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Have I ever told you guys that I hacked Pokemon FireRed and it’s exactly the same as the original except I changed all of Green’s dialogue so he’s super hardcore flirting with the player character the entire game

I also changed the sprites so it’s original Red

  • Oz: i could strangle you!
  • Ed: can you reach?
  • Oz: -kicks Ed in the shin- now you're my size, asshole!
  • Ed: -bending and holding his shin, hopping on one leg- OW!!! you kicked me???!!!
  • Oz: um... yes. we're fighting. that tends to happen, Ed.
  • Ed: i thought this was going to be verbal sparring; i don't like this!
  • Oz: ...
  • Oz: i could get you some ice?
  • Ed: yes please, i'm not really cut out for combat

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38. Marichat!

“You fainted… straight into my arms,” Chat heard as the world slowly swirled back into focus. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go that far.” 

The funniest thing about this, he thought, blinking awake to his pretty classmate’s rakish grin, was that that exact line could have — should have — come out of his own mouth.

Instead, here he was, the fainting maiden in his shining knight’s arms, being… flirted with? By one of the most talented, hilarious, awkward people he knew.

He should probably be flattered, but he was too busy trying not to laugh.

“Sorry, I thought flowers were overdone.”

Her bark of amusement was loud enough to be painful, but so charming he couldn’t find it in himself to mind. She set him back on his feet, swallowing down the tail end of her sniggers.

“For future reference,” she said, smiling wide, “I like daisies.”

“I’ll remember that,” Chat promised, dropping into an elaborate bow as soon as he was sure of his balance. “Thanks for the assist, princess.”


  • Chat Noir: Well my lady, as much as I'd like to stick around and bug you, I need to run home and take a catnap-
  • Ladybug: So a kiss goodbye would be impawsible?
  • Chat Noir: [gapes at her]
  • Ladybug: [smiles and raises eyebrows innocently]
  • Chat Noir: I've lost my train of thought.
  • Ladybug: I spotted that.
  • May: *helps Daisy up*
  • literally 2 seconds later
  • Mama May: That was suicidal and stupid!
  • Me: Draaaag her! Little chickadee done fucked up.
  • *bunch of crap later*
  • May: I know what you're doing. Trying to distance yourself from everyone else so they don't drown in your wake? I invented that move. It doesn't work for one simple reason. Phil Coulson. -- He didn't give up on me and he won't give up on you.
  • Petty Daisy: I never wanted that.
  • Mama May: Mmm-mmm, no. You don't get to choose who cares about you.
  • Me: I love it. I love everything about this. Bring her back Mama May.

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I hate that I have to reply like this now. Tumblr, what is your issue? 

Honestly, a lot of the songs I wanted to post for that ask pretty much only worked within the AU worlds I have created for certain stories. But I think those three definitely work for certain parts of the show’s canon. But hey, like I said, any song can be skyeward if you really try and make it that way. :)

Hypothetical plot outline for the pilot episode of “Marvel’s Ghost Rider”

So just for fun, since I want Marvel to greenlight a Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider TV show, I thought I would outline my version of the show’s pilot episode.

(god, I would really love to work for Marvel’s writing department)

Before we get started, here is the main cast for season one:

1) Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider

2) Lorenzo James Henrie as Gabe Reyes

3) Jose Zuniga as Eli Morrow (returns only through visions, hallucinations, and voiceovers. You’ll see what I mean)

4) Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson / Quake. The in-story reason for her leaving “AOS” is that she was disgusted by SHIELD’s actions at the end of season 5 and quit the organization.

5) Genesis Rodriguez as Lisa Ortega, a law school student and Robbie’s main love interest. She joins Robbie’s team as the brains and strategist of the group. 

And yes, in true cable TV drama fashion, there is a Robbie-Lisa-Daisy love triangle.

6) Sophie Wu as Ruby Zhang / All-New Ghost Rider. She was a PhD student who was killed in an accidental shooting at her college. Like Robbie, she heard a voice that asked her if she wanted revenge on her killers, which she accepts.

Although in this case, it isn’t the Devil who turns her into Ghost Rider, it’s Eli Morrow’s ghost. Yeah, Ruby is meant to be a closer adaptation to 616!Robbie Reyes.

7) Ron Perlman as Johnny Blaze / The Phantom Rider, Robbie Reyes and Ruby Zhang’s mentor. He acts as the father figure of the two Ghost Riders.

The episode begins with Robbie Reyes returning to Earth after taking the Darkhold to Hell. Several gangsters attempt to rob an elderly couple but are stopped when Robbie drives through a portal in the middle of the street. He kills all but one of the gangsters, deeming the survivor as “innocent” since he was bullied into helping the muggers.

*insert opening credits, which are the words “MARVEL’S GHOST RIDER” showing up in burning letters* 

We then cut to two weeks later. 

Gabe, who was staying at one of his friend’s place during Robbie’s absence, is happy to see that his brother is back, even though he’s a bit pissed that it took him so long to return. Robbie gets his job back as a mechanic and at nights, he roams the streets as Ghost Rider.

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Ruby Zhang. She is giving a speech to several college students, a speech that is visited by Daisy Johnson. Daisy has been laying low since she left SHIELD on bad terms.

After the speech finishes, Daisy confronts Ruby and tells her that she’s friends with Fitz and Simmons and that they’re alive but laying low after SHIELD went underground (again). It’s revealed that Ruby was friends with Fitz and Simmons during their Academy years and was worried that they were dead after the HYDRA uprising. Ruby thanks Daisy for telling her that and the two part ways.

