daisy doll


I’m so excited to finally post photos of the completed Rey doll I was commissioned by @corariley to create for her! Thank you so much for being so patient, encouraging and such a pleasure to collaborate with. This Rey doll is made from a Made To Move Mattel doll Barbie and I repainted her face, restyled her hair and created her grey vest outfit stitching all her clothes by hand. I’m so thrilled with how she turned out and I know her new owner will love her.


Unbox Daily: Barbie Fashionistas CURVY Polkadot Fun and Daisy Pop - Doll Review - 4K - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3DNKI5CS0Y

Signs as cute nicknames

Aries: dashing, gorgeous, hot stuff, mamacita, honeysuckle

Taurus: bambi, boo-bear, cuddlebug, dork, foxy 

Gemini: cupcake, gum drop, smiley, twinkle toes, lily

Cancer: dimples, love bug, sugar pie, iris

Leo: beautiful, cutie, heart-throb, daisy duke, sunflower

Virgo: doll, flower child, precious, blossom, buttercup

Libra: baby girl, bunny, darling, love, rose

Scorpio: angel, kitten, prince/princess, diamond

Sagittarius: honey bunch, sunshine, pumpkin, blazing star

Capricorn: hot lips, beloved, peaches, snowdrop

Aquarius: everything, my all, sexy, chuckles, smoochums

Pisces: ducky, mcdreamy, sweetheart, carebear, cosmo

bluezey  asked:

Try that box blocking the hole, there's something unique about it if it's blocking a hole in the wall.

He moved the box away from the wall and opened it. Inside, there was the Dr. Wrecker costume, an old Daisy the Donkey doll, a regular TV remote, and a journal with “Dr. Wrecker” written on the cover.

“Oh. Huh, I kept that costume all those years…?”


Crack!AU in which Ned and Thranduil bond over their love of pie and become BFFs.

Inspired by @halapipita‘s wonderful woolfelt dolls in this post.