SUMMARY 2011 report



Found a newer version. After Chinen saw [Where’s Ryu]’s uchiwa, he put his hand on his chest and seemed to say something like [Here]; and when Dai-chan saw [Ryu]’s uchiwa, he would bow his head and say [sorry].

anon asked,

Chinen: That is totally fine…everyone has their own opinions.

Ryutaro: It seems like people ship me with short guys.

Chinen: Well, there’s probaply someone out there who likes Ryutaro with a tall guy.

Ryutaro: But Daiki used to be taller than me!

Chinen: Oh was he really?

Ryutaro: Chyea. I mean like in the old days.

Chinen: So was he able to top you?

Ryutaro: What?!

Chinen: Nevermind.

【關於森本龍太郎】大貴「以前的他好可愛啊。我要上廁所的時候他會說「我也要--」然後跟著過來, 在後台睡覺的話也會黏在我身旁睡。但是最近喔, 因為自己長高了, 所以便擺架子般從上面搭我肩膀啊。一點--也不可愛 (笑)」(DUET 10年9月號)