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My Prince

Ivar x deaf!Reader

There is simply not enough Ivar fluff out there to satisfy my thirst

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You played with the daisies you had picked up, starting to braid them together carefully as you laid in your lover’s lap. Ivar sighed, shaking his head while smiling and playing with your soft hair. He couldn’t help but stare at you - you looked so beautiful when you were relaxed. “Y/N” he muttered softly, but quickly caught himself as he realized you weren’t looking at him. He often forgot of your condition. You were born deaf, but you soon learned to read lips. From a young age you were excluded from most child games, as you couldn’t orientate yourself as well as the others, and the other kids did not have the patience to talk slowly enough for you to understand. That’s how you found yourself often sitting beside Ivar, the crippled boy who stared longingly at his running brothers. Your friendship seemed to have no choice but blossom, and turn into something more beautiful. You relied on each other, understood and loved each other in a way no one could. He was your ears, always on the lookout and keeping you safe.

You smiled at the memory, clenching the daisies you were holding closer to your chest. You couldn’t help but remember your first kiss. An alarm rang through Kattegat, while you were alone in your house, preparing a meal for your mother. You didn’t hear anything, and naturally you were not aware that your village was under attack. You had jumped when you felt a hand suddenly grab your ankle, shaking it violently enough for you to drop the egg you were holding. Panicked, you turned around quickly, ready to defend yourself when you saw Ivar. His face was red and his eyes were wild – large and filled with panic. 

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beaten up richie au

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Eddie felt like he was high. His heart was dancing behind his rib cage, each beat vibrating through his bones and giving him the urge to dance. He wanted to leap around the living room as he passed every mirror, his eyes wandering over his appearance with each glance. He fussed over his hair, and changed his shirt three times before he was finally satisfied. His smile never faltered, and instead grew with each passing minute that ticked away on his wristwatch.

In less than twenty minutes he’d be on his very first date. His mind had been replaying the moment Richie Tozier had asked out him since it had happened two days ago, and now all his brain could do was picture the tall, freckled boy at his finest. He could clearly remember wanting to scream after it had happened, the realization that his long time crush had finally invited him on a date really setting in later that afternoon. The butterflies hadn’t left his stomach since Richie had asked the question, and although it was an odd feeling, he really enjoyed their company greatly.

His fingers were shaking with excitement as he fumbled with the laces on his converse. He’d already tied each shoe two times before, but he felt as though they didn’t look right and needed to be done again. He finally accepted his third attempt, realized he smelled sweaty, and quickly sprayed some more cologne under his jawline. 

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Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Four- Dean x Reader

Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Four

Rating: T

Summary: Dean Winchester cheated on you and you left without a word.  A case brings you back to him, but the story isn’t as simple as it seems

Warnings: Language.  Graphic Violence.  Angst.

Word Count: 1600

AN: Hello. So here is chapter 4!   And I don’t know what I have to say for myself.  Other then I saw Annabelle: Creation yesterday and well I think that creeped into the plot.  ;________;  

Please excuse the major errors. I will fix stuff I see with time. ;) Happy reading!  

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All those feelings, those yesterdays feelings will all be lost in time
but today I’ve wasted away for today is on my mind
(yeah today is on my mind)

Yesterday’s Feelings by The Used

The immense pull that he had towards you was overwhelming from the moment he met you at Bobby’s.   He felt like he had known you a lifetime and more than that- as if from the start of time.  He wished that he could have meet you in another way.  Maybe in another life, he would have bumped into you at the supermarket and would have been to intrigued to not ask you out.  He would have taken you out, fallen in love with you, married you, grown old with you.  Instead he was watching you die.

Your eyes rolled back into your head as the vampire’s grip on your throat tighten.  He smirked and teased you with how good he knew you would taste.  Blood spilled from the wound on your upper torso and you made gurgling noises as you tried to gasp for air.

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Ford or Stan teaching the Mergucket family about something human that they had been doing wrong!

Since Ma MerGucket used to be human, the MerGuckets don’t really do anything human in a wrong way.  They can seem a bit eccentric to humans (esp during their first few trips on shore), but they don’t try to comb their hair with forks or stuff like that.  In light of this, I shifted the prompt a bit, to Stan teaching his guppies about a piece of human culture that they don’t know about or understand.  Hope it’s satisfactory.

               Stan pinched the bridge of his nose.

               “Why is this so difficult?” he groaned.  His three oldest guppies, Molly, Danny, and Daisy, sat in front of him.

               “Be patient,” Angie said.  She was supervising the second clutch, Emory and Emmett, who were splashing around in a tide pool.  All seven of them were in the cave the MerGuckets used to practice human behavior and appearances.  And of the seven, only Stan was clothed.  He’d decided that a demonstration would be helpful, as he attempted to explain the concept of clothing to his daughters.  “Human clothes are difficult to understand at first,” Angie continued.  She played with Emmett’s hands.  “They’re still difficult to understand.  At least, fer me.”

               “Yeah, I know.  You almost got arrested for indecent exposure the last time we went on shore,” Stan said.

               “Still think that was one heck of an odd thing.  Humans ‘re mighty strange,” Angie said.  “Aren’t they?  Aren’t they?” she cooed at Emory.  Emory responded by blowing bubbles at her.  Daisy abruptly stood up.  

               “Daisy, sit your butt back down,” Stan said.  “The lesson is still goin’ on.”

               “No!” Daisy said promptly, stomping her foot.  “I wanna use my feet!”  She ran away. The webbing between her toes, combined with her unfamiliarity with walking, made her gait uneven and slow.  Stan grabbed a hold of her quickly.  She squirmed in his arms, her yellow scales scraping against his skin.  “Noooo!” she shouted melodramatically.  Stan put her down next to Molly and Danny again.  Molly cocked her head.

               “Why are we doing this now?” Molly asked.  “We can’t go to the human town yet.”  Danny nodded.

               “We’re still guppies,” Danny added.  Stan sighed and sat down in front of his daughters.

               “Yeah, but it’s important.  This way, when ya aren’t guppies, it’ll be easier to blend in with the humans.”  He winked at them.  “Luckily, yer Dad used to be a human, so I know how humans think and act.”

               “Okay, then why do humans wear clothes?” Daisy asked, crossing her arms. “They’re uncomfortable and awkward.”

               “Humans are…shy,” Stan said slowly.  His daughters all frowned, perplexed.  “Not shy as in nervous about talkin’ to strangers.  Shy as in nervous about their bodies.  Humans think of bodies as somethin’ private, somethin’ that only a few people they’re close to can see.  So they cover themselves.”  The puzzled expressions on his daughters’ faces didn’t waver.  “Um, okay.  Y’know how there are some things ya don’t tell people ya don’t know?”  His daughters nodded.

               “Like how many eggs were in a clutch, ‘fore the duds were removed?” Danny said.

               “Exactly!  That’s private information.  Personal. For humans, specific parts of their bodies are like that.  Personal. Ya don’t show it to people ya don’t trust.”  His daughters nodded slowly, beginning to understand.  Stan let out a sigh of relief.  “Seriously, why was that so difficult?”

               “It’s ‘cause it’s such a foreign concept,” Angie replied.  Emory splashed her.  “Clothes don’t seem strange to ya ‘cause ya grew up with ‘em.  But jellied eels did.  ‘Member?”  Emmett joined Emory in splashing Angie.  “Ain’t yer fault, ain’t their fault.  Just the fault of the society they grew up in.”

               “Are we done yet?” Daisy whined.  Stan sighed.

               “Yeah, sure,” he said.  Daisy jumped up and began to run around the cave again.  Danny carefully walked over to Angie and joined in playing with Emory and Emmett.  “What are ya waitin’ for, Little Six?” Stan asked Molly, who was still sitting in front of him.  Molly tilted her head.

               “But why are humans shy?” she asked. Stan groaned.

canon compliant as of 4.15.


It aches—the wound on her leg aches.

Except she knows that there’s nothing there, on her skin, here in the Framework. She takes off her clothes and sits on the floor of the shower. She sits there, fingers pruning and water running cold, and she stares at her leg. The mark of the knife doesn’t exist, at least not in this world. But the cut is deep, and her thoughts cut deep. She inhales and exhales and inhales and exhales and soon the water is too much and it’s too much to swim towards the surface.

(She has to remind herself that she’s not at the bottom of the sea, not on another planet, but in another reality. And her injuries are still real. The wound on her leg from the Fitz but not Fitz is definitely real. The pain remains even though the cut doesn’t. And Jemma knows that it’s a wound like the others; those that become scars both outside and in.

