daisy rockwell

“Dreamboat.  When Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, A.K.A. “Jahar,” was first shown on the cover of Rolling Stone, a controversy erupted. He was being glamorized, people said, this was not a proper depiction of a terrorist. What is the proper depiction? Well, for one thing, terrorists are supposed to be dark-skinned. Maybe wearing some ‘Muslim head garb.’ Terrorists, I guess, aren’t supposed to be good-looking. This confusion spread to the tween girls set, and 'Free Jahar’ groups blossomed all over the internet. He was framed, it was a conspiracy. For both his detractors and his fans alike there was a cognitive dissonance: how could a handsome white boy be a Muslim terrorist?”

Acrylic and glitter on linen canvas, 6" x 6.“