daisy makes things


“I don’t give a damn about your powers.
They’re not what made you an agent.

I did.


endless list of favorite things: [1b/?] favorite relationships

Daisy Johnson & Jemma Simmons, Agents of SHIELD (2013—?)

Purple daisies
I buy for me,
And walk around the hills with little shops on them.
It’s sunny but also drizzling,
A weird but beautiful combination,
Just like my existence.
I buy cute little goodies,
And eat heartily,
I skip around the hills like I am in love.
And guess what?
I am.
I am in love with me.


endless list of favorite things: [1/?] favorite things that happen a lot

Daisy Johnson hitting people

#11) Scarlet \ Gold

Compromising w ur gf who is most comfortable when impervious to most physical forms of attack.

Hello my name is Pellimort and I draw very common ships, such as Samus and Daisy.

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imagine Daisy gets hurt, right, and Robbie is yelling at her because he's freaking out, but Daisy just grins/winces/grimaces at him and says "It was a calculated risk - I just forgot that I'm really bad at math" 😅 thoughts?

Robbie understands that Daisy’s job can be risky and dangerous (they’re both superheroes, he gets it), but he absolutely hates it when she makes stupid, unnecessary risks. She’s tough, but she’s not invincible.

One time Daisy jumps in the way of a bullet that was aimed for Robbie. It hits her in her shoulder and she goes down hard. They have to bail on the mission as Robbie carries her back to the Quinjet. She’s so pale from blood loss, she looks on the verge of death. Robbie is able to stop the bleeding, but he is still upset. He paces around, cursing throughout the whole ride back to the base.

“It’s okay, Robbie.” Daisy winces but still manages to smile. “It was a calculated risk… I just forgot that I’m really bad at math.”

Robbie growls and throws his chain across the jet. “Dammit, Daisy, this isn’t funny!”

“Robbie, I’ll be fine.” She explains. “Once we get back to the Playground and they stitch me up, we can get back out there and nab those guys.”

“Daisy, this isn’t about the mission.You shouldn’t have risked yourself for me.” He says, running a hand through his hair. “I can heal, you could have been killed!”

“But I didn’t, so who cares?!”

“I care!”

They’re both silent, staring at each other for what seems like eternity. Robbie slowly sits down next to her. 

“I care about you, Daisy.” He lets out a bitter laugh. “Somehow, I’ve grown to care about you a lot. And seeing you like this, because of me, I …” Robbie hangs his head.

Daisy grimaces as she reaches out and places a hand on his knee. “I care about you, too.” She says. “And when I saw that gun pointed at you … I guess my instincts just took over.”

Robbie puts his hand over hers. He raises his head. "Please, don’t risk yourself for me ever again, because I … I can’t lose you.“

Daisy stares into his eyes. They are filled with as much gentle warmth as his touch. “You won’t.” She promises and seals it with a kiss.