Because she wakes up with a start every morning, gasping for air with the impression of his hands on her throat. And when she wakes up back in reality the wound on her leg will throb and when she looks it’ll be there.)

Daisy rushes in and meets her on the floor.

“Jemma, Jemma are you okay?” She wraps her arms around Jemma and holds her close, holds her tight. “Where does it hurt?”


They stay like that for a while, the water rushing over the both of them, Jemma clutching Daisy and Daisy clutching her back.

“We’re gonna save him,” Daisy whispers, stroking Jemma’s hair. “We’re gonna save everyone.”

(But a part of Jemma thinks she left pieces of herself at the bottom of sea, and that it’s too late to save her.)


It aches— listening to Coulson as he spews words of hate.

Daisy tenses besides her, her hands becoming fists, and she narrows her eyes. “Let’s go, Jem,” Daisy leans over to whisper into Jemma’s ear, eyes locked on Coulson. “I want to leave.”

Jemma’s about to respond when Coulson catches sight of them, and smiles.

They both freeze.

“Hey girls! Isn’t it such a beautiful Saturday?”

“… Yes. It is.” Jemma manages to say as Coulson reaches over to hand them two of his brochures, each decorated with the slogan: Inhuman Intolerable, report suspicious activity.

If Jemma feels queasy at the notion, holding this vile piece of paper in her hands, she can’t imagine how Daisy feels.

And Daisy, as always, tries to deflect with humor.

“Aw, man!” She laughs and slaps Coulson’s arm lightly. “I thought those brochures were gonna be advertising a Caribbean cruise!”

Coulson’s smile falls, and Jemma senses that it’s time to leave.

“Inhumans are a plague on humanity!” Coulson shouts at them, drawing in stares from people passing by. “This is no joke! How dare you joke about something as serious as a disease corrupting our world?”

She pulls Daisy away, and they both don’t utter a sound until they’re back in their seedy motel room, and Daisy starts to cry.

“It’s my worst nightmare,” Daisy laments. “It’s changing all over again.”

(Jemma rubs Daisy’s back, and doesn’t add that the worst is yet to come.)


It aches— May being the very thing she despises.

Daisy’s asleep when Jemma begins to ruffle through the brochure, and that’s when she sees it. Melinda May, Director of Hydra, the brochure says, and Jemma’s surprised that it’s taken them this long to find out.

She wonders if she should shake Daisy awake– shake Daisy awake from whatever dream she’s having and show her another nightmare.

Jemma decides it can wait until morning.

“Well, there was a time we thought she was Hydra. Guess it’s true now,” Daisy says, after a long silence, crumpling the brochure in her hand and throwing it to the ground.

God, Jemma had forgotten about that. How could she not? So much has happened, so much has changed, that she has forgotten that there was a time when even May couldn’t be trusted.

Daisy leans back in her chair and sighs, running her fingers through her long hair.

“We’ll deal with May later. We gonna do Fitz today?”

“Let’s go.”


It aches— Fitz not being Fitz.

When she and Daisy find him there’s another woman on his arm, and she looks like she fits there. They walk down the street towards the café where Daisy and Jemma sit and as they come closer, Jemma’s heart begins to pound and her eyes narrow.

The woman laughs at something Fitz says.

“Oh, Leo!” she croons, stroking his arm. “You’re hilarious!”

Fitz gives her a dazzling smile, and doesn’t even look twice at Jemma and Daisy.

Daisy frowns.

Jemma seethes.

“Should we talk to them?” Daisy speaks in a low voice, opening her menu and pretending to mull over the choices.

“No.” Jemma replies. “I don’t want to talk to them at all.”

Daisy lets it go.

And when they’ve gone, when Daisy grips her arm and softens her gaze, and whispers I’m sorry,

Jemma’s not sorry at all.

She’s angry.

(Angry and seething and jealous that he remembers nothing and she remembers everything.)


It aches— watching Mack and the little girl play.

They had found Mack at the mechanic shop, the girl holding his hand, and followed the two as they got on their bikes and rode to the the park.

“Shit.” Daisy says, watching Mack chase the little girl around.

“Shit.” Jemma agrees, as the girl taps Mack lightly and he falls dramatically, pretending to be hurt but laughing as he goes down to the ground.

“Maybe… maybe she’s just a kid he’s babysitting?” Daisy whispers, as Mack envelops the girl with his eyes and his smile and his love into a fierce, adoring hug.

Jemma whispers back.

Of course it isn’t.


(Because this is what was supposed to be hard, finding their people and getting them out. Coulson hates Inhumans, May’s the bloody director of Hydra, and Fitz remembers nothing. The easy part is that’s not who Coulson and May and Fitz are supposed to be. But Mack; Mack has a kid. He has a good, happy life full of love and contentment. And Jemma and Daisy are going to have to rip him away from his little girl.

And they’re going to have to live with that.


The jealousy aches, but so does knowing that in a world where she doesn’t exist, Fitz is happy.

In a world where she doesn’t exist, in a world where he remembers nothing, Fitz doesn’t have that hardness in his eyes that’s been there ever since she fell from the sky, since she pulled him up from the bottom of the sea, since she left him and crushed him and made him bear her weight.

(I could never hurt you, Jemma. LMD Fitz said to her.

But I always hurt you, Jemma realizes.)

“What do you mean?” Daisy demands, rushing towards her and taking her hands in hers.


“Are you kidding me? You wonder if he’s happier without you? You weren’t there when he was struggling to speak, struggling to move on. I was. I saw. He fell apart without you. You weren’t there when he was tearing the world apart trying to find you for six. Fucking. Months. I was. I saw. You think he’s happier without you? You can’t possibly imagine his–”

“What about me?” Jemma sobs, ripping her hands away and burying her face in them. “What about me, what about me, what about me?”

(The wound in her leg pulses, the cut in her cheek throbs, and the hole in her heart expands.)

“I’m sorry,” Daisy utters. “I know what it was like for him, because I was there. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you.”

Jemma wraps her arms around Daisy and Daisy embraces her back.

“Any world that has Fitz and Simmons, but not Fitzsimmons,” Daisy whispers, “Isn’t a world at all.”


May being the very thing she despises aches, especially when she’s so good at it.

The crowd cheers and applauds, little children waving flags and adults grinning and murmuring to each other.  

Daisy and Jemma exchange glances before both looking back atMay, with her fist in the air.

“She’s a great director.”

“I’m not surprised.”

“CALVARY! CALVARY! CALVARY! CALVARY!” People chant, their fists also rising in the air, voices becoming muddled until it sounds like one great voice chanting a name that, in their world, Melinda May loathes.

(From on top of the platform, May smiles.)


Coulson spewing words of hate aches, but not as much when he’s not.

They’re in the library when they find him, surrounded by children on all sides, peering through his glasses at the book he holds in his hands.

“Can you imagine?” Coulson reads, his voice trailing upwards at the end of the questions and all the children lean in closer to hear him.

“A world without pain? Without suffering? What a truly beautiful world that would be.”

(But would that even be a world at all?)

“Mr. Coulson?” A little boy raises his hand.

“Yes, Tommy?” Coulson smiles. “Do you have a question?”

“I’m scared. About the… Inhumans. What if the Calvary can’t stop them?”

“It’s okay to be scared, Tommy.” Coulson reassures him, touching his cheek and then turning to look at all the other children.

“Everything will be okay as long as we work hard and we work together. The future will be bright. You’ll see.

(In this world, Coulson still manages to make anyone feel better.)


It aches when it’s Daisy that finally breaks.

“It’s all too much!” Daisy screams, throwing her hands in the air. “How are we supposed to figure this all out? We have to tell them that the world they’re living in isn’t real? How the fuck are we supposed to do that?”

She kicks a chair over and then crashes onto the bed.

Jemma doesn’t even flinch.

“Why can’t it be easy?” Daisy cries, clutching her head in her hands.

“Because,” Jemma whispers. “When has it ever been?”

(They both have so much to bear, but at least they don’t have to bear it alone.)

If Not Happy, Then Content

The sky is grey and cold, the light watery and dim, when Eggsy shows up on his doorstep, clutching Daisy to his chest like a lifeline.

“Harry,” he whispers when the door swings open. It’s the most broken the older man had ever heard him.

Harry ushers him in as fat rain drops begin to fall from the sky.

“I’m sorry,” Eggsy says miserably, hands tight around a steaming cup of tea, Daisy playing with a small plushie at his feet. “I didn’t know where else to go.”

“You’re always welcome here, dear boy.”

“Am I?”

