daiso highlighters review! firstly, these daiso highlighters are very comparable with the zebra mildliner. as you can tell all the colours available are also offered in the mildliner color range. unlike the mildliner, these highlighters are only one-sided, it doesn’t have the fine tip that the mildliner has. i’ve not tried them a lot yet so i’m not sure how well the ink dries up. they do not ghost or bleed through paper and i use muji’s loose leaf paper. the major difference is the price, these highlighters are from daiso so it’s $2 for a pack of 5 while mildliner costs $1.95 each. if you’re looking for an alternative of mildliner definitely check them out, 10/10 recommend. (there are a total of two packs in this picture the first 5 and the last 5 respectively)


snoopslimes on ig
buttah slime as requested by a follower 💕


My two Mermaids for MerMay~ 

First one was the mermaid from Peter Pan and second one is Ursula. For Ursula, I’m currently reading “Poor Unfortunate Soul” and in the book, Ursula is Triton’s sister. So I thought, What if Ursula was a memaid before she turned into her sea witch form? 

I used Simply Gilded washi tapes for the tails. Daiso’s washi tapes were used in the Peter Pan one for the flowers :) 


{08042017} > I think I might make Harry Potter themed spreads by assigning each EXO member to a house but so far I’ve only managed to fit these three into one. I was originally gonna put Jongdae into Slytherin or something but my friend suggested Ravenclaw instead huehue - any ideas on where the rest would be placed in?