daisuki bb

alternative title: “She Just Happens To Date The God of The New World.” A Misa fanmix.

Enough about him, it's her you should keep an eye on. 
For the girl who weaponized her love.

Problem || Natalia Kills
I Want You || Summer Camp
She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness || Say Hi To Your Mom
Murda Bizness || Iggy Azalea ft. TI
Why Don’t You Love Me || Beyonce
Siren Song || Bats For Lashes
Summertime Sadness || Angel Haze
Suki Suki Daisuki || Jun Togawa
I Will Follow Him || Little Peggy March
Million Dollar Goldigger || Doctor Dude
Flawless || Studio Killers
Scott Pilgrim || Plumtree
Bedroom Hymns || Florence and the Machine
The Garden || Mirah
Better Dig Two || The Band Perry
Anthem For A Seventeen Year Old || Broken Social Scene
#1 Crush || Garbage