Greetings from Rainbow Falls
Daisy Chain Zines #1
by Olivia and Georgia
Free from various locations or $3.50 from their site

Greetings from Rainbow Falls flirts with retro nostalgia, tiki culture and vacation aesthetic. It reads as a vintage-inspired travel guide/summer mag for young women apathetic to everyday life, complete with directions on how to bring the holiday to you. There were a mix of Aucklandisms (Piha beach and Rare Books on High St) mixed with Americanisms (thrift stores and knapsacks) that I found interesting - this could be credited to the two authors or perhaps influenced by the content the discuss within the zine? This zine features lists, retro mix-tape playlists, film reviews about bored/lonely people, “girls on adventures” and photos with a disposable camera feel. Overall I found this zine very sweet, maybe even something that Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom might pack in her suitcase of books (if she was into zines).


This review is also published in the New Zealand Zine Review Zine Annual Issue 1