The question slices Harry like a finely honed blade, cold and precise. It isn’t an unfair one. Since his return, there’s been a tension between he and his former protégé. Things haven’t been the same. He doubts they ever will be. Harry still isn’t cleared for active duty, and it grates on his nerves, making his snappish and impatient. Eggsy, for his part, still hasn’t managed to move past his supposed death. The boy had lost a great deal in his life; Harry suspects he’s still waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the rug to be pulled out from beneath him once again, for Harry to be dead.

“Of course.” Harry places his hands on his knees and leans forward, meeting Eggsy’s downcast gaze. “I’m sorry that I’ve made you feel otherwise.”

“S’okay,” Eggsy says, nearly inaudible.

Harry suspects it isn’t, but says nothing.

It’s another several minutes before either man speaks. The air is thick with something, and the silence is one that Harry is hesitant to disturb. He’s beginning to think he’ll have to when something in Eggsy’s expression shifts, and it’s like a dam breaking.

“My mum,” he begins, seemingly unable to look up from his quickly cooling tea, “she was still using. I’ve tried to help her, gotten her into rehab, kept the drugs out of the house but –" Eggsy’s voice breaks and he claps a hand over his mouth.

Harry moves from his place in the armchair to Eggsy’s side on the sofa. The young man looks up in surprise when Harry’s hand comes to rest on his shoulder, but he leans into the touch, as if instinctively.

“What’s happened?” Harry asks gently.

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Imagine Haldir trying to confess his love to you but having trouble understanding him because he’s so nervous

For aprettylittlenightmare :)


You sat on the dewy green grass with Haldir, in Lothlorien, making daisy chains. The sun had moved slowly across the sky and now everything about you was bathed in a warm golden glow as your hands worked nimbly on the new daisy chain you were making.

 Haldir watched you with interest. A flower crown balanced on his head and two matching bracelets adorned him, both of which you had made. Now you were working on a necklace to match.

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A Fine Line-Part 2

Calum Imagine

Summary: Enemies is becoming a relative term when it comes Calum. Hate is an emotion fueled by passion, which you will soon learn is a dangerous gasoline to keep any fire going, no matter how toxic. 

~Approx 3.3k words~
Warnings: Soft smut

Part One


“Of course you would get her as a tutor. You’re so fucking lucky.”

“Lucky? She hates me and she’s got a mouth on her filled with attitude she personally directs at me, I am not lucky.” Calum scoffed as he stretched his quad muscles, his pre-practice routine muscle memory now.

“C’mon Cal, she’s the one girl around here that nobody knows anything about. She’s hot as hell and we all want to know what she’s like in bed. This could be your chance to tell us!” Luke joked, engaging in his own pre-practice stretches. “Just tell her if she teaches you something, you’ll teach her something. I’m sure she’d love to learn how to please the Calum Hood.

“What the fuck man.” Calum scowled, grabbing a ball from the basket and jogging onto the field. Luke ran after him, juggling his own ball onto the damp field.

“I’m just saying you might as well make the best of it. That’s what I would do.” Luke shrugged.

“Yeah I’ll keep that in mind.”

You were an enigma to Calum. Of course he knew you were pretty. Anyone with eyes could see that. It’s just that there was such a longstanding hatred between the two of you he had just resigned to never speak to you if he didn’t have to. A small part of him however, had been proud when he had the right answer to your history question. And he couldn’t shake the way you had looked at him when he actually had the right answer to something for once, like he was worth more than just what he could do on his feet.

Calum let out a frustrated grunt. He just needed to let off some steam and the soccer field was the one place that felt more like home than anywhere. 


The clock on the wall in the small private library room read 6:15. He was over an hour late. You couldn’t remember a time you had felt more angry at him. You were doing this for him for god’s sake! Well not really for him, but you were helping him in some way and leaving you hanging like this was not going to fly. Grumbling, you picked up your things and started the walk over to the one place you knew you would always find him.

He was the only one there by the time you finally made it to the soccer pitch. His grey hoodie was pulled over his head and his navy soccer shorts were streak with dirt. He had clearly been here awhile by the look of how much sweat was dripping off his face.

“Calum!” You yelled as he rushed toward the ball for a strong kick. The ball sailed directly into the net and you watched in awe at the sheer power behind his kick.


“The fuck you mean what? I’ve been waiting around for you the last hour!”

“You should know better than to wait around for me princess.” He chuckled, running after his ball and squaring up for another power kick. 

“Don’t get cheeky with me you entitled piece of shit. I’m not doing this for your benefit anyway. I don’t give a fuck if you pass biology and in fact you’re on your own I’m done with this.” You snapped, turning away from him. If he was going to play games then you were going to end it. 

“Wait, Y/N.” You heard him call but you were already marching away. “Y/N!” You could tell he was chasing after you, but your pace didn’t slow. You were stubborn and you had no intention of letting him off the hook. Suddenly you felt his grip on your arm as he turned you around to face him, his grip firm and an annoyed grimace pasted to his very sweaty face.

“God will you wait for a second?” You stared at him, fighting to stop your eyes from rolling. “I’m sorry okay, I’ll be on time next time.”

“No, you blew it and I’m done. Good luck failing, you gigantic asshole.” You snarled before you yanked your arm from his and walked away yet again, leaving him as frustrated with you as ever. You thought he might chase after you again, but when you subtly looked over your shoulder he had his duffel bag slung over his shoulder and was walking in the opposite direction. 


“She is fucking unbelievable!” Calum yelled, pulling his sweatshirt over his head and throwing it on his bed, “She just quit, like she literally didn’t give a single fuck about me or the fact that without her I’m fucked!”

“Shit mate, what’d you do?” Luke asked through a mouthful of ramen noodles.

“Why are you assuming it was me that did something?”

“Because I know you.”

“Alright so maybe I tried to ditch the whole study session, but she can’t just quit! It was only like, one time. Maybe twice.”

Luke stared at his best mate in disbelief. “Are you hearing yourself man? Just apologize”

“No. She’d never let me live it down.”

“She’s your tutor not your girlfriend it doesn’t really matter what she thinks. Besides, it’s time this long term feud of yours comes to an end. Isn’t it exhausting?”

“Very. But I won’t let her know that.”

“Dude just swallow your pride and like, bring her a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils or something, she’d like that. Do you want to fail out of college? Because without her you just might. She’s the smartest student here.”

Calum grimaced. “She’s never going to let me hear the end of it.”

Luke laughed, setting his bowl of noodles down and picking up his xbox controller. “This must be so different for you, having a girl actually reject you instead of falling for your bullshit charm. Tell me what does it feel like, I wouldn‘t know.”

“Fuck you Luke.” Calum groaned, flipping off his smirking friend as the alpha male in him surfaced. “You know I only let you speak to me like that because you’re my best mate.” Luke chuckled, rolling his eyes as he took a sip of his tea. In truth, Calum actual enjoyed your no bullshit attitude. And as much as he hated to say it, the way you had blatantly refused him had borderline turned him on a little. Perhaps it was time to end this little feud he had with you. 

“You’re only mad because you know I’m right.”

Calum ran his hands through his thick, dark hair. He did know Luke was right. He was going to have to do some serious groveling if he wanted you to even look at him again. But he knew you would forgive him. No one could outlast the Hood charm and you were no exception.


You were still angry by the time you had reached your dorm. You were stupid to think that he would listen to you, to think that somehow this time he would be different than any other time. You would have to go to Dean Richards and tell him that this arrangement was just not going to work, Calum was just too stubborn.

You set down your things with a huff, almost too upset to hear the knock on your dorm room door.

Trying to calm down before you had to face anyone, you took a deep breath before answering the door. The last thing you expected in the world was Calum Hood holding a bouquet of slightly wilted daisies, looking a tad embarrassed and annoyingly cute, standing in your doorway.

“Hey.” He looked down at his feet, clutching the daisies so hard you could see his knuckles turning white. 

“Um, hi. Are you lost?”

“I wanted to apologize.”


“For being an ass and taking advantage of your generosity and showing up late and just kind for all the general fuckery over the years.” You gave him a wary look, unsure if he was being serious or not. He extended the flowers to you. “A peace offering. I really need you to be my tutor. If you want I can help you with some history stuff.” He shrugged and you warily took the flowers from him, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Thanks, but are you sure you don’t want someone else as your tutor? We’ve got pretty conflicting personalties don’t you think?”

“No I want you.” You lifted your brows as if to mock his choice of words. “I mean, you’re the smartest girl in school, why would I want anyone else when I could have the best?”

