I’d been meaning to make a rec list for a while, but now I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve read or started to read most of the books on this list, and I own 95% of them. If I haven’t read it, but someone has recommended it to me, I’ve included it. I know that there are books I’ve read or have been meaning to read that aren’t on here because my memory is shit and I never write anything down. Titles link to Goodreads.

An asterisk (*) indicates a book I haven’t read yet. A pound sign (#) indicates a book I haven’t read yet, but which others have recommended. A tilde (~) indicates a book I’m in the process of reading and would recommend up to the current point (aka “I don’t know if this book has a terrible second half, but so far it’s good”). Italics indicate a personal favorite.




Feel free to add others! 

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The chuga-chuga sound is one any dairyman would want to hear — daily. It’s the sound of milking machines collecting the white liquid, which is turned into edible products that support their farm.

For Greg and Ana Kelly, the chuga-chuga sound means fresh milk from their flock of 80 milking ewes – milk to be made into cheeses and caramel at their Gallant, Ala., sheep farm, named Dayspring Dairy.

The Kelly’s own and operate Alabama’s only sheep dairy, with their two children – Everett, 14, and Sofia, 10 — and several part-time employees.

Greg Kelly had wanted a different career than his prior corporate path as an I.T. manager. So he and Ana researched different occupations that could provide an income, and a lifestyle better suited to family living.

“Greg wanted a farm, and animals,” Ana says, “and I wanted to make cheese. You either buy lots of milk, or you raise it.”

“We visited a sheep dairy in Knoxville,” Ana explains, “and we were rocked. We loved the animals and products, and saw how many products can be made from sheep’s milk. Sheep have the richest milk, the most protein, carbs, fat, and a high yield.”

After visiting several sheep dairies across the U. S., they purchased their 30-acre farm in northeast Alabama in 2010.

They Dreamed Of Sheep (Farming): Peek Inside An Alabama Dairy

Photos: Meg McKinney for NPR

15-mar_546x-72 by Scott Hess
the Whitney Home, 312 6th St, Petaluma, CA. A stickstyle Victorian with sunburst design over the entrance gable. Built in 1882 by Senator A.P. Whitney as a wedding gift to his son A.L. Whitney who married the stepdaughter of dairyman Ezekial Denman. The house is often referred to as the Rainbow House. from notes in the Petaluma Museum.