daisy lola

I never understood those
who tried to find God
when I stared in their faces and saw my own religion
I never understood those
who couldn’t live their precious moments here
without a heaven coming
I never understood those
to whom flowers, sunlight, love and growth somehow weren’t enough.
—  Daisy Lola, Understanding
I never understood those
who couldn’t live their precious moments here
without a heaven coming.
I never understood those
to whom flowers, sunlight, love and growth somehow weren’t enough.
—  Daisy Lola, Understanding
Fuck your first love; they give you everything, build it up and then tear it down and they make you think you’re never going to feel that way again. First loves fucking suck. Shout out to whomever ends up lucky enough to be your second love - they’ll teach you the power of perseverance, and allow you to smell the roses differently each time around.
—  Daisy Lola

You were crushed velvet, Black Devils, lipstick stains on your own fingernails,
You were harsh laughter, stained teeth, expression lines but I didn’t mind,

Forever leaving glitter in my bed for the next girl to find, territorial to a fault
But you always walked away in the morning – You were the coffee rings staining
Antique furniture, I never had the heart to put a coaster under the fire inside you.

You were deep grooves down my back where you dug yourself in, made my skin your home – You were Morrissey at 2am but I didn’t mind,


A snippet of one of my ‘Missed Connections’ poems, Daisy Lola.

I’m currently working on a new poetry collection focussing on the idea of missed connections/personals ads/missing people and things in general. This’ll be my largest collection to date and none of the works will have been previously released on Tumblr, save a couple of small previews. 

I hope you’re excited, because I am.

picture this; the year is 2018

after his killer storyline where robert had a breakdown and he had to play the lead up, the breakdown, and the recovery, ryan knocks it out of the park and wins best actor

imagine danny just cheering louder then any fan, louder than you, louder than me, because as ryan hawley’s #1 fan danny knew this day would come

and ryan holds his award and says nothing because he’s in public and has to speak and can only manage “wow thanks i- yeah thanks id like to thank daisy and tommy and lola and maybe danny ” and then he’ll list off literally everyone ever in the cast and crew because he wants to praise everyone, even the runners

imagine danny sweeping him into a hug after all I KNEW IT

what a time to be alive

My wish for season 5
  • *doors to Daisy and Coulson's prison cell opens and a green-haired lady walks in with her bodyguard*
  • Abigail Brand: Philip Coulson...it's been too long.
  • Coulson: ...Lola? You're in charge of S.W.O.R.D.?
  • Bodyguard: That's Abigail Brand to you-
  • Abigail: -easy Sebastian. I'm used to him calling me Lola anyways. After all...we're old friends.
  • *winks at Coulson*
  • Daisy: Hold the phone...you named your car after this person?
  • Coulson: Long, LONG, LONNNGG story.

anonymous asked:

coulson seems like the type of dad that would have one child in a baby carrier and another two in like a double stroller and he wouldn't be like frazzled or anything. he'd have a handle on it. he's be like walking through central park with kids and a dog and every mom would be like into him and jealous lol

But yes. All the single moms would flock to him and flirt while he held tiny baby Skye Daisy Lola and flirt, until his gorgeous sexy hot wife Melinda pulled up in a red corvette and told him it was time to go. 

anonymous asked:

hihihi could you please maybe do a fic where Robbie meets Daisy at an illegal street race? I'd loooove to see it! Him in the Charger... I can see Daisy either in Lola, or in some super tricked out car she and Fitz built from scratch :D and maybe neither of them wins, but she instantly has Robbie's attention? thank you!!

Well, if you’d “loooove to see it,” I'll try my best! :D Added to the list!

Quakerider requests are still open!

Danger - Persiflage - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Relationships: Daisy Johnson/Phil Coulson, Phil Coulson/Skye | Daisy Johnson
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Additional Tags: Older Man/Younger Woman, First Time, First Kiss, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, S3 Canon Divergence, Canon-Typical Violence, Skye | Daisy Johnson’s Superpowers, POV Phil Coulson, Hurt/Comfort, Gunshot Wounds, Fingerfucking, Hotel Sex, Restaurants, Watchdogs (Agents of SHIELD), Safehouses, Explicit Sexual Content, Light Angst
Summary: S3 canon divergence: Coulson gets hurt on a mission - and things between him and Daisy get more intense.

Back when we were doing the Makeouts Are Mandatory fics in March, I offered to write something for @telaryn - and I’ve finally finished the thing!

For those who feel they could drown entire cities with their tears,

If your sorrow brings such destruction,
if you hold within you the power to fill living rooms with salt & wash away the photos on the walls of those who hurt you,
then tell me,
what can you do with your rage?
Can you ignite the same streets you made soggy?
When you sing, can you make millions hear you - or can you shatter windows with your words - which is better?

If your sadness holds such strength,
then tell me, what happens when you’re so happy that the sunlight glinting off the riverbank starts to turn to diamonds? 
When you jump for joy and the sidewalk cracks under your heels - 
when a wave of lava seeps through the gap between your teeth as you laugh, will you spit it out at the crowd below you,
or swallow it & become the fire?

All I hear when you talk of a river of tears,
is just where its current could take you
if you rolled out your arms & gave it a chance.

Don’t you see?
You’re not just a star - 
you’re the whole
goddamn universe.

—  Riverbank, Daisy Lola.

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Hey, do you know if it's confirmed that Ryan isn't attending the soap awards? :(

unless something’s changed, last he said was he probably won’t be going unfortunately 😞 but we can always hope and pray

and if that fails imagine him watching at home curled up on the sofa with daisy, asking tommy and lola if they’re proud of daddy for being in britain’s best soap