You started at him for a moment. He was clearly nervous to be here and had swallowed a hell of a lot of pride to apologize. You sighed, your stubbornness melting slightly at the look of his big brown eyes begging you to take him back. “I accept. Just don’t be late next time or I’m leaving for real. This is your last chance, alright Hood?”

“Okay. And I won’t be late. In fact, I’ll beat you there next time. I promise you won’t regret this!” He smiled, a devastatingly beautiful smile as he walked away and you felt your stomach do a little flip. You were more surprised though, that as he walked away you found yourself wishing that he would stay a little longer.


“Who even gives a fuck about the cell model?” Calum scowled, throwing his pen down on the table. It had been three weeks since you had started tutoring him and you were surprised to admit it was actually going pretty well. Ever since he had showed up at your dorm room to apologize for being a dick and had promised to stop being late, you could even say you had began to release most of the negative feelings you had towards him. He was funny and sweet and actually much smarter than you gave him credit for and as much as you tried to repress it, you had really begun to care for him.

“Your teacher cares, which means you also need to care for the next eight weeks at the very least.”

“Fucking bullshit.”

“Welcome to the world of higher learning.”

Calum let out a laugh at your remark, the first genuine one you had ever heard from him. “God, I remember you used to lock yourself in your room and I would be able to see your bedroom light through the window, and you sat at that tiny ass desk just surrounded by books and papers, just scribbling and erasing and you looked like you were about to pull your hair out.” He chuckled. “I never did know how you were able to do that. I couldn’t sit still for more than five minutes let alone all night.”

“Well you never made it easy on me. I’d hear you blaring Green Day at top volume during peak study hours. That probably kept me awake more than my need to make perfect flash cards.”

“Yeah I guess that was kinda a dick move.”

“And I’d yell at you and you’d-”

“Turn it up louder.” He finished. “I would do it just to see what you would do. Getting a rise out of your was sixteen year old Calum’s favorite pastime.”

“And yelling at you until I was blue in the face was mine.” You joked, offering him a smile that for once wasn’t fake or forced.

“You’re something else you know that?” His gaze met yours and you felt your breath catch in your throat as you realized how personal the conversation had suddenly turned. You weren’t used to this kind of intimacy with him and the idea of walking down memory lane almost made you uncomfortable.  

“Well you’re quite the character yourself Cal.”

He was silent for a moment, his brown eyes continuing their intense stare. You weren’t sure how to respond to his gaze so you picked up your water bottle, fiddling with the lid before bringing it to your lips. Suddenly he spoke, his voice soft and genuine. “I used to have a crush on you ya know?” The second the words left his mouth, you felt your throat close, the water that was rushing down halted and you came up choking. “Well shit, I didn’t think it was that big of a secret. I thought I was being obvious.”

“In no world-” You coughed again, wiping your mouth in embarrassment. “Would I have ever thought you even so much as looked at me twice, what do you mean you had a crush on me?”

“How many times did my ball get kicked over the fence and into your yard?”

“A few too many.” You muttered, wincing at the memory of him stomping over to your house to retrieve his ball and accusing you of stealing it.”

“You think that was an accident? Shit I would’ve done anything just to talk to you but you wanted nothing to do with me.”

“Well can you blame me? All you ever did was be mean to me!”

“I was a kid, I didn’t know how to handle my feelings!”

“So you handled them by making me feel like shit every day of my life? Do you even know how difficult it is to suffer constant abuse like that?”

“I did not abuse you, what the fuck? I never touched you.”

“There are more ways to hurt someone than with your fists you dumb jock.”

“You would know, you arrogant bitch.”

“God, can’t you just be an adult for two seconds?”

“I’m sorry I can’t control my emotions around you! Maybe if you just stop provoking me and fucking leading me on this wouldn’t even be a problem!” He yelled, his hands curling into fists, his whole body tensing as he was clearly on edge.

“I do not lead you on, I don’t even like you! Just get down off your high fucking horse for a minute maybe you would see that not everything in this universe is about you!” Your chest heaved with the weight of your words, unable to stop yourself from letting every thought in your head tumble out of your open mouth.  He stood up, his palms flat against the table as he leaned in, impossibly close to you in a way that made your heart race with anger.

“Tell me there hasn’t been at least one moment that you haven’t thought about me. I know I consume your every waking thought princess. Don’t think I didn’t see you staring at me through your window, your mouth watering at the sight of me.”

“You’re a pig.” You growled in disgust. You hated that he wasn’t wrong. He was gorgeous and you had always known it, your past self harboring at least a tiny bit of affection for the boy next door. 

“If you stop pretending then maybe I’ll stop pretending I didn’t think about you when I was alone at night wishing I had the guts to crawl through your window and tell you how I felt about you.” You gasped, his face now mere inches from yours, his hot breath humidity on your skin. He had to be lying. His hand reached up to tuck a piece of stray hair behind your ear. Fuck he was good at this. You could feel your thoughts slurring together, your brain fuzzy as his hand gripped your arm and pulled you roughly to your feet, your hands reaching out to steady yourself against his chest. “Stop lying to yourself princess. Stop lying to me.” He whispered, his lips brushing over yours, tortuously close. Your mind and body were at war, every fibre of your being begging you to allow him to take you, but your head screaming that this was the boy who you had hated all your life. You could feel your carnal instincts reacting to his touch, his fingers ghosting over the back of your neck and pulling you into him. His solid biceps, that were clearly visible under his cutoff tank, encompassed your body and his forehead was pressed against yours.

“Fuck I hate you.” Were the last words that fell from your lips before they were attached to his. Kissing him was like entering a whole new world you never knew existed. His plump lips felt plush against your own as his arms wrapped around your waist to lift you onto the table, his legs on either side of your body, trapping you. You let out a small, meek whimper and you could feel him smirking as his tongue found its way inside your mouth. You felt all the previous anger rise again in you at his smirk, your entire being fueled on the passionate hate you felt for the tall, dark boy. You took his bottom lip between your teeth, biting down hard. A guttural groan sounded from his throat at your actions and you felt his hands slither back and grab rough handfuls of your ass, his fingers painfully digging into your skin. You pulled him closer, like it was a game of who could unleash the most of their rage on the other. It was hot and it was intense and it was passionate and you had never experienced anything like what you were feeling ever before.

You reached up to play with the hair on the back of his neck, knocking his snapback off his head and curling your fingers in his thick head of hair, pulling hard at the roots. He grunted, his fingers gripping your thighs so hard you were sure the prints would turn purple the following day. You mewled at the sensation, loving every touch, every place his skin met yours in a flurry of stinging plain and unparalleled pleasure.

“Calum, fuck…f-fuck you.” You tried to keep your tone steady but as his tongue swirled in your mouth and his hips began to grind into yours you couldn’t help the shakiness of your voice.

“Happily princess.” His fingers began to undo the button of your jeans, opening them in record time before sliding them off your legs, his lips not once leaving your body as they traced down your jaw and neck. You threw your head back, clawing at his shirt, your finger hooking into one of the holes he had already cut into the fabric and ripping it so that where the cloth had covering his chest was now a gaping hole. “So fucking desperate aren’t you? You’re just a little girl with a big mouth that needs to be fucked aren’t you?”

You were too involved to care about how submissive you were being as you shook your head in affirmation and allowed his fingers to move your panties aside. You raked you nails down this back as if to show him you weren’t fully submitted yet and he hissed in pain. You could feel his dick growing harder at your actions, the material of his basketball shorts becoming a prison the more you teased him.

“God. I’m going to fuck the absolute shit out of you.” He growled as he bit down on the skin where your shoulder met your neck, leaving a small, and likely inconcealable, love bite. You groaned, reaching down and take hold of him when all of a sudden a loud banging interrupted the both of you.

“Cal, practice in five wrap it up.” Luke’s voice sounded from outside the private library room.

“Fuck.” Calum groaned, detaching himself from you and moving to hastily pull his pants up.

“Yeah.” You mumbled, upset at the interruption and even more upset that you were even sad he was being called away from you.

“I have to go.” He said, pulling his shirt over his head and gathering his things. “But I’ll call you okay? And we’ll finish where we left off.” He winked at you, taking his lip between his teeth before bringing you in for a brief kiss just before he swung the door open and joined his mate, leaving you dazed and confused in his wake.


Part 3


Daisy ‘Quake’ Johnson Top Ten BAMF Moments

10. Giving wolverine the worst heartburn ever (Secret Wars #5)

After Wolverine discovered that Nick Fury had manipulated him into waging a secret war against Latveria, he went into a rage and stabbed Fury, seemingly killing him (it was actually an LMD).  Daisy responded to this by using her powers to cause a mini earthquake within Wolverine’s chest that caused his heart to explode.  Thanks to his healing factor, Wolverine was able to recover, yet it left him knowing better than to mess with Johnson in the future.  

