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Today is the birthday of legendary tokusatsu actor Ban Daisuke. Born  Kiyonori Saito in Saitama Prefecture he starred in several classic 1970s tokusatsu series including Jinzo Ningen Kikaider, Inazuman, Ninja Captor and Battle Fever J where he took over as the second Battle Cossack.

He now lives in Nagasaki where he still takes occasional acting roles, even appearing in the 2014 Kikaider: Reboot film.

Happy 70th Daisuke-san!

03 ......いいだろ?
Hirakawa Daisuke
03 ......いいだろ?

You… you said that you are not afraid of me, right?

I’m happy… to hear that.

It’s true.

*Kissing sound*


I won’t let you go.

If you are not afraid… it’s okay, right?

You eyes… close it.

You… even your ears is red.

*Lick and kiss*

Do you want me to stop?

*More kissing sound*

Well… I won’t stop though.

Lip on my Prince CD release

① 浪川大輔 as Kitano Seiya
Namikawa Daisuke
Release : 4/23

② 緑川光 as Sawaguchi Mahoro
Midorikwa Hikaru
Release : 5/28

③ 諏訪部順一 as Asahi Nagumo
Suwabe Junichi
Release : 6/25

④ 鳥海浩輔 as Yanase Haru
Toriumi Kousuke
Release : 7/23

⑤ 平川大輔 as Ban Norio
Hirakawa Daisuke 
Release : 8/27

⑥ 岸尾だいすけ as Naruse Tomoe
Kishio Daisuke
Release : 9/24

ATTENTION: These are not the official jacket!

Thank you for your response! I’d like to see Gorenger happen on Crunchyroll. That would be cool. You had mentioned August Ragone in your response. A couple of years back, I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Big Wow! ComicFest. Really cool guy. He hosted a panel there with main guests Kenpachiro Satsuma, Daisuke Ban & Satoshi Furuya. Thanks again for your time!

That must have been amazing!  I’ve always wanted to attend one of those kind of events.  I would love the meet some of the actors who make the magic on screen in my favorite shows.

Strangely enough, I recently ordered a copy of the new “Kikaider: Reboot” film from Generation Kikaida in Hawaii and it came with an autographed memorial card signed by Daisuke Ban.  I have never been so excited to have a random thing come with a DVD. 

Thank you for the picture and the talk!  It’s always great to talk with fellow fans of tokusatsu!

I have only communicated with Mr. Ragone on twitter and during the Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger marathon he hosted on Shout Factory TV in the accompanying livestream but he seems like an amazingly kind and enthusiastic fan!