150903 CNBLUE 4th japanese album 『colors』 Highlight medley (album teaser) & Message
Release Date: September 30
01. Intro
02. Supernova
04. holiday
05. hold my hands
07. realize
08. Daisy
09. Lucid dream
10. hold me
11. My world

cr:  CNBLUEofficialjp

I can’t believe you can play as a Wii Balance Board in Super Mario Maker but not as Daisy. Hell you can even play as a fucking trampoline. And don’t get me started on all those useless AC characters when Zelda has only 5, or those countless Yoshi and Mario variations that are a huge waste of space.

I guess Daisy ain’t coming as an Amiibo anytime soon.

I hate to be whining when Super Mario Maker looks like a great game, but it pisses me how often Nintendo doesn’t make sense.