9. Whitehouse Down (Ultimate Comics Ultimates #23)

I don’t really know what was up with the Ultimate Universe leading up to the end, but it was crazy.  Captain America was President of The United States and the West Coast was threatening to secede from the union.  All sort of madness went down and in the middle of it all the Ultimate Universe version of Daisy Johnson uses her seismic powers to take down the White House.

8. Quake to The Rescue (Agents of Shield TV show, “Laws of Nature”)

The premier of the third season of Agents of Shield saw Daisy exerting a greater degree of control over her Inhuman powers.  When the new Inhuman, Joey, was being hunted by The ATCU, Daisy interceded, utilizing her seismic waves to send the ATCU agents scattering away.  It was an impressive display.

7. Keeping her head when things get really, really weird (Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #s 1-5)

Ales Kot, Marco Rudy and Langdon Foss’ Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, Volume 1: The Man on the Wall is a narrative and visual treat.  I could try to say what went down in the stories, but it would take a long time.  Suffice to say, it’s really weird and really good and Daisy kicks butt throughout.  

6. Standing up to Fury (Secret Warriors Vol. 1 #13)

Ever since being recruited by Nick Fury Sr., Daisy has remained a dedicated and dutiful soldier.  Yet once she got to a point where she was leading the team and became responsible for her squad-mates’ lives, she felt she could no longer be kept in the dark in terms of Fury’s secrets and ulterior motives.  She finally stood up to Fury and demanded to be taken into his trust.  It was a move that further cemented Fury’s respect and admiration for Johnson.  

5. Bringing Down The House (The Avengers Vol. 3 #23)

Her colleagues among the Avengers had been captured by the forces of Hammer and Daisy attacked the AIM/Hammer facility to rescue them.  Using her seismic powers, she literal brings down the entire facility, ultimately enabling her teammates escape.

4. Playing with Fire (Agents of Shield TV show, "The Ghost”)

Although her powers are causing her significant pain, Daisy holds her own in a show-stopping one-on-one battle with The Ghost Rider.  

3. Taking Down The Master of Magnetism (New Avengers vol. 1 #20)

His will taken over by the mysterious entity known as The Collective, Magneto was wreaking havoc and the Avengers struggled to contain him.  Daisy stepped in and used her seismic abilities to cause his brain to slightly vibrate within its skull cavity, inducing unconsciousness.  It was following this encounter that Daisy decided on the superhero codename ‘Quake.’  

2. Taking on Dear ol’ Dad (S.H.I.E.L.D vol. 3 #7)

A mysterious illness has caused Daisy’s powers to turn against her and the only person who can help her is her father, the villainous Mr. Hyde.  Accepting this help forces Daisy to face up to inner demons that she’d been holding in for a long while.  Yet she persevered and came through stronger and more determined than ever.  

1. From Latvera with Love (Secret Wars #5)

The Countess Lucia von Bardas had armed numerous super villains with technology derived from Dr. Doom.  Unbeknownst to these villains, the weapons von Bardas had armed them with contained secret bombs that would go off in a chain reaction and destroy all of New York City.  Acting in the clutch, Daisy stepped in and used her powers to kill von Bardas before she could trigger these bombs.    

Happy Birthday, celinette9221!

August 21 - CaptainWinterQuake, soulmate first meeting for @celinette9221

Written by @iamartemisday

A/N: This takes place post-Civil War.

Daisy met Steve for the first time by accident.

Not that she hadn’t been looking for him, because she had. Now that SHIELD was underground (again) and Captain America was a war criminal on the run, Coulson got the bright idea to bring the object of his fanboy affections into the fold so they could all be lawless fugitives together.  

She’d stopped for a drink at some random shady bar full of shady people who wouldn’t care if one more criminal wandered into their midst. Steve wasn’t inside, but as she snuck out the back with her hood up, she collided with a tall broad man in a grey hoodie and blue jeans.

Somehow, she knew him immediately, even though he’d grown a beard (which looked shockingly good on him). It must’ve been his eyes. He should invest in some colored contacts if he wanted to stay incognito. Those eyes were unmistakable.

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Daisies (Michael imagine)

Summary: Michael fell in love with you, his best friend

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: there’s some swearing and a sad ending

A/N: I hope you enjoy reading it! I found writing it a really good way to release some pent up emotion and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out! Feedback would be amazing ;-)

Originally posted by fightlashton

Masterlist | Have any feedback?

Michael fell in love with his best friend when he was fifteen.

It was during lunch on a particularly sunny afternoon. The sun was streaming through the trees, casting a delightful glow around your face.

You were strewn across the grass, laying flat on your back with a chain of daisies swirling around your nimble fingers. Michael watched as you plucked each flower from the grass and twirled it into the chain, a look of concentration spread across your face.

The both of you only had each other. Growing up in the same neighbourhood with your parents close friends meant you spent a lot of time together. 

With the way your tongue was hanging between your teeth, he knew it. He loved you. 

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5 times Eggsy looked after Daisy, and one time it was the other way around.

Kingsman fic. This is the 1st time of the of the 5-times fic of the above description :3 An attempt to write a oneshot that doesn’t evolve into a 90K fic haha. Warnings for domestic abuse & child neglect.

Eggsy as a big brother, h/c, bottle feeding and general protectiveness. His nurturing instincts had to start somewhere. 

Dean was shouting again.

The walls were thin here; like the floors, the windows, and the skin of his mother’s wrist when they bruised.

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@carolb74 in your comments. Yo I have seen Daisy in the motoe press with and without Josh and it basically proves my point. She's okay, defs better at interviews than Adam, but alone she is less engaging and less articulate in storytelling than she is when she has someone super charismatic to bounce off of. In TFAs case John and in Motoes case Josh Gad.

exactly! daisy needs a clutch to get by on interviews otherwise she’s just plain and not engaging and and I can’t see adam being that for her bc he’s also a PR disaster maybe mark? but it would be like seeing an interview w grandpa and his granddaughter y'kno

jillypickle prompted: How about single dad Kurt meets single dad Blaine because their teenagers start dating?

“Okay tell me again. You’re going on what with who now?”

Audrey sighs like the weight of the world is draped across her narrow shoulders and pushes her broccoli around on her plate. “On a date. With a boy. I told you like, a million times Dad, god.

“Okay, first let’s watch the tone,” Kurt says and she huffs, then stabs a broccoli with the tines of her fork. “Second, you are thirteen. Even if you were allowed to date, which you aren’t by the way because you are thirteen, where would you go? How would you get there? Bicycle? Razor Scooter to a romantic picnic under the monkey bars perhaps?”

She scowls and Kurt can’t help the teasing smile on his face. It’s too easy and she’s so cute when she’s pissed off at him. Well, sometimes. The door slamming isn’t his favorite.

“It’s not funny.” She takes a bite of food then looks up, big sad eyes and defeated posture and that does not bode well for his resolve. “He’s really nice and super polite and he said his dad would come and he even asked if I would accompany him to the movies like, who says that? He’s really cute Dad, all the girls in class think so. And Toby.”

“Well if Toby thinks so,” Kurt jokes again, but Audrey still looks put out so Kurt relents. “Okay. Get me his dad’s number and as long as he’s onboard and will be staying with you the entire time I’ll consider it.”

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A comprehensive list of reasons why Burial at Sea Part 2 was utter bullshit

I hated it as much as I loved Bioshock Infinite and this is the only way I know how to process. ALL THE SPOILERS below. Special thanks to cirqueduinsanity - I cross-referenced a few of her posts seeing as she knows Bioshock 1 canon way more than me.

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Preference #4 : He's getting married and you're not the bride

You looked stunning this afternoon. Your hair was done to perfection, your makeup was practically flawless, your dress looked like something that you pulled out from a fairytale, and Harry was waiting on the aisle for you. Of course you had to be at the aisle soon, you were chosen to be his ‘mate’ of honour! While you stared at yourself in the mirror, you couldn’t help but glance at H/B/N (Harry’s bride’s name), watching as she smoothed her wedding dress down. 

“I’m ready.” She breathed out, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. You admired the diamond ring that Harry had given to her, you’re the one who helped him choose it. “Y/N, you have to go out first.” She reminded you as you mustered the biggest grin you could possibly manage. 

You pushed the doors open and made your way down the aisle as quickly as you could, standing right behind Harry while clutching your daisies. 

