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From the Harry Earles File: Harry Earles (1902-1985) and his sisters, Gracie, Daisy and Tiny (all pictured here) were part of the “The Doll Family,” a multitalented family of dwarf entertainers. Harry, of course, starred (along with Daisy) in Tod Browning’s Freaks (1932). Like so many of the stars of Freaks and the film’s director, Tod Browning, Harry’s subsequent film career didn’t fare so well. He was one of the heads of the Lollipop Guild in The Wizard of Oz. After that, his film career was over. But Harry and his sisters cleaned up in the circus world and bought a lavish joint in Florida, where they all retired in comfort. 

Portrait of the Earles Midgets (The Doll Family), Daisy, Grace, Tiny and Harry.

The Doll Family also billed as The Dancing Dolls were a quartet of four dwarf siblings from Germany who were popular performers in circuses and sideshows in the United States from the 1920s until their retirement in the mid 1950s.

They were:

  • Gracie Doll (born Frieda A. Schneider, March 12, 1899 – November 8, 1970)
  • Harry Doll Earles (born Kurt Fritz Schneider, April 3, 1902 – May 4, 1985)
  • Daisy Doll Earles (born Hilda Emma Schneider, April 29, 1907 – March 15, 1980)
  • Tiny Doll (born Elly Annie Schneider, July 23, 1914 – September 6, 2004)
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