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Day #5 - A Pain From Non-Existing Memories

PokéShipping Week 2017

Day #5 - A Pain From Non-Existing Memories (Movie 20 Universe)

Focus. Inhale. Exhale.

These are the only things that exist inside Misteria Waterflower’s mind as she stares down at the crystalline surface before her. At the sight of the clear blue water, Misty feels a surge of pride in her heart. Quite honestly, she feels she could spend hours and hours on end by simply beholding the majesty of the Cerulean City Gymnasium and its pool.

Others might not appreciate the sentiment - her sisters, Daisy, Violet, and Lily being the few people she knows that could  - but that doesn’t deter Misty in the slightest.

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“every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.”
Daisy: Misty! Not again!
Lily: Why do we get dragged into this again?
Violet: c'mon guys, it’s kinda cute!
Ash: Misty, your sisters are nuts.
Misty: Tell me about it, they over react, huh?

Personally, I feel like as Misty gets older she would sort of ‘move on’ from her ‘crush’, but they have the kinda relationship where every time they meet again they fall over and over.

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So here they are! Finally colored.

The first picture is from my Spanish Fanfic “La Reina y el Iventor”, the sequel of my other Spanish Fanfic “I choose you forever” in which Ash and Misty are formally a couple and they are pretty ashamed because of their friends, who are celebrating their new relationship.

The second one. Please let me introduce to you my Fan Babie “Alyson Ketchum”. At first I wanted to call her Ashley, so that her Japanese Name could be “Satoko”, but I thought about it and get to the conclusion that everyone had used that name already and I wanted one not that recicled, so I choose this one.

I’ll let you know a little bit about her:
Name: Alyson Ketchum Waterflower
Japanese Name: Satsuki
Age: 1-2 years old
Eyes: Aquamarine (Misty’s eyes)
Hair: Black (with green tones, like Ash)
- Ash Ketchum (Father)
- Misty Waterflower/Ketchum (Mother)
- Aron Ketchum (Deceased Older Brother)
- Delia Ketchum (Grandmother)
- Mr. Ketchum (Grandfather - Whereabouts Unknown)
- Daisy, Violet and Lily Waterflower (Aunties)
- Mr. & Ms. Waterflower (Granparents - Deceased)

Alyson is a happy child and too hyper for her young age. She’s too small to have a defined personality such as her parents, but her great smile is one of her greatest features. She adores her father, getting to the point of crying if he leaves her side while she’s awake. Her mother can calm her obviously, but she just simply loves Ash a lot.

The little girl is the second daughter of Ash and Misty, born when the two adults were 24 years old respectively. She came to illuminate the lives of their parents after they had suffered the loss of Aron, his older brother.