“One last fist bump before I become a married man?” Harry turned around, holding his hand up in a fist. You let out a sigh and nodded slowly, bumping your fist with his and giving him a thumbs up. The music started playing and the guests straightened themselves up, turning around to watch H/B/N walk down the rose petal covered aisle. She floated down the pathway like a princess, Harry’s gaze on her. He was completely infatuated with her, it was pretty obvious. So you stayed quiet. You stayed quiet as the priest read the sentences off his book, you stayed quiet as Harry and H/B/N recited their vows, but you couldn’t let the opportunity pass when you heard the phrase.

“To anyone who has any objections to these two getting married, speak now or forever hold your peace.“

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Seconds were going by, seconds until Harry was officially married. 

“I object!” You blurted out, quickly slapping a hand over your mouth. 

“Y/N?” Harry whispered, turning around, his face full of shock. 

“I.. I.. uh..” You stuttered, trying your best to ignore the whispers coming from the guests. “One last fist bump before you’re officially married?” You squeaked out, raising your fist. A collective sound of sighs came from the audience before Harry let out a booming laugh, bumping his fist with yours and rolling his eyes playfully. 

“With no objections, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The priest closed his book with a smile on his face. You diverted your gaze to the velvety ground as Harry leaned forward and gave H/B/N a sweet kiss, the guests cheering and clapping. 

“Forever hold my peace.” You muttered to yourself. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” You heard a voice, and then something soft tickle your nose. 

“Nngh.” You grumbled, whacking the invisible annoyance away from your face.

“Get up, you lazy piece of shit!” Niall smacked you with a pillow causing you to tumble out of bed. 

“What the hell, Niall!” You groaned, curling up into a ball on the cold wooden floors. 

“Good morning t’ ya too! You have t’ get ready, you’re me best man!” He reminded you, picking you up and tossing you back on the bed. 

“M’ a girl.” You yawned, rubbing your eyes and sitting up. “What time is it?” 

“5 in the mornin’. Let’s get to it!” 

Two and a half hours later, you were helping Niall adjust his tie as he stuck a rose in your hair. 

“We look fuckin’ awesome.” Niall commented, running a hand through his hair.

“Mhm.” You had been responding with short answers ever since you had put on your dress, your heart beating ten times faster than it usually would. 

“Something the matter?” Niall asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“Huh? Oh, nothing’s the matter. Just a little tuckered, s’all.” You shrugged, following him down the aisle. 

“We can grab some pints later, then you’ll wake up.” He teased as the guests started piling in, the chiming of bells commencing around the church. “It’s time.” Niall breathed out. 

“It’s time.” You echoed, watching your best friend moving on to a new chapter in his life. 


“I object!” You stood up from your spot, your hands trembling from nerves.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Y/F/N hissed from beside you. 

“I’ve been bottling my feelings up for a long time now, and I’m sorry that I waited for this long to tell you.” You stared at Louis as he let go of L/B/N’s hand. 

“Sit down, you don’t know what you’re doing.” Y/F/N had warned you about the possibility of losing your friendship with Louis if you told him about how you truly felt. Louis was smitten with L/B/N and confessing your love for him would get him confused and frustrated and he probably wouldn’t know how to handle it. 

“I know what I’m doing. I practiced in front of the mirror like 10 times.” You shook her hand off your wrist and she pressed her palms to her face, thinking about how she was going to clean this mess up after you confessed your feelings for Louis in front of everyone. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Louis stared at you as your mouth went dry. 

“I’m in love with you.” You blurted out. “A-And, I’ve been in love with you for a long time. I dreaded the day that you’d go off and find some other girl because then I would know that I’d never have a chance with you, and-“ 

“This is a joke, isn’t it?” Louis laughed. “Y/N, I know that you’re famous for your tricks, but this is my wedding.” Louis grinned, shaking his head. 

“What? N-No, this isn’t a jo-“ 

“Don’t worry, everyone. Y/N the prankster’s just making her appearance. Let the wedding continue, please.” Louis gestured for the confused looking priest to continue as he made his way back to L/B/N. Your heart was beating against your chest as your eyes began welling up with tears, everyone’s eyes still on you. 

“But it’s not a joke..” You whispered to yourself as Y/F/N pulled you back down gently, rubbing your arm in comfort. 

“I know it’s not, sweetheart. I know it’s not.” She sighed.
“It’s not a big deal. Your best friend’s getting married in one hour, and you’re going to support him no matter what.” You reminded yourself as you pinched your arm. “Your best friend’s getting married in five minutes, and you’re going to support him no matter what. Your best friend’s getting married in five minutes, and you’re going to support him no matter what. The love of your life is getting married in five minutes, and- oh!” You smacked yourself over the forehead and let out a small grunt, banging your head against the countertop. 

“Careful there. Wouldn’t want to ruin your hair.” Lou popped up from around the corner, her lilac hair pulled up into a ponytail. “I’m sorry, babe.” She walked over and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, giving you a quick squeeze. 

“These things are meant to happen.” 

“I hate my DNA, you know? For making me shy, and stubborn. For making me ugly, fat, stupid.. for giving me these boring Y/E/C eyes!” You frowned, pinching at your cheeks. 

“Don’t say that, Y/N. I hardly had to put makeup on ya, you’re a natural fuckin’ beauty!” Lou cooed. “I spent less time on you than I did on Zayn. And that’s sayin’ somethin’, because Zayn’s a greek god.” She scoffed. 

“Tone it down, Lou. You’re married and you have a daughter.” You grumbled. “I just.. I should have told Zayn about it before he propo-”

“Told Zayn about what?” Zayn poked his head in and you gasped, holding a hand to your chest. 

“Nothing.” You coughed. 

“Anyway, it’s show time in five minutes and I kinda need my best friend out here.” Zayn held a hand out for you and you took it, Lou trailing behind you. 

“You alright?” 

“Yeah, of course.” 

“Show time, then. Yeah?” 


“You look handsome.” You sighed, smoothing down Liam’s tux. “As per usual.”

“Thanks, Y/N. You’re not looking half bad yourself.” Liam teased. 

“Mm, thank you.” You mumbled, tucking a rose into his chest pocket. 

“You seem distracted this morning.” 

“Oh, I’ve just been tired lately. Planning your best friend’s wedding isn’t the easiest thing to do.” You smiled weakly. 

“How much sleep have you been getting?” Liam asked, concerned. 

“Like 7 hours. I’m fine.” The truth was you’d only be getting 4 hours of sleep a night. You were either tossing and turning in your bed, because the thought of losing your chances with Liam kept clouding your mind. The thought of him moving on with his life and leaving you behind scared you. 

“L/B/N is so nervous, it’s adorable. How’s the groom?” Karen stuck her head in the room, letting out an ‘aw’ at her charming son. “Liam, I’ve been dreaming of this day, and it’s finally happening!” She pressed a kiss to Liam’s cheek as you clasped your earrings on. 

“This is literally a dream come true. I’m getting married, and Y/N’s my best man.” 

“Best woman.” You corrected, patting his chest. “I suggest we go and get this over with, yeah?” 

“Get this over with? Y/N, it’s my wedding.” Liam frowned. “Out of all people, I thought you’d be the most excited for me.” Your heart hurt with the thought of Liam being upset while getting married, and you gave him a quick hug.
“I’m sorry. That came out wrong. I meant, let’s go and get you married to L/B/N before the crowd gets impatient.” You mumbled into his chest while he rubbed your back. 

“That’s the Y/N I’ve come to know and love.”

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I loved the little scenes you wrote for the princes' babies (I died they were so cute!!) and I was wondering if you could do the same for the butlers?

Sure! Butler baby fluff coming right up!


Claude: The sound of crying echoed throughout the room as you and Claude stood over the cradle of your son. Said son was crying for…a reason you had yet to determine. Claude was convinced he just needed to go to sleep. You, on the other hand, thought it might be something more reasonable. Claude was currently rocking your son in his arms, whispering soft soothing words to try and convince the babe to sleep. You watched with a raised eyebrow, your arms folded and your foot tapping impatiently on the floor. “It’s not going to work,” you murmured. Claude ignored you, turning his back to continue rocking the child and telling him stories. Instead, your son only cried louder and, finally, you lost your patience. You strode over to Claude and snatched your son out of his arms. Before Claude could even open his mouth to protest, you opened your shirt, exposing a breast. Claude’s cheeks were bright red as you hold your weeping son up to your breast. “Come on, there you go,” you said sweetly. Your son latched onto your nipple and began to suck, his tiny hands touching the side of your bosom. You raised your eyes to give a knowing grin. “Who knows what to do? Mommy does,” you sang, walking over to the rocking chair and beginning to rock as your son continued to feed. “That’s right, you’re a mama’s boy, aren’t you? Yes you are~” you cooed. Claude looked away, his cheeks still red and a pout on his lips. He would not be jealous of his son. No way. ….Even if he did think your breasts were his.

