ive never had a crush or given a shit about a celebrity in my life but Daisey Ridley could keep me locked in a box in her closet for the rest of my life and feed me Mark Hamil’s leftovers if she wanted to

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So, do you like the zones better then battery? Have you had power pup yet? Ohhh whats your killjoy name!- Galaxy Vegas

The zones are much more free and liberating for sure! I have tried a little bit of power pup after I came around yesterday and I almost vomited…. I don’t have a name yet but im thinking about something like dynamite daisey ???

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*Fingers worked tediously as she thread each stem in perfect alignment with the other watching as all the daiseys began to link together into a circle. A proud aura washed over her as she examined her handy work before getting up placing it behind her back to hide it. Ocean tides lapsed within her eyes as if it was a clear blue sunny day within the skies of her eyes. She quietly observed the small sounds that nature offered gladly listening to each song and low hum it whispered to her. Her bare feet connecting with each spongy moss or sod that coated the woodland floor as she dodged branches without ever having to look down. A little trick Toph had taught her like using sonic waves within the pads of her feet like bats did. She was completely connected. Her little walk and venture led her to the slumbering old giant who was leaning against a tree eyes firmly closed and face soft like when people get to that middle part of their dreams and can’t be awoken.

Her lips curled into a catlike smirk as she approached the sleeping wolf quietly and carefully leaning on the pads of her tippy toes to reach his height. She placed the flower crown of daisys upon his head tucking each wintery peak of his hair that threatened to catch within the chain to the side. She bit her lip trying not to wake him with her soft laughter that threatened to expose her plot should he awake. It matched his porcelain skin. She put her hands on her hips observing her finely tuned work before she bound away weary that he might awake to find her gawking at him. If only she had a camera or something to mark this momentous occasion. Her light steps yielded as she paused to look back. Her eyes scanning the fire that was consuming the sky noting it was almost three in the afternoon. Perhaps a nap before night time training would benefit the both of them. Spinning on her heel she quietly stalked over to him like a panther before taking a seat next to him before leaning her head on his shoulder letting out a breath.

Workouts and training were certainly exhausting. Her cheek pressed against the traditional armor plate on his shoulder noting that steel was not a comfortable pillow but- Geisha went through much more rigorous torture than this so- she could endure it. She folded her legs pressing her knees almost to her stomach overlapping her ankles together to form an X before she rest her left arm against her lap and let her right hand cradle against the grass. It wasn’t long until sleep overtook the pain from his armor digging into her soft flesh on her cheek and before she knew it she was dreaming of plates, and plates of food.*

Holy frick i just remembered i had a dream last night where me and my family were attending a marriage?? Funeral??? Idk there was night and rain and streetlights and a chapel and pews but idk what the event was anyway john boyega just randomly showed up and of course i was yelling bc omg!!!!! my favorite puppy man!!!!! And i think daisey ridley was there too but idk

anyway turns out my parents invited him to whatever this event was and i was so confused bc how does a commoner manage to do that wtf