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“What we were looking for was someone new, and this character needed to be vulnerable and tough, sweet and terrifying. And to find someone that no one knew, who could do all these things, took a lot of looking. and We’re very lucky to find some great people, but the truth is, it wasn’t until we found Daisy. And we just felt like she was capable of doing all of these things this character acquired.” (x)

“For Daisy was young and her artificial world was redolent of orchids and pleasant, cheerful snobbery and orchestras which set the rhythm of the year, summing up the sadness and suggestiveness of life in new tunes. All night the saxophones wailed the hopeless comment o the ‘Beale Street Blues’ while a hundred pairs of golden and silver slippers shuffled the shiny dust.”

“Perché Daisy era giovane e il suo mondo artificiale odorava di orchidee e piacevolezze, allegro snobismo e orchestre che battevano il ritmo degli anni, riassumendo la tristezza e la suggestione della vita in nuovi motivetti. Per notti intere i sassofoni piagnucolavano il commento disperato dei Beale Street Blues mentre centinaia di scarpette d’oro e d’argento strusciavano polvere lucente.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

mars-lena  asked:

can i confess something? i love daisy as well but she was intended to be a peach clone (don't kill me hah), and sort of is to this day. at this point she clearly won't get on the roster in 5mash but we can dream. thoughts?

Honestly, I do agree with your clone argument on some respects. Visually, Daisy’s current look does resemble Peach’s. You don’t even have to palette swap their skin color or even their crown color. If she were a clone, she would have the exact same hairstyle as Peach, but Daisy in the Modern era has much shorter hair than Classic. (Either that or she curls the ends. I don’t know.) However, in other respects, I must respectfully disagree with you. The whole concept and creation behind Daisy was supposed to be that she was the princess of a foreign country with foreign enemies. So isn’t she supposed to LOOK different, as well? I mean, the fact that Daisy has darker skin than Peach should probably be a dead giveaway, aside from darker hair, and then there’s the pattern at the bottom of her dress (the white big-top pattern with dots above the peaks), or even how she has straighter hair than Peach if you look closely during “Mario Party 3” (Peach’s hair looks frizzier near the ends, while Daisy’s does not). Daisy’s hair isn’t even as long as Peach’s in the classic era, either. No, really; it’s only a little bit shorter. But if you really want to talk about “Peach clone”, in a visual sense? I would look no further than Rosalina in the original story of “Super Mario Galaxy”. She was originally intended to be Peach’s ancestor, but from a few centuries back. The idea was scrapped, of course, but the heavy resemblance still remains. Daisy is supposed to be different from Peach in terms of personality, too. Right from the get-go, she’s described as a “tomboyish, full-of-spirit princess” in the Japanese description of “Super Mario Land”. For her to be given even a semblance of personality in a game made with such a pitifully low amount of pixels is important. She’s more than just a name and something that resembles a face. That description is supposed to help her STAND OUT. Ever since, she’s been described as the following, apart from “Pretty” and “tomboy”: Loud. Goofy. Wild. Party girl. “No wallflower”. Exuberant. Bright. Lively. Cheerful. Go-getter. Powerful. Friendly. Headstrong. Active. She might not be in mainstream games all the time. But it’s humbling, in a sense. And who knows? Maybe if and when she gets into a Smash game, or ANY game outside of spin-offs? Then DAMN IT, IT’S WORTH THE FUCKING WAIT. And I don’t know about you, but I know a few people besides myself who will be pretty damn excited when THAT happens. In the meantime, I’d avoid pitting the girls against each other for the time being. Each Mario girl is special in their own way, differences aside.

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