daisy garland

Some Herbs for Love:
  • Apple Blossom: Add apple blossoms to teas, incense or potpourri when working on love magic.
  • Bleeding Heart: Plant bleeding hearts around your front door to invite love into your home.
  • Lavender: To bring love your way, carry lavender flowers in a sachet on your person, or hang stalks of it in your home.
  • Periwinkle: Include periwinkle flowers when making love magic poppets.
  • Tulip: Wear a tulip close to your body if you know you’ll be around the person you’re in love with, and they’ll be more aware of you.
  • Violet, Daisy & Daffodil: Make a garland to wear in your hair, or carry a bit of violet, daisy or daffodil in your pocket to attract a new lover.
  • Yarrow: Yarrow is associated with Venus and Aphrodite - use it in rituals in which you call upon deities of love for assistance.

Celebrity Challenge: 25 female celebrities 05/25

Kristin Chenoweth (July 24th, 1968)

“Not everyone is going to like what you do or what you have to offer; however, if you can’t see yourself doing anything else, and you have the drive and ambition, get the training and go for it.”