Luke: “I’m sorry I’m late!” Luke called out, entering his room. You looked back at him and smiled. “It’s alright. I’m just about to put him to sleep.” Luke looked at the tiny blue bundle with awe, just like he always did. His son was a wee thing, but his hair was already growing fast - and Luke knew it was his hair color that his son had inherited. It wasn’t that Luke was upset by this. He thought the whole process was interesting - who would his son look more like - you or him? Unfortunately, with Keith ordering him around a lot, he didn’t get to spend as much time with his child as he would like. “Would you like to do it?” you asked, breaking his reverie. Luke’s eyes widened and fear flashed across his face. “Are…are you sure…?” he asked. Save for the one time he had held his boy moments after you had given birth, he had yet to hold him again. It unnerved him, it worried him. What if he didn’t hold him right? What if his son cried? What could he do wrong that only he could do? You nodded, holding out his baby. “Yes, it’s about time you did something and held him more. I can’t hold him all the time, you know. Plus, you’d be missing out on something special.” Luke tilted his head. “Like what?” Your eyes twinkled. “You’ll see. Here, come, let me put him in your arms.” Luke took his son into his arms carefully, making sure he supported the head properly. Then, at your command, he began to rock him back and forth, slowly and carefully. You smiled, watching Luke with love in your eyes. “It’s alright, Luke, he’s not made of glass or anything.” “Still… he’s so small…” Luke murmured, gazing at his son lovingly. “It’s like…” he stopped, a small gasp escaping his lips. Your smile widened. “See?” Luke watched with wide eyes as his son yawned, then snuggled into Luke’s chest, his tiny fingers curling slightly into his vest. Tears filled Luke’s eyes and it was all he could do not to hold his baby tight against his chest. You just watched with a happy smile, enjoying the view of father-son bonding.

Alberto: “Alberto, could you pick her up? I can’t get to her right now!” You called, your arms full of cloth. Alberto looked helplessly at his wailing daughter, biting his lip. It was hard being a father, he decided. While he had been ecstatic at first at the prospect of finally enjoying fatherhood, he had been sad to find that his face was a source of discomfort for his daughter. Eyes that matched his in shade would fill with tears at the sight of him and it wouldn’t be long before she began to cry. This particular crying fit was not caused by him, for once. You had tried to reassure the Altarian butler that it had nothing to do with his face, but he found that hard to believe. Roberto had always teased him about his face being too serious and it hadn’t bothered him before. At least, not until now. “But, I’ll make it worse…” Alberto murmured, his eyes full of concern and yearning. You looked at him with an exasperated expression. “No, you won’t. Just pick her up and rock her! You know how to do that!” “….Alright.” Alberto stepped forward and picked up his little girl, cradling her in his arms and beginning to rock her back and forth. “There there, there there.” To his surprise, she began to settle down. Her tears dried up and her wailing became little more than blubbering. He slowly began to feel more confident and he continued to rock her back forth, whispering sweet words of love to her, smiling down at her. His daughter’s eyes gazed up at him then and Alberto froze, wondering what would happen now. A few moments later, his daughter smiled up at him, cooing happily and reaching up towards him. Alberto knew his heart was melting in his chest and a warm, breathtaking smile covered his lips. “Hello little one, don’t worry, daddy’s here.” He lowered his face to hers, still smiling as he let her touch his face. Her soft coos of affection were music to his ears and he never wanted this moment to end. You, meanwhile, watched them with a loving gaze, not noticing Roberto sidle in beside you. “So, Al’s princess is finally smiling at him?” he whispered to you. You nodded. “Yeah.” Roberto paused, then leaned over again. “Gas.” “…..Not funny.”

Yu: The head steward of Oriens hummed happily, a single daisy clutched between his fingers. He was all done with work for the day and he was ready to spend some well deserved time with his wife and daughter. He knocked on the door and when he heard a soft, “Come in!”, he opened the door. His eyes found his wife and daughter on the floor, playing with some of the toys you had gotten for her from your baby shower. “I’m back,” he said. “Welcome home,” you replied, tilting your face up so he could give you a kiss. “How have my girls been today?” he asked. “Good. No trouble at all today,” you replied, a smile on your lips. Your daughter touched one of the wooden blocks, then released a delighted squeal, patting the block excitedly. Yu chuckled and picked up his girl, rubbing his nose against hers. “I missed you today,” he said, warmth thick in his voice. He then held up the daisy to his daughter’s eyes. “I saw this and thought you might like it.” He noticed her gaze on it and how she reached for the pure white petals. “What do you think?” He brought it closer to her for inspection, smiling as her small fingers grasped the fragile petals. “Careful now,” he murmured, tapping the center of the daisy on her nose. His daughter blinked as some pollen dusted her nose. Yu chuckled again and dusted it off. “Sorry, love.” He kissed her cheek. “I’ll bring a flower for you every day, if you like.” His daughter looked up at him and smiled, squealing a little as she reached up and touched his face. “Very well. I’ll take that as a yes.” He kissed her tiny hand, marveling at how tiny her fingers were. “I’ll do as my lady commands.”

Jan: “Peek-a-boo!” Excited giggles and shrieks erupted behind you and you could only smile and roll your eyes. “Where am I?” A gasp. “Here I am!” More squeals of delight pierced your ears and you turned, looking back at your husband and his son. Jan, as you had always predicted, was definitely a family man. He always made sure his work was completed before you went to bed with your son and always managed to put some time aside so he could play with him. Your son was the spitting image of Jan and you could never resist those deep sapphire blue eyes whenever they gazed so innocently up at you. “Careful, darling, you don’t want to wake up the whole castle!” You called, turning back to your book. “Don’t worry, we won’t!” Jan smiled down at his son, tickling the babe’s belly. “And even if we did wake up His Highness, we could just blame it on a cat. Right? Right?” He ran his fingers teasingly along the boy’s sides, prompting more excited coos and squeaks from the infant. “That’s my boy. You’ll be a master of Dres Vanian loop holes in no time.“  You chuckled and rolled your eyes again. One thing was for sure, Jan’s son would definitely be spoiled by his father.

Louis: "May I? Please?” You smiled. “Of course.” Louis took his daughter from your hands, holding her close against him. He ran his fingers through her soft, ebony locks and kissed them. “Time for bed, ma petite.” Sea blue eyes gazed back up at him; curious, but trusting. With a warm smile, Louis laid her down onto the changing table, making sure everything was prepared. He began to hum a simple tune, but it soon gave itself words, the song being that of a familiar Charlesian lullaby. Louis undressed his daughter slowly but carefully, making sure every article of clothing was carefully tucked away inside the hamper. He then took her nightgown - snow white and decorated in delicate lace - and slipped it carefully over her body, singing all the while. Soft coos of contentment soon became little squeaks of sleepiness and Louis found his daughter beginning to sail into dream land, her eyes fluttering as she tried to fight off her fatigue. “Now now, mon petit lapin, it’s time for sleep.” He carried her over to her crib and laid her carefully into it. Then he picked up his violin and began to play the lullaby he had been singing, watching as his daughter was soon claimed by her dreams. Louis continued to play, however, wanting to make sure his daughter was completely asleep. As soon as he was done, he turned back to put the violin away. His eyes found you asleep in bed, your head turned to the side on your pillow. He smiled lovingly and got into bed with you, stroking your temple and pressing a kiss to your skin. “Merci beaucoup, mon ange. Beaux reves.”

Zain: The dark-haired butler of Nobel Michel was working steadily away at some paperwork - the remaining loose ends of a ball held in honor of the changing season. He was suddenly startled to find a pair of wide, emerald green eyes gazing up at him and a soft, small hand touching his cheek. “Ah…” He lifted his gaze from the eyes of his son to yours - only to find sympathy swirling in your own orbs. “Sorry, he got fussy.” You offered a small smile. “He wants to see his father.” Zain offered a wry smile of his own and took his son into his arms. “I miss you too, little one,” he murmured, rubbing his nose against his son’s. The babe cooed and smiled, continuing to pat Zain’s cheeks. “I’m sorry I’ve been so busy.” “Lord Nobel says that when you’re finished with this, you have the next two weeks off.” He looked up at you in shock. “He wants you to spend time with us. We can use the house across the lake, so that we won’t be too far in case of an emergency.” Zain nodded, a smile touching his lips. “…Okay.” He couldn’t deny that he was a little worried, but Theo was getting better at his butler duties. He supposed he could let it go. That, and he was yearning for some family time. He lifted his son into the air, smiling as the boy squealed at the gesture. “You like that, huh?” He lifted him up and down, up and down, listening to his son’s squeals of delight. Zain turned to you and kissed you softly. “Thank you, I needed this,” he whispered against your lips. “You’re welcome,” you replied, your cheeks flushing pink at the gesture. Zain offered a warm, loving smile, then continued to lift his son into the air, wanting to keep this moment going for as long as possible.


