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Kang Dongho Mafia AU
  • you work at a flower shop across the street from a tattoo shop
  • it’s the oldest cliche in the book, but to be fair, when your aunt opened up the shop, the tattoo place hadn’t been there
  • you’re only working there to help out your aunt, but you find that the flower shop is a really nice place to work
  • you enjoy the lush feeling of the damp air, and how relaxing and calming it is to water the flowers and care for the various potted plants
  • you’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to come to the tattoo shop
  • and there’s always this one guy who goes with them
  • he’s pretty tall, muscular, with dark brown hair gelled up
  • one time, you point him out to your aunt and she clicks her tongue
  • “ah, those punks almost made me want to move my shop” she sighed “dear, don’t get mixed up with them. they’re the mafia”
  • you were never one to listen to adult figures lol
  • one time, you were casually watering some tulips when you heard someone cough awkwardly
  • (you were in the shop by yourself, since your aunt was out running errands)
  • you turned around to see the guy standing there, eyebrows raised
  • “hi, welcome to ivy and rose, how can i help you?” you parroted, rushing forward to stand at the counter
  • “um, my friend wanted to buy a plant for someone,” he explained
  • you nodded, walking over to where the potted plants were kept
  • “what type of plant were you thinking?” you asked “we have different types of flowers, succulents, shrubs.”
  • he stares at you blankly
  • “i was thinking… something green?”
  • you laughed, “how familiar is this person with caring for plants?”
  • “to be honest, i’m not really sure,” he confessed, growing slightly embarrassed, “i’m not the one giving the gift”
  • “why don’t you go with a simple succulent, then,” you suggested, lifting a small pot of tiger tooth aloe “they’re easy to care for, water maybe one every few days, direct sunlight”
  • he nodded, picking the little plant up
  • after paying for it, he heads out, and you resume watering the tulips
  • he pauses at the door and glances at you
  • “hey, what did you say your name was again?”
  • you look up from the tulips
  • “i didn’t, actually.”
  • a couple days later, he’s back?
  • this time, he looks around the flowers and picks a random bunch and pays
  • he was wearing a tank top and you could clearly see the tattoos that decorated his arms and chest
  • “so, can i ask for your name?” he asked with a small smile, looking up at you as he pulled his wallet out to pay, the glance making your heart race
  • “(y/n),” you responded, giving him a smile
  • dongho stopping by the flower shop becomes a regular thing
  • he’ll buy a small potted flower plant or a boquet, always asking you how you’re doing
  • one day, you came back from running errands and dongho and your aunt were sitting at the cash register sipping tea
  • when he leaves, you’re like
  • “auntie, didn’t you say he was bad news?”
  • “ah, that’s before i learned what a gentleman he was!”
  • that night, an unknown number texted you
  • it was dongho?
  • apparently, your aunt gave him your phone number,,,
  • “you need to put yourself out there, (y/n),” your aunt advised wisely, watching you sweep up fallen petals and dead leaves
  • sometimes you had to stay at the shop really late and close up, since your aunt took care of your grandmother on friday nights over in the next town
  • the shop closed at 10pm, and you’d usually get out of there by eleven
  • it became a habit for dongho to call you and keep you company while you were cleaning up the shop
  • one night, you were in the back room, checking to make sure that the fridges that held cut flowers was on when you heard someone come into the shop
  • “sorry dongho, i gotta go, someone just came in,” you said to dongho on the other line
  • “the shop is closed currently,” you shouted to the front, putting down the roses in your hand and hurrying to the front of the store and shoving your phone into your back pocket
  • a group of guys, maybe five or six of them, stood there, dressed in all black and heavily tattooed
  • “gentlemen, the shop is closed for the night, we open again tomorrow at 9 am.”
  • “we’re not here for flowers, sweetheart,” one of them growled, and another leaned over to pull the shades to the shop closed
  • three of the guys pulled out guns, pointing them at you, and you felt like passing out, shakily raising your hands
  • “w-what’s going on?” you asked, heart racing, “why are there guns, do you need anything?”
  • “don’t play stupid,” one of them growled, “you know where the flashdrive is, tell us”
  • “i don’t know any flashdrive,” you said, panicked. you felt tears starting to stream down your face, scared by the situation
  • “like hell you don’t,” another guy hissed, “you really think we’d believe that baekho’s girlfriend doesn’t know where the fucking flashdrive is?”
  • “i don’t know a baekho,” you sobbed, tears clouding up your vision, “and i don’t have a boyfriend, i swear, you have the wrong person”
