daisy doll


An old song ~ par Koala Krash


I’m so excited to finally post photos of the completed Rey doll I was commissioned by @corariley to create for her! Thank you so much for being so patient, encouraging and such a pleasure to collaborate with. This Rey doll is made from a Made To Move Mattel doll Barbie and I repainted her face, restyled her hair and created her grey vest outfit stitching all her clothes by hand. I’m so thrilled with how she turned out and I know her new owner will love her.


Now who are these rather creepy cuties? They’re dolls that Val got for hir 5th birthday, and prolonged exposure to hir growing magic brought the dolls to life. They look freaky as hell but they were always very sweet and protective of Val. Once they were brought to life, they also gained their own weapons based around a sewing theme. Lillie and Rosie wield halves of giant scissors while Rosie has a giant needle and string she can summon.

Weapons are only drawn if Val’s life was ever threatened. Lillie is capable of travelling through shadows and is mute, Daisy can summon shadow creatures and her laugh makes others laugh, and Rosie has super speed and a very soothing voice. If she were to sing, those that hear it will lose consciousness.


Francie (in the dress that turned out too small for Barbie, oops.  And the bodice was cut wrong, so the stripes are crooked, and I didn’t notice until well into assembly, thus the flower, which I just realized could be called an oopsie daisy.  But I won’t.)