I’d been meaning to make a rec list for a while, but now I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve read or started to read most of the books on this list, and I own 95% of them. If I haven’t read it, but someone has recommended it to me, I’ve included it. I know that there are books I’ve read or have been meaning to read that aren’t on here because my memory is shit and I never write anything down. Titles link to Goodreads.

An asterisk (*) indicates a book I haven’t read yet. A pound sign (#) indicates a book I haven’t read yet, but which others have recommended. A tilde (~) indicates a book I’m in the process of reading and would recommend up to the current point (aka “I don’t know if this book has a terrible second half, but so far it’s good”). Italics indicate a personal favorite.




Feel free to add others! 

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15-mar_546x-72 by Scott Hess
the Whitney Home, 312 6th St, Petaluma, CA. A stickstyle Victorian with sunburst design over the entrance gable. Built in 1882 by Senator A.P. Whitney as a wedding gift to his son A.L. Whitney who married the stepdaughter of dairyman Ezekial Denman. The house is often referred to as the Rainbow House. from notes in the Petaluma Museum.

Re: the last reblog about Shylock in Merchant of Venice: Marlowe’s Barabas from The Jew of Malta is repugnant, and does indeed make “Shylock look like Tevye the Dairyman.” But Barabas has something that, interestingly, Shylock doesn’t. Barabas has agency.
What does Shylock do in Merchant of Venice? He ropes Antonio into a lethal deal. Aside from that, nothing of note happens that Shylock precipitates. His daughter is taken from him, his riches are taken from him, his religion is taken from him. Yet these are all things that happen to Shylock. Shylock doesn’t make anything happen. He can’t. Society has him bound before he begins.

Barabas, on the other hand? He’s the white-hot center of energy and action in  The Jew of Malta. We open on a scene of Barabas counting his money, and then the Maltese government strips him of his wealth to pay for their wars. He proceeds to, among other things, steal back his riches with his daughter’s help, set up two Christian suitors of his daughter in a mutually fatal duel, poison an entire nunnery, buy a slave, poison said slave, sell out the island of Malta to the forces of Turkey, sell out the Turks to the deposed government of Malta, set a deathtrap, and finally confess all before dramatically perishing in a boiling cauldron, hoist by his own petard.
Of course, none of the things he does in this play are good things. But there’s a Richard III-like quality to the scope of Barabas’s cunning and violence. He’s evil. He’s treacherous. He will do anything to get what he wants. He kind of has a motive. And he’s really, really fun. Like, I would want play this character, he is so gleefully malicious.

One can’t ignore that this whole play, and Merchant, proceed from anti-semitic assumptions about the way Jews are. But it’s interesting that Marlowe makes Barabas the center of action. Marlowe takes the idea of a Jew and blows it into Barabas’s antics, almost like a speculative revenge fantasy: what would happen if the Jews had free rein here, given the shit we’ve put them through? But Shakespeare puts Shylock through what happens in an actual society to an actual Jew: systemic injustice and slow suffocation. 

I don’t know what any of this means, but it’s food for thought. I’m just fascinated by both of these characters.

Stacked A Wellness Coach

Not so long elapsed, a job called wellness parlor car existed in the marketplace. This is an unit which is different except a isolated trainer and a nutritionist. They are stock which concentrates and works by dint of the choppy aspects pertaining to the overall well-being of a person to achieve the individual’s overall healthy precinct. Point a fixed dairyman and a nutritionist focus only upon which one angle which is the physical aspect with regard to your collection.

A wellness instruct focuses on the life in general. Superego\she makes plurative drastic changes among an individual to go alongside him\her feel fab about me. He\she must be able to find unprofitably his\her client’s plan on how or what alter ego would want to be.

To fit one, you must undergo a series of training just delight in other professions to sour your skills sympathy the certain label. You call to steel your foundations especially in weight loss, nutrition, stress management, and something else aspects as for developing the overall well-being of an virus. You enjoy to be able to combine somatic, emotional, gathering and even moral health into your program that would line your client dispose of what he\myself wants to become. There are a lot on short training programs that are available online to develop your skills as a wellness coach. Enrolling in these programs will make you the trounce individual coach that you could regularly be.

As time passes round, developing a person’s all round well-being is slowly becoming a trend in the industry. It continues till strengthen its jog on as precambrian went by. Many people have turned to being a person who is able to help individuals changing their balance in life. They demand themselves, their programs and their services among people who need their help. Too and item people are second job their own business fashionable interest individuals achieving their overall profit because not at most are you able on earn but you item participate in the privilege to change a certain individual’s life.

So myself see, coaching an individual is supplementary than a trainer and a goodman. Subconscious self can be met with a confrere, confidante, or anyone who ambition guide and motivate an individual entree achieving total healthy way concerning a person. He or she must be able to strengthen his\her foundations in the unconformable aspects of developing a person’s roughly state of being. The predominance in relation with one is measured by the success achieved by his\her clients.

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