  • one of them growled again, kicking over a bucket of daisies that had been sitting in water. you whimpered as the flowers and water rushed all over the floor
  • “maybe it’s somewhere in here,” one of them commented dryly, knocking over three or four more buckets of flowers
  • “dumbass, they wouldn’t be there,” his companion groaned, “it’s fucking hardware, you can’t put that in water”
  • “why don’t you just call up your little boytoy baekho and this whole thing will be over for you,” the guy who had done the most talking said, waving his gun to where your phone was
  • behind you, you heard a gun click
  • “i don’t think that’ll be necessary,” you heard dongho snarl, before someone grabbed you by the back of your shirt, pulling you down
  • gunfire started almost immediately, and you were yanked behind the counter where the cash register was by dongho
  • above you, one of dongho’s friends squeezed the trigger of his gun, released a round of bullets
  • you whimpered, trying to cover your ears, the loud noise of the gunfire almost deafening
  • dongho pulled you towards him, wrapping his arms around you and firmly pressing his hands over your ears so that you couldn’t hear the noise
  • “are you okay?” he mouthed, quickly checking to make sure you weren’t injured anywhere
  • you nodded mutely, starting to cry again
  • he pulled you closer to him, engulfing you in a huge hug, and you closed your eyes, sniffling into his black collared shirt
  • slowly, the gunfire tapered off, and dongho grunted slightly as he got up, pulling you with him
  • the guys who had come into the shop were sitting on the ground in a circle, hands tied behind their backs with the twine you used to tie bouquets up
  • the rest of the night was kind of a blur for you– dongho brought you out to his car and buckled you into the passenger seat, covering your shoulders with a heavy, worn out leather jacket
  • he drove you to your aunt’s house where you were staying, carefully walking you inside
  • as you numbly brushed your teeth, you heard dongho talking to your aunt in a soft voice, explaining what had happened that night
  • your aunt made sure to check in with you, and stayed with you that night to make sure you were okay, insisting that you take a couple days off to rest
  • finally, after three days, you decided to return to work, and were surprised to find dongho carrying huge bags of mulch into the store
  • “good morning, dear,” your aunt greeted you cheerfully, “dongho here has been helping me around the shop, him and his little gang–”
  • “auntie, we’re not a little gang,” dongho sighed, obviously embarrased
  • “–have been helping me!”
  • you laughed at how excited she looked, a frail old lady patting dongho’s muscular shoulder
  • “dear, why don’t you go in the back and help dongho out with that mulch, yeah?”
  • you followed her into the back room, clearing a space to put the bags of mulch
  • when dongho had done so, you headed back to the front room, struggling to tie your green apron on
  • you felt dongho carefully take the strings from you, tying a bow with the apron strings
  • “(y/n), i’m sorry,” he said quietly, making you turn around to face him, “i feel really bad for getting you into this whole situation.”
  • “what are you talking about?” you frowned at him, “it wasn’t your fault, it was a mix-up.”
  • he sighed, taking a seat at the table, placed there for when you or your aunt took your lunch break
  • you sat as well, confused
  • “it,,, it wasn’t a mix-up.”
  • “but they were talking about a baekho,” you replied, confused, “you’re not baekho.”
  • “yeah, i am,” dongho replied, eyes never leaving your face, “that’s what people in 101 know me as, what people in the underground know me as. the flashdrive had some major extortion material on a high-up prosecutor, and svt needs that information as much as we do.”
  • you rubbed your face, still confused, “but i still don’t understand why they would think i was dating you.”
  • dongho smiled that same grin that never failed to make your heart pound
  • “well, i guess they mistook one person being in love for two people being in love.”
  • you stared at him in absolute horror, feeling your cheeks heat up, “did… did auntie tell you? that i like you?”
  • “what? no,” dongho started laughing, “(y/n), i was talking about myself.”
  • “wait, what?” you gaped at dongho, thoroughly confused. “you like me?”
  • “you like me,” dongho retorted, smirking at you
  • “you both like each other,” your aunt sighed, standing in the doorway to the back room with her arms cross, “and i won’t like you if you two keep dilly-dallying to avoid work.”
  • you traded an amused look with dongho, getting to your feet
  • as the two of you hurried to follow your aunt to the front of the store, you grabbed dongho’s hand and leaned up, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek
  • (auntie took a picture, cackling loudly)
  • (and it’s dongho’s lockscreen and wallpaper on literally any electronic device he uses)

