daiso highlighters review! firstly, these daiso highlighters are very comparable with the zebra mildliner. as you can tell all the colours available are also offered in the mildliner color range. unlike the mildliner, these highlighters are only one-sided, it doesn’t have the fine tip that the mildliner has. i’ve not tried them a lot yet so i’m not sure how well the ink dries up. they do not ghost or bleed through paper and i use muji’s loose leaf paper. the major difference is the price, these highlighters are from daiso so it’s $2 for a pack of 5 while mildliner costs $1.95 each. if you’re looking for an alternative of mildliner definitely check them out, 10/10 recommend. (there are a total of two packs in this picture the first 5 and the last 5 respectively)


Daiso haul! Needed a couple things and ended up getting a little more than planned woops

My favorite is this pocket sized dotted notebook! (not gonna lie – I bought 2 packs lol) I like the cover that says “meow” but the other design says “Why don’t we just relax? Days with cats” soooo I covered it up with this totoro sticky and I’m going to use this one for washi swatches ^^ I absolutely love pocket notebooks and I also love dot grid paper so this was such an awesome find for me!

I hope everyone is having a great day ^^


August 8th, 2017

A photo set featuring my mini Daiso haul + flowers that I received on the last day of school and never took care of, and a cafe in France :) 

I probably would have never bought anything from Daiso had Big Bang’s FXXK IT not been playing in the store……. It put me in a very “screw it I deserve cute stationery” mood LOL.  

+ I’ve been waiting for two months to incorporate my (dead) flowers into a picture. (poor things didn’t last a week with me I feel so bad for them sdfsfd)

My sophomore year starts tomorrow and I’m pretty anxious, honestly. Pray for ya girl ( ᵒ̴̶̷᷄ д ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ )

♪ *ꈍ﹃ꈍ) ;  Sparkle by Radwimps - I’m very nervous for the coming year, but this song puts me at peace, plus it’s very beautiful (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ³ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥) (10/10 would suggest you watch the movie Your Name)


snoopslimes on ig
buttah slime as requested by a follower 💕

I went to Daiso today to buy one thing and ended up walking out with a wall organiser and storage for my pens and markers. Not gonna lie… I’m pretty chuffed about this! I’ve been holding off creating a new workspace for myself and looking on Pinterest for ideas really didn’t help. Going out and finding things to make is a lot better! Felt good to get my thrift/DIY on.