Going back to Robbie, he is working on a car when he is visited by a mysterious man riding a Harley. The man introduces himself as Johnny Blaze. Robbie remembers him as a famous daredevil from the 1990s / early 2000s who went missing at some point. When Robbie asks what Johnny is doing in his shop, Johnny simply says he’s visiting L.A. for business.

That night, we cut to law school student Lisa Ortega, who is walking home from work. She is jumped by two muggers who try to rob her but are thwarted by Robbie Reyes in his Ghost Rider form. Robbie is about to ride off when all of a sudden…WHAM!

Robbie is blindsided by a mysterious force who knocks him out cold. The force (which will later be revealed as the Ghost Rider villain Blackheart by the way) is about to kill Robbie when all of a sudden, Johnny Blaze shows up and chases him off. Lisa, left alone, tends to Robbie’s wounds. Before she can call for an ambulance, Robbie wakes up and walks away like nothing happened.

Robbie attempts to leave but Lisa shouts, “Wait, I know you! You’re Robbie Reyes, Gabe’s brother.” We then learn that Lisa’s niece is Gabe’s tutor and that Lisa has seen Robbie once or twice at his car shop. Not sure how to respond, Robbie offers to drive Lisa home. Lisa then promises to keep Robbie’s superhero identity a secret as thanks for saving her life.

*insert heart eyes from Robbie*

Robbie returns to his car shop and finds Daisy Johnson there, chatting with Gabe. The two hug and Daisy tells him all about what went down with SHIELD. Daisy says she wants to stick with the Reyes brothers for a while since she’s a bit aimless at the moment. 

Robbie doesn’t mind and lets her crash on the couch. Daisy then says that a weird old man has been watching the shop since she arrived. Robbie, pissed off by this, goes to investigate and he encounters Johnny Blaze, still watching his every move. Robbie asks what his deal is and Johnny reveals that he’s the one who passed the Ghost Rider spirit to him.

In the morning, Daisy, Robbie, and Gabe get a lecture about the Ghost Rider mythology. We pretty much learn everything we need to know (Zarathos, the deal with the devil, etc.). Johnny says that he’s in L.A. to watch over Robbie since he feels guilty about putting the burden of the Ghost Rider on him. Robbie says it’s fine and that he’s up to the task. Johnny then says he’ll stay as his mentor since he wishes that he had someone guiding him when he was the Ghost Rider. 

Robbie then asks if he could still transform and Johhny says that he could. There’s more than one Spirit of Vengeance and more than one way of turning into a Ghost Rider (keep that in mind). Johnny says the demon inside of him is different from the demon inside Robbie, which will play an important role in the next few episodes.

Lisa shows up at the car shop unexpectedly and is confronted by Daisy. Lisa says she knows that Robbie is the Ghost Rider and that she needs his help. Robbie asks what the problem is and Lisa reveals that her niece, Gabe’s tutor, has been kidnapped and is being held hostage. Robbie heads out to rescue the girl but before he leaves, Johnny tells him that there’s more to the Ghost Rider than just killing people.

Johnny: “Not everything about the Rider is death and suffering. You’ll know what I mean.”

So the climax of the episode is Robbie and Daisy confronting the kidnappers. Turns out, the kidnappers were working with the same kidnappers who tried to mug Lisa Ortega (this is a plot point for the rest of the season). We get some cool tag team fighting scenes as Daisy and Robbie dispatch most of them. 

The last kidnapper, however, gets special treatment. Robbie, remembering Johnny’s words, learns a new power; the PENANCE STARE. He uses the stare on the kidnapper, immobilizing him but keeping him alive.

Back at the car shop, Johnny tells Robbie that he’s proud he learned the Penance Stare and that he’ll help him curve some of the Rider’s more “evil” tendencies”. Daisy and Lisa spark a friendship and Gabe coins the term ‘TEAM RIDER’ to describe the group.

Then, we cut back to Ruby Zhang. Ruby is headed home from class when, all of a sudden, she is gunned down by a member of the kidnapper gang. The gangster mistook her for Lisa Ortega and, horrified by what he did, runs off.

Suddenly, Ruby is brought back to life after hearing a voice that asked her if she wanted vengeance. As a parallel to Robbie’s resurrection, when Ruby gets a good look at who brought her back, it’s not the Ghost Rider.

It’s Eli Morrow! Eli binds himself to Ruby’s soul, turning her into the All-New Ghost Rider. So throughout the rest of the season, Ruby struggles to keep Eli under control while Eli pops up every now and then as a vision that only she could see. 

As for the stinger that’ll lead into next week’s episode, we see Blackheart turning into his human form. Blackheart swears vengeance on the Riders before walking off into the night. 

Episode ends there.

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(Can this be posted early maybe? It's kinda important!) Here's a lifehack for everyone who uses chrome, and I'm sure other browsers have this as well. Go to your browser settings and type in "Font" in the search bar. Click "Customize fonts". Scroll down to the bottom of the popup. At the very bottom, you can control how small the minimum font size in your browser is. No more smalltext strife! So now that you know this, let's stop arguing about how people format their posts and just have fun! <3

This is a good life hack! While I think there is more to people’s opinions on formatting than just small text this may help some rpers who have trouble with that aspect of it in particular. I did go ahead and test it and it works both on blogs and on the dash. 

You can also access the minimum font size option by scrolling down in the settings menu, clicking ‘show advanced settings’, finding the ‘Web Content’ section and then clicking ‘Customize fonts’ and going from there!

-Mod Daisy