yells “yes!” like mark from nct when he finally sneezed after 218948234 years bc suck it tumblr, i finished this scenario for the second time

  • Gumball: Principal Brown, you're obscenely old, right?
  • Principal Brown: Why, yes!
  • Gumball: Do you know any super-ancient-lost-to-the-ages, archaic, olden-times swears?
  • Principal Brown: Well, there is one...
  • Darwin: I want to hear it!
  • Principal Brown: The Elder Swear. You must never repeat it to anyone!
  • Anais: We won't, sir!
  • Principal Brown: Here it is... Your Mother is a *****ing !@#$%^&*Lorem Ipsum!@#$%^&!@#$%# Admite` Barium !@@#$$%$%%$ Tragula !@$%$%^##$#@ Hippopotamus @@!#%!$^& Republican @@#@#$@#%!^$%^&$%$#%#$ and Logan Grove @!#@$!%#$%#@%$ With a Bucket of! @#!$!$%#$^%$%#%$^ In a Castle Far Away Where No One Can Here You !@$%$^%&^&%^& Soup %$^$%&%^&^#$#@#@ With a Bucket of!#@!#@$!#@$#%#@ Daisy the Donkey @#@!$#@%#$^%#^# and A Stick of Dynamite @#$!$% Magical @!$%!^$^$%^ Alakazam!
  • Darwin: Wow...
  • Principal Brown: Now you know. You must never, ever repeat it, okay?
  • Gumball: We promise, sir.
  • [Later]
  • Gumball, Darwin and Anais to Alan: Your Mother is a *****ing !@#$%^&*Lorem Ipsum!@#$%^&!@#$%# Admite` Barium !@@#$$%$%%$ Tragula !@$%$%^##$#@ Hippopotamus @@!#%!$^&…

the debate about whether or not abortion is bad because margaret sanger was a violently racist eugenicist is a perfect example of how good the pro-life movement is at disseminating misinformation, to the point where they’ve even tricked their opponents into debating on false premises 

not because sanger wasn’t every one of those things and worse (she was), but because she’d been dead for 7 goddamned years before abortion was even legalized. in the grave. gone. kaput. bucket kicked, daisies pushed, dust bitten, farm bought, literally silent on the issue 

also pro-life anyway. but being dead, that’s the part of this argument that always somehow gets overlooked, which is really really funny to me

In this post, you will find { &;  348 440 } small/medium gifs of Daisy Ridley, as requested by anonymous. I do not own any of the gifs below, I simply found them on several blogs, and the sources are listed below all the gifs. If you would like your gif removed, please shoot us a message politely. Please like/reblog if you use, or to spread it around! I apologise for duplicates, but I’m only human. 

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✔The Hobbit
✔ Pushing Daisies
✔ Soldier’s Girl
✔ 30 Beats
✔ Breaking Dawn
✔ When in Rome
✔ The Fall
✔ Miss Pettigrew lives for a day
□ Possession
□ Polar Bear Man
□ Wonderfalls


Say it With Flowers

A week before Valentine’s Day, Rose visits a florist she’s never been to before. John Noble helps her select a bouquet that says exactly the right thing… and manages to say the right thing himself.

Ten x Rose, flower show AU

Prompted by @dialechotty, who suggested having Rose in a flower shop and the Doctor tell her that she should be the one getting flowers. The whole meaning of flowers thing started just as a bit of detail to add, and then it just… well, I spent an hour googling it, so clearly it turned into its own Thing. But I think it works. 

AO3 | FF.net | Teaspoon (when validated)

The sign on the door said, “Noble Flowers: Prop. John Noble.” Rose hesitated for a moment, but the florist she’d been going to had gone out of business since she’d placed her last order, and her friends at work all swore Noble Flowers was the best place to go.

When a man in his thirties with the best sexy bedhead Rose had ever seen popped up from behind a huge bucket of daffodils, she thought she knew why her friends had all recommended this shop. And when he smiled brightly and stepped out into the open so she could see his slim body, she had to admit she couldn’t argue.

“Hello!” he chirped. “You must have good luck—this is the first slow moment I’ve had since February started.  I’m John Noble, owner of this fine establishment.”

Even his voice was gorgeous! Less than five minutes in, and Rose already had a slight crush on the stranger. “Pleased to meet you, John. My name’s Rose.”

His grin widened. “The perfect name for a girl in a flower shop. How can I help you, Rose?”

