daisyeriksens replied to your post:I think the finale will have robin be the one who died. The whole story is about her and ted, if it’s not ted or the mother it’s her. That’s why she is so prevalent otherwise the love story of her and Ted would’ve been overlooked since he was over her by the time with the kids

i think that ted mentions in one episode that nowadays aunt robin loves halloween or something… i don’t think she dies


Tag (it's going to be quite long...)

I was tagged by @barnmanxrobin (never expected to be tagged, thank you :*)

why did you choose your URL?
I’m really obsessed with how i met your mother and I think it’s sonething to get lost with and forget anything else around you for a while. (I’m not as creative at all ☺)

Middle name?
I have no one, isn’t that common in the country I live in, as far as I know. *being confused*

If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet what would you choose?
I’m sorry I have no idea 😯. Maybe something like an unicorn?

Favourite colour?

Favourite song?
It constantly changes, right now “The One That Got Away” (Katy Perry) and “Turning Tables” (Adele). I’m sure they have changed in 4 weeks from now…

Top 3 Fandoms?
Himym, Vampire Diaries ( I think about starting a new blog according to Vampire Diaries), I have no third one right now, maybe Harry Potter.

Why do you enjoy tumblr?
It’s amazing to see other people liking the same films and sitcoms especially after the Himym finale when I started blogging on tumblr, it’s awesome to keep the show in mind as it should have been*swarkles*.

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itshelenahp, @cobie-smulders, @yellow-waitforit-umbrella, lasertagandcigars, mosbyarchives, neilpatrickhella, love-is-the-best-thing-we-do my other tags go to anyone who isn’t mentioned but wants to make it anyway. ❤