daisy doll


I’m so excited to finally post photos of the completed Rey doll I was commissioned by @corariley to create for her! Thank you so much for being so patient, encouraging and such a pleasure to collaborate with. This Rey doll is made from a Made To Move Mattel doll Barbie and I repainted her face, restyled her hair and created her grey vest outfit stitching all her clothes by hand. I’m so thrilled with how she turned out and I know her new owner will love her.


An old song ~ par Koala Krash

it’s weird right? She has plush toys, and all sorts of other stuff, but no fashion doll. Ever. Like I get why one wouldn’t have been made in the 80′s or 90′s, dumb gendered marketing and all, but she’s an iconic character now? Not even as an exclusive collector whatever or something? 

what gives