to turn the room upside down to find it. Now I have to tidy it and still have zero motivation because she had me up like a million times in the night.

Daisy picked me out both of our books that have ducks on the front cover and has made me sing “Five Little Ducks” to her about 6584855 million times, which is great! She’s really starting to make connections with things and that’s why repition is becoming so important to her.


I started reading the Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori yesterday, and was highlighting important things for Drew to read later on, and Daisy became really interested watching me.

I gave her a piece of paper and the pen and she drew all that you can see on that last photo, with no assitance at all.

She was so pleased with herself that she asked for milk afterwards and wanted a big cuddle!

Daisy has become obsessed with birth.

She goes looking through all of our childbirth books to look for pictures of babies being born. The other day she sat on my lap for over an hour watching home birth videos, asking me to put this one and then this one on.

It’s helped her understand so much of the process of what’s happening in our family right now. She talks to Iris through my belly. If she’s crying, often the only thing that will soothe her is to cuddle my bump and kiss it.

She talks about her being born. She talks about sharing her milk and helping the baby have a nap.

I can’t wait for them to meet.



Daisy has never bathed alone. Not once in her year since residing out of my womb has she been alone in the bath. In our house, baths are always fun. We are always doing some sort of activity or another and there is always the opportunity to learn.

When she was very small, she would spend all of her time cuddled up against me, latched on to my breast as I washed her hair unsure of the whole experience. As she grew, so did the fun and nowdays she spends most of her time at the other end of the tub playing with whatever we have in with us, but I still value our time in the bath, or the shower, together as a great way to bond. I’m sure that even when our breastfeeding relationship is over, you will still be able to find us having a cheeky splash about together.