Insulting Haikyuu!! pickup lines
Insulting Haikyuu!! pickup lines

Yamaguchi: Tsukki you remind me of the ocean
Tsukishima: Why’s that
Yamaguchi: Because you’re incredibly salty and everyone is afraid to get too deep in to you because they know there’s a ton of fucked up shit underneath
Tsukishima: That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me

Sugawara: Daichi you put a cement mixer to shame
Daichi: How come
Sugawara: Because I’ve never seen something so thick get so hard as fast as you do

Hinata: Kageyama you’ve always reminded me of the mountains.
Kageyama: Why
Hinata: Because you’re pretty to look at but too much effort to get close to.
Kageyama: Yeah well you might as well be the sun when I feel like I’m going blind by looking at you
Hinata: You wanna fight?

Kenma: You wanna know how you’re like a stray cat, Kuroo?
Kuroo: …how?
Kenma: You stick your ass up for anyone who touches you
Kuroo: That’s horrible

Tendou: Hey Wakkun, ever wondered why people liken Shiratorizawa to swans?
Ushijima: Because they’re beautiful and graceful?
Tendou: Because you’re fucking terrifying
Ushijima: Oh

Person A: “Yeah we are best friends and all… but I’d fuck you if you asked me to…”

Person B: “What?”

Person A: “What?…”

Person C: *From the other side of the room eating chips* “They said they would fuck you if you asked them to!”

Person A: …….

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: [kisses Person B's neck]
  • Person B: what is this?
  • Person A: affection
  • Person B: disgusting
  • Person B:
  • Person B: do it again