Daisyhead, “Neck”

Dear friend, take that noose from your neck. This isn’t the answer. Give me a moment of your time, and I will show you how much you are cared for. Are you happy now that you’re gone? Would you come back if you could? Would you be happy if I moved on, like we both know that I should? I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry I couldn’t change your mind. I used to think I was so destructive. In the end I was something left behind.


Heart of Lightness Trailer

Ghost Of A Ghost
Daisyhead and the Mooncrickets
Ghost Of A Ghost

Wandering lonesome, the ghost of a ghost, you’ve got eyes like the angel at Eden’s gate. Feeling so lonely - the ghost of a ghost - painting pictures in the sky. How i love your eyes. Just wave goodbye, Heaven’s child, wave goodbye… The ghost of young love, like a shadow rolling over me - Queen of the jukebox, she shot whiskey with the vampires and me. Wave goodbye, heaven’s child.Are you lonely and righteous? Are you scared that the devil will bite ya? Atomic and blasphemous, so sure that the alien’s watching us