All That Glitters.

“This is a 2011 Daisy Rock Rebel Rockit that I picked up for $200 from the used wall at my local Guitar Center. I am secure in my masculinity but I also have rather small hands, so basses like this one – clearly designed for young female musicians, complete with slim neck profiles and light weights – appeal to me straight away. The body is, unusually, sycamore  – not a wood I’ve ever owned as a guitar body, but the whole bass is less than 7 pounds, so it’s doing its job. As a result it’s a little neck heavy but it’s a lot of fun to play and it doesn’t deviate too far from its Jazz/Precision inspiration. And yes, as you may have noticed, it’s metalflake pink, to which I see absolutely no downside! I just moved (and I now have a wall where my guitars can be displayed – I have nine of the 20 up there now!) so I hope to have more photos of more weird things soon. I just had a guitar refinished from a boring color to an amazing one and it’s pretty stunning – but it needs my wife’s photo treatment. :)” - Dan Amrich

These beautiful shots come to us courtesy of Katrin Auch Photography

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Candy rock bass by Daisy rock.

Women often face a challenge when playing bass. Mostly because a woman’s hands (I am blessed with my manly sized hands on that matter) are too small for the fretboard. Daisy rock came out with a whole line of bass guitars (and guitars) specifically for women.

I found a website for the ladies of tumblr www.guitaritupforgirls.com in case you want to play and need to find something that suits your size :)