This is what happens when I live on my own there’s a Daiso near where I live. I buy all my Tupperware, plates, face towels and uni stationary xD and it’s all cute… I’ve been rather inactive due to stress and anxiety. I’ll get back to all your comments after I do my homework ^^



  • don’t sign up for morning classes. allow yourself time to wake up, go get breakfast, and not be in a rush.
  • don’t take classes that end later than 5 or 6 so you have enough down time and study time in the evening, without having to overlap with dinner.
  • go to seminars on interesting topics that don’t necessarily relate to your major.
  • don’t take back-to-back classes. allow yourself to grab a snack or rest. you might also have to cross campus and not give yourself enough time otherwise.
  • check out before enrolling in a class.
  • take every extra credit opportunity.


  • pour your own drink.
  • don’t mix liquors.
  • drink as much water as you do alcohol.
  • don’t hesitate to call 911.
  • if you’re hungover, drink water, and eat bananas and saltines
  • stay active.


  • nobody else has friends the first couple weeks either. you’re not alone.
  • leave your dorm door open when you’re in there and don’t mind distractions.
  • go to as many events as possible.
  • decorate your dorm with your roommate as an easy bonding experience.


  • make dorm rules with your roommate to set some basic boundaries in the first couple weeks of school.
  • empty your trash regularly.
  • keep a surplus of a quick snack, like cereal or granola bars, for when you’re running late or not hungry enough for the cafeteria.
  • bed bath & beyond, as well as daiso (or find a store), have good and relatively cheap dorm supplies. 
  • save receipts for everything you purchase. figure out how much you spend per week on the bare necessities, and set a weekly budget slightly above that.
  • plan on spending an extra $100 on things you forgot for your dorm.
  • here’s a list of what you should pack.


  • check your student email very regularly. your class might get cancelled, or a free event might be held.
  • take advantage of free services.
  • don’t take your paid services for granted, either. do your homework and don’t sleep in class.
  • explore your school’s website for interesting or useful information.


THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO MADE THIS CON FOR ME ! This is definitely my top to go Cons , Till this day I will always be amaze at what this fuzzy community is capable of ! 

The 2nd Largest furry convention , a community that shares a common bond that feed upon each other. 

Despite a incidental attack on the convention, Everybody stood strong , and pulled through the ordeal. 

This is the MidWest Furfest 2014 

Chicago , Illinois

Full Res Album here with all the adorable fluffiness !…..7649597856347/

Enjoy the Overload of cuteness !

But Please credit me accordingly by linking / crediting me when re-posting this photos ! it takes me ages just like any artist that put effort into their work.

Do me a favor the next time you see a lil asian lion snapping photos. Smile for the camera ! x3

Photography by SinghaLion / DaisoTheFox

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