xxxjake101  asked:

I'm 16 and I am vegetarian trying to go vegan .. The problem is everyone in my house eats meat and my parents nor I know what healthy foods to buy for me to eat ... Can you give me some suggestions please ...

Hi there! You guys are the best, I never seen so many people wanting to go vegan and that makes me extremely happy :)

Anyway, here are some staples I’ve gathered that might help. All kinds of fruits, veggies, green leafs and nuts/seeds are essential on a plant based diet. You can even start your morning with a green smoothie as I do, it’s my breakfast and gives me every nutrient I need. 

  • Alternative milks: Almond, soy, rice, oats or hemp milk.
  • Buttery spread: Look for non-hydrogenated versions, like Earth Balance.
  • Dairy-free cheese: Daiya melts and doesn’t taste like plastic.
  • Cream cheese: Tofutti makes a reasonable mock cream cheese.
  • Sour cream: Again, Tofutti.
  • Soy yogurt: Good for probiotics.
  • Ice Cream: Frozen ripe bananas blended in a food processor. Flavor with cocoa powder, vanilla extract, or peanut butter. OR buy SoDelicious, Almond Dream, Rice Dream, Soy Dream, or Tofutti. 
  • Whipped Cream: Whisk cooled coconut cream. OR buy Soyatoo! Soy Whip or Rice Whip.  
  • Buttery spreadSquid Butter is also an option (but pricy).  
  • Tofurkey: If you can’t live without a “roast.”
  • Field Roast products: Grain-based faux meat products, not too processed and unusually tasty.
  • Tofu: Silken for smoothies and puddings; medium or firm for cooking.
  • Tempeh: Soybean-based meat substitute.
  • Seitan: Meat substitute made from wheat gluten; great texture, great protein.
  • Frozen vegetable burgers: Making your own is better, but these are convenient in a pinch.
  • Edamame: Fresh (frozen) soy beans are a great high-protein snack or side.
  • Beans: Dried and home-cooked are cheap and the healthiest.
  • Chickpeas: In addition to beans, because they’re so versatile.
  • Seeds: Sesame, sunflower, poppy, pumpkin, chia … all high in protein and healthy fats.
  • Nuts: Because, protein.
  • Nut butters: Because, peanut butter!
  • Cashews: In addition to nuts, because they can be soaked and used in so many ways.
  • Lentils: Super cheap, versatile, easy to make, delicious, and nutritious.
  • Brown rice: Ditch the white for more-nutritious brown.
  • Quinoa: One of the few plant-based