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(Modern AU because reasons) 

How did they they meet?

They meet in College and it’s like two asteroids colliding in outer space, creating an eclipse for the world to see. She hates him, he can’t help but admire her. They argue and spit insults but take on the world side by side. They’re like fire and ice, but every so often they mellow and become a warm breeze. Clarke only admits they’re friends after four vodka sprites, Bellamy grins, he thought it’d take at least six. 

Who developed romantic feelings first? 

Bell! He falls hard from the start, although it takes him a while to realise that this is what falling feels like. It’s unbearable and torturous, but it’s almost worth it to see her smile. 

Who is their biggest “shipper?”  

Miller makes sarcastic comments about them being an old married couple, but occasionally Bellamy catches him smiling at the two of them when they aren’t looking. Raven and Octavia just roll there eyes and shout “No PDA” in their general direction. But Octavia hugs him tight before she leaves one night and whispers in his ear “Im glad you’re finally happy Bell.” 

Who confessed their feelings first?

Bellamy does it. He’s liked her for at least a year and Miller is getting sick of hearing about it. Bellamy is drunk and Miller is close to stabbing him, repeatedly, with a knife, in the face. “She’s just so….” “So….?” “Clarke.” He says helplessly. “I think….. I think maybe I’m in love with her.” “A. Yeah you’re in love with her, pretty sure there are people on Mars who know that. B. Why the fuck are you telling me this? Go tell her if you’re that worried about it ok.” 

“Yeah.” Bellamy says decisively. 

That’s the story of how Clarke finds him passed out in her hallway as she’s on her way to work one morning. He doesn’t explain why he’s there just mutters something about Nathan Miller being a dead man. 

Later she finds a voicemail on her phone he’d left the night before and she runs all the way to his apartment to kiss him and call him an idiot. Safe to say he doesn’t kill Miller, in fact he buys him a present. 

What was their first official date? 

A week after they tell each other how they feel Bell takes her out. He wears his only suit and makes a reservation at a restaurant with a name he can’t pronounce. She shows up and laughs in his face. Tells him he’s a fucking idiot. Which, ok, he is, but he doesn’t know why he is right now. She drags him to a bar around the corner and they sit in a cheap vinyl booth and she kisses him with lips that taste like cider. 

How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

They tried having one with O and Lincoln once. Never again. 

What do they do in their down time? 

They sleep in on Sunday mornings and kiss away one another’s morning breath. There’s never food at Clarke’s apartment but when they sleep at Bellamy’s he makes toast in the morning and cuts it into triangles because she once told him she ate it that way before school when she was a little girl. They spend Friday nights drinking with their friends, Clarke on his lap, Monty and Miller talking quietly in the corner, Raven yelling about quantum mechanics, Lincoln tracing patterns on Octavia’s thigh. 

What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

Abby tries. Clarke doesn’t. Dinner is tense and awkward and Bellamy definitely uses the wrong fork more than once. Clarke excuses herself to go the bathroom and Abby leans across the table. “She deserves the world, Bellamy” “I know Ma'am. I’ll try my best to give it to her.” Later when they leave, Abby hugs him stiffly, but her smile is genuine. 

Her heart aches at how young they are. How whole and unbroken. I hope you make it. 

What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

A few months after they get together they have a fight about nothing and they’re screaming at one another and Clarke is tearing at her hair. The next morning he shows up at her apartment with a bunch of daisies and apologies on her lips but she throws the daisies straight in the trash and doesn’t say a word to him. He finally leaves and it feels like the end. Before he’s walked half a block his phone rings and she’s crying on the other end, telling him she’s so sorry and she’s so so so sorry. He runs back to her apartment and she’s standing there crying clutching the daisies in her hands and wearing his t-shirt. And he loves her so much it fucking takes his breath away. But its to early to say that so he just kisses her until she’s laughing and they’re promising never to be that fucking stupid again. 

Which one is more easily made jealous? 

Clarke doesn’t get jealous. But she has been known to glare at girls across the bar who send Bellamy lingering looks. 

Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

He gets home from work to find her curled up on the couch. It’s a cold night and she’s wrapped under a blanket staring at the tv. “Hey” he greets putting down his bag. “Thank god. I’m freezing.” she says and lifts up the blanket so he can lay down beside her. “Nice to see you too,” he snorts, wrapping his arms around her as she curls into his broad chest. “You know I only keep you around for heating purposes right? Don’t get too comfortable, once summer comes you’re out on the street.” 

Are they hand holders?

She loves his hands. Grabs hold of them when they’re walking, traces patterns on the backs of them idly, laces her fingers through his when she’s sitting at the bar with their friends. 

How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? 

The first time they have sex it’s Clarke’s birthday. He’s just told her he thinks she’s beautiful and he kisses her before he loses his nerve. They’ve known each other a while and he’s moved on from thinking she’s just annoying to thinking she’s utterly infuriating. But he also thinks she looks ridiculously hot in that red dress. The alcohol burning his throat seems to agree she looks hot and tells her as much. 

They’re in her dorm room before either of them can think better of it. Her hands in his hair, lips grazing his jaw. 

“This is such a bad idea.”

She grins devilish, “quit talking Blake.” 

Who proposes? 

Bell plans it all out. They’ve been together a few years and he’s loved her for long enough that it feels right. He buys the ring and hides it away, he spends weeks planning the perfect way to propose. One night he’s in the kitchen making spaghetti and Clarke comes in grinning from ear to ear. “You have a girlfriend I don’t know about?” she asks teasing. “Mmmmm. No. Not that I can remember?” he smiles. “So I guess the ring you hid in the washing baskets for me then?” she asks with a squeal and an expectant look. “I’m sorry I ruined the surprise. But oh my god the washing basket Bell? Of course I was gonna find it there and I couldn’t just pretend I hadn’t seen it and.” “Would you shutup so I can atleast do this kind of right?” he asks and gets down not one knee. “Clarke Griffin. I love you. Despite your tendency to ruin my plans and creep through my laundry basket.” Her eyes start to glisten “Holy shit!” she giggles. 

“Princess, will you marry me?” She nods her head up and down so fast he’s slightly worried for her neck muscles. She gets down on her knees still shaking her head, tears welling in her eyes. 

“Yeah Bell.” 

Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate? 

Separate. Raven and O plan Clarke’s and it’s a disaster. Miller lets Murphy plan Bellamy’s. Disaster is an understatement. The groups meet halfway through the night, everyone heavily intoxicated and slightly psychologically scared from the nights events. 

Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? 

Miller shows up in a tux Monty picked out and he stands beside Bell at the alter. Rumour has it he teared up at one point, Miller denies this profusely. Raven wears red, because of course she does. She has roses twisted in her hair and throws her head back when she laughs. She spends the reception flirting and dancing with Bellamy’s friend Gina and she feels whole. Octavia wears green, and laughs at the slack jawed look Lincoln gives her. She visits Bell before the ceremony and they both choke back tears. She speaks at the reception and everyone marvels at the fierceness with which she loves her brother. 

Big Ceremony or Small? 

The ceremony is small. Held on a hill which looks out toward the ocean. There are flowers and a light breeze. People laugh and cry and dance. Clarke wears a plain dress and glows with happiness. Bellamy tears up and feels his heart swell with enough love to burst. Later they dance together under the stars and the world seems to sigh in relief. 

Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  

They finally agree on Greece. Because Clarke wants a tan and Bellamy is a total nerd. The days are long and filled with hours spent walking the coast line, exploring the city, visiting ruins. They eat dinner late and feast on seafood and crusty bread. Clarke eats her weight in olives. They fall into bed each night murmuring “I love you’s” into one anothers skin. 

Do they have children? How many?

They talk about kids in the abstract way you talk about writing a novel or learning french. It’s something that’ll happen eventually just not right now. Not until we move apartments, or until Clarke’s new job settles down, not until they have more money saved. That is until one Thursday when Bell gets home from work. Clarke is pacing around the kitchen and when he walks in all she says is “uhhh Bell, I think we’re having a baby?” 

They name her Isla. She is perfect.