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Flowers and First Loves

Jungkook X Reader Fluff
You meet Jungkook in a flower shop.
Word count:1,679

Hey guys! So I wrote a thing and I wanted to share it with y’all. I’m a bit new to the whole writing scene so if you have any comments/suggestions I would love to hear them! I have a part 2 in my mind already so expect that at some point. Xx -3-

Your fingertips run along the delicate petals of the white Lilies in front of you. You had always loved Lilies. There was just something so smooth and elegant about them. You start to lose touch with the world around you as stare at the flowers only to hear your name being called from somewhere on the other side of the shop.

You look up and take in your surroundings once again. Your grandmother’s birthday was in a few days, so you and your mom had gone out to buy her a gift and somehow wound up in a quaint little flower shop. You don’t know why you had never noticed it before. You had been passing it on your way to school for years.

“Y/n!” You hear your mother call again. “Come here for a second.”

“Coming.” You sigh as you make your way to the main counter at the back of the shop.

When you get there you see your mother looking at two different bouquets. One was filled with colorful Tulips and Peruvian Lilies. The other with pale pink Peonies and white Roses.

“Which do you think she would like better?” She asks, not bothering to look away from the two flower arrangements.

“Who, Grams? Um…” You study the flowers for a moment. “I think that one.” You say as you point to the white Roses. “She would like those, but I feel like there’s something missing.”

“I wanted to put Lilies in it but my mother here wouldn’t let me.” A deep yet boyish voice chuckles.

You look up to see a dark haired young man, about your age, coming from what you would assume was the back room, carrying a large bucket of Daisies and a roll of brown wrapping paper. He hands the older woman behind the counter the paper before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Ah she must be his mother.

You catch yourself staring at the boy for a few moments before shaking yourself out of it and clearing your throat.

“Is that all you need?” You ask, looking over at your mom.

“Yep.” She nods. “Thanks for your help.”

“Mhm. I’m going to go look around some more.” And with that you turn around and walk back towards to center of the shop.

As you make your way through the flowers you inhale deeply, taking in the scent of the air. If you closed your eyes it almost felt like you were standing in the middle of a meadow in the springtime. You found yourself stopping at the Lilies again, just staring at them.

“Do you need any help?” You hear a familiar voice say.

You look up to see the dark haired boy standing a few feet away, his feet fidgeting and his hands playing with the pair of gardening gloves he was holding.

“Oh um…uh no I’m just looking around.” You stutter, looking at the floor.

“Oh right. Um okay. Sorry to bother you.” The boy says quickly before turning to leave.

“If it’s any consolation I think Lilies would have looked very nice in the bouquet.” You blurt out, not wanting the boy to go.

He turns around and smiles at you before rubbing the back of his neck and taking a few steps towards you.

“Thanks. You know, out of all of the flowers we grow here I think Lilies are probably my favorite.” He chuckles as he reaches out and touches one of the petals.

“Really? Lilies are my favorite flower too.” You smile. “There’s just something about them that I’ve always been drawn to.”

“Yeah me too.” The boy says quietly before trying to steal a glance at you. “I’m…uh…I’m Jungkook by the way.” He says a bit louder, trying to end the lull in the conversation.

“Oh I’m Y/n.” You smile as you tuck your hair behind you ear and look up at him.

“Well Y/n, would you maybe want to–“

“Come on Y/n! Let’s get going!” You mother calls, interrupting Jungkook.

“I guess that’s my cue to go.” You sigh as you roll your eyes. “I suppose this is goodbye.” And with that you turn to leave, giving Jungkook a nod and a wave.

“Wait!” You hear him stammer and turn around to find him pulling a Lily out of the bucket before handing it to you. “I’ll see you around I guess.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck once again.

“Yeah, see you around.” You blush. “Thanks for this.” You mutter, motioning to the flower.

“Yeah no problem.” Jungkook chuckles as he backs up a bit, playing with the hem of his shirt. “Bye then.” He waves before turning around and quickly walking back to the counter, hoping that you couldn’t see the blush rising to his cheeks.

As you walk out of the shop your mother notices the flower in your hand.

“What’s that?”

“It’s nothing!” You say quickly, hiding the flower behind your back.

“Alrighty then.” She responds, laughing slightly under her breath as you two head back to the car.

The next morning started like any normal morning. You woke up, took a shower, got dressed and headed out the door, giving your mother a quick kiss on the cheek. 

