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How did hijack week come up? And will it always be on September 8-14 cuz I came across this marvellousness late in the week and I would have loved to have written some fics for this.

Well it’s not too late!  I’ll be accepting Smut Week submissions until the end of September.

Other than that, the main Hijack Weeks (June 21 - 27, December 15 - 21) will always remain the same because they are based on the Summer and Winter Solstices (in coordination with Meripunzel Week).  Smut Week will continue to be every September, and we may choose to add events throughout the year.  We also have monthly prompts during the months where we do not have one of the main Hijack Weeks.

Name / Alias: Jessica

Location: New Jersey

Cosplay Experience: The first time I ever cosplayed was when I was 18 and had gone to my first con- Tandokucon 2007. I met a girl there who was kind enough to let me borrow her Edward Elric and Kagome cosplay for the weekend. I was hooked from then. I’m not really good with my hands so most of the cosplays I get I order,but when it comes to the small things for a cosplay I can do them. 

Cosplay Blog? http://www.facebook.com/jessica.k.perez.7 / http://daisukeuchiha.tumblr.com/

Cons You Attend: I’ve only recently been able to start going to cons,so I don’t have set ones. I wanna go to different cons every year!

What You Cosplay From: My main cosplay would have to be Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach because I just love her! The other cosplay I have done is Neji Hyuuga from Naruto Shippuden. Other than that I’ll be cosplaying from various anime and video games.

Photos You’d Like: Photos of me really. At Otakon 2012 I didn’t really get solo photos done since I was in a photoshoot. Action poses would be great as well or poses that the character would do.

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Taking a breath in she blew lightly onto the window. With her finger she drew a child-like snowflake and sighed again."I'd rather sleep to a gentle snowfall than this. But,that isn't going to happen anytime soon." Seeing as sleep was far out of reach,Daisuke kept breathing onto the window and drawing winter themed drawing.

Jack had tried his hardest to turn this rain into snow. With a wave of his staff and all of his concentration, the raindrops slowly started forming into snowflakes. He laughed as the snow fell, proud of his work.

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It was late into the night,outside the rain was pouring and the wind blowing hard all over. The windows shook with every gust that blew. Tossing and turning in bed Daisuke opened her eyes and sat up rapidly. It was hard to sleep with all the noise that was going on outside. Rubbing her eyes she put on her glasses and walked over to the window. "Another cold and wet night," she huffed as she twirled one of her brown curls around her index finger. Taking a breath in she blew lightly onto the wind

Jack was flying around the rainy neighborhood. Oh, how he hated the rain. With a wave of his staff, he tried to see if he could get it cold enough so that instead of rain, it would snow.