dairyland dolls

We do a drill called “ping pong” for the Dairyland Dolls (MRD’s all-star team) that basically involves having jammers take turns attacking one pack, one at a time, coming from both directions. It’s been really great for working on fast/ seamless transitions and just keeping your head in the game and with your pack at all times. Not to mention great endurance for us jammers. You can see the DDs warming up with this drill in the WFTDA.tv footage of them from playoffs in Tucson last year.

Tonight at our regular all league practice we took it a step further and actually scrimmaged going in the opposite direction. Bit of a mind fuck, but good for awareness and to build up those oft-neglected right side muscles. :) Sometimes it’s just good to snap your brain and body out of its usual comfort zone. You’ll often find yourself just automatically doing things you might have psyched yourself out of trying before.