As soon as your feet hit the pavement you move at a quick pace down the street. It wasn’t that you were in a hurry. You were actually quite early this morning. You just weren’t one for leisurely strolls.

A few minutes later you find yourself walking into a local coffee shop a few blocks away from your house. You had been a frequent visitor there since freshman year when you first started passing it on your way to school.

“Morning, Y/n!” A voice rings out.

You turn towards the counter to see a smiling young man, about your age maybe a bit older, waving at you. He was wearing a dark pair of large glasses and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. His red hair became a bit disheveled as he ran his fingers through it then wiped his hands on the rag over his shoulder.

“Hey, Jimin!” You answer back with a smile. “How are you this morning?”

“Oh I’m swell.” He replied, a little smile tugging at his lips. “But you know, the more early mornings I have, the more I realize I’m really just not a morning person.”

You let out a soft chuckle and nod your head in agreement.

“You and me both.” You sigh. “I would love to just sleep in all morning.”

You straighten up from your spot against the counter as Jimin puts the lid on your drink.

“But sadly life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to.” He mutters.

He slides the drink over to you as you fish out a few bills from your pocket and leave them on the counter.

“Thanks for the coffee, Chim.” You say as you turn to leave.

“Yeah no problem.” He smiles. “I’ll see ya tomorrow morning.”

You continue down the street, drink it hand, when you feel a buzz from your phone. You pull it out of your pocket to see Jimin’s name on the screen along with the notification for one unread message.

“What does he want now?” You giggle to yourself as you open the text.

From: Chim Chim :P

Uh hey Y/n. There was actually something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Would you maybe wanna—

Suddenly you phone flies out of your hands as you run into someone. You both fall to the ground as whatever each of you were holding does as well. The two of you stand up and begin to dust yourselves off when the other person speaks.

“Are you alright?” A familiar voice rings out.

You quickly turn around to see who the voice belongs to, though you were already pretty confident you knew.

“J-Jungkook?” You stutter.

Of course you had to run into him. A boy finally takes interest in you and you go and mess it up by knocking him off his feet. Literally. As you look up you notice you’re standing in front of the flower shop from yesterday.

“You know I think this is fate telling us that we should really get to know each other better.” He laughs lightly before reaching his hand out and pulling a few flower petals from your hair.

You both blush as he looks down at his feet, noticing a rather disheveled looking phone on the ground.

“Oh man.” He mutters, leaning down and grabbing it. “You phone looks pretty beat up.”

He tries to turn it on several times but with no success.

“I’m so sorry.” He says, a hint of panic in his voice. “I’ll give you some money to get a new one.”

“No no it’s fine.” You protest. “It’s my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

You take the phone from his hand and slide it into your pocket, hoping your mom won’t be too mad when she sees it. That’s when you notice the flowers strewn all over the ground.

“Oh my gosh! H-Here let me help you pick these up.” You stammer, bending down and picking up a few flowers.

“No no no it’s totally cool. I got this.” Jungkook says with a smile, grabbing your shoulder.

“At lease let me pay for the damaged ones.” You sigh, standing up and facing him.

“Tell you what,” He states, leaning down and grabbing a rose off the ground. “How about you stop by on your way to school with coffee in the mornings and we’ll call it good.”

You giggle, suddenly feeling a slight blush rise to your cheeks as you nod.

“I think that sounds fair.”

“Great! I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then beautiful.” He winks, handing you the flower.

He then turns around and heads into the shop.

“See you tomorrow.” You whisper, smiling to yourself as you continue your walk to school.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do "I work as a florist, everyday you walk in, buy one and give it to me." For EnnoTana?

Tanaka Ryuunosuke is an enigma. 

In the six months the police officer has been showing up in Chikara’s shop, he buys one single flower – a single white daisy – and gives it to the bumbling store manager before he takes his leave. Quick in and out, not too many words are exchanged between the two. Chikara is entranced. 

He wonders if the officer is as stoic and cool all the time. Chikara thinks he’s just trying to be nice, support local businesses as well as brightening a retail worker’s day. That would make Tanaka even cooler, in his eyes. He must have women all over him, and the thought makes Chikara kind of sad. 

Tanaka never buys flowers on days Chikara isn’t working, however, upon his casual mention of this to his coworker, Tadashi. Tadashi’s eyes are too focused on a tall, beautiful blonde (that even Chikara can’t deny isn’t hot, despite their types being completely different), anyway. He probably wouldn’t have noticed if Tanaka did or not. 

But Yuu says he doesn’t with him, either, and Chikara is always at the store otherwise. He just doesn’t understand. Why is he so special? 

The bell above the door chimes on schedule, and in walks tall, bald, and handsome, leaving Chikara to blink, trying to remember what he’d been thinking about before Tanaka entered. Whoops. It slipped his mind. 

“H- Hello! W- Welcome back, officer Tanaka.” Chikara smiles warmly, trying to settle his heart. Of course, that wishful thought flies right out the window with the rest of them when Tanaka smiles right back at him. With wide eyes, he clears his throat and asks, “Wh- What can I get you today, sir? The usual?” 

Chikara is already moving from behind the counter to the bucket of daisies in the individual cut section of the shop, but Tanaka stops him before he can pluck one up and points instead at the bucket of red roses, face almost as red as one of the flowers that Chikara plucks out with a raised eyebrow. 

“For someone special?” Chikara asks conversationally, feeling kind of sad he won’t be getting his own flower from the officer today, but happy for the lucky young lady who will be receiving one. Tanaka simply nods, and Chikara smiles softly as he wraps the single rose in a soft pink to compliment the colors of the petals, and rings it up. The transaction is mostly quiet, the only words spoken being Tanaka’s different total, as he’d bought a different flower than usual, and the quiet ‘thank you’ that comes when Tanaka is handed his purchase. 

Chikara turns back to where he was organizing an arrangement behind him, suspecting Tanaka will leave, but then a nervous cough brings his attention to the other man. He frowns. “Tanaka-san? Haven’t I rung you up? You can go now. Good luck, with your confession.” 

Tanaka says nothing more than shove the rose at Chikara’s chest along with a light pink card before he rushes out of the shop. Chikara stares after him, confused. What. 

“Looks like someone just got confessed to~” 

Chikara startles, moving to lash out at the surprising addition to his swirling thoughts, and nearly knocks over his arrangement when he whirls around. “Tadashi!” 

Tadashi chuckles. “Chika-san, how rude of you, you haven’t even read your card yet!” 

“I was getting to that!” Chikara rolls his eyes, setting the rose down gently on the table, and opens the card gingerly. He feels Tadashi’s prying eyes on him and flushes red. “Go away.” 

“But I want to see your face!..” 

“If you don’t, I’ll tell Tsukishima about that time you got stung in the dick by a bee jacking it at the greenhouse.” 

This immediately shuts Tadashi up, and he’s quick to rush into the break room, far, far away from Chikara’s threatening glare. With a content hum, Chikara’s eyes skim over the (surprisingly) neat lettering of the note. 

I really like you. Go out with me? If you like boys that is! Sorry I’m so weird!!! Ahhh!!!

Chikara smiles softly, and chuckles. Tanaka Ryuunosuke isn’t as cool as he’d thought. 

He’s in love with this nerd. 


Lee Pace Ice Bucket Challenge



Doctor Who Celebration Convention

Today I went to the final day of the Doctor Who 50th Celebration Convention at the Excel centre. With none-other than my good companion Nancy (Who plays Daisy Bucket in Doctor Who: Regenerated http://dwregenerated.tumblr.com)

A long day, as Nancy will testify. A day of wonderful stuff, lots of beautiful props and costumes and dedicated people.

Lots of famous back room-boys and girls from the show’s history walking up and down corridors from one venue to the next (Sound engineer Dick Mills and I shared a moment as he came out of the Green Room as Nancy and myself queued for our picture with Matt. I heard him jokingly say to his aide how he was off to get his make up done in preparation for whatever interview/talk he was about to give. I caught this and laughed to myself, he passed by, stopped and looked back smiling say “‘oo said that?!” I laughed and waved back. 
Simple uneventful stuff but good fun.

Lots of explosions, fezzes, music, laughter. Just a jolly good time.

A quote from the day came from Matt. “Sir, I’m urinating”, as he retold the circumstances of the oddest location he’s been asked for an autograph. It being at a urinal at an awards do.

Matt was clearly exhausted and I can understand.
The photo Nancy and I had with him was uneventful in itself. Hurriedly done to accommodate others, as one would expect.
As I left I quickly said “I’m really going to miss you.” which seemed to really touch him. 

A lovely lovely day, and one which just reflected how and why I adore Doctor Who.
Its charm, its silliness, its heart(s), its ingenuity. The daftest, silliest programme in the world makes it to 50 years as Moffat put it this evening.
I’m glad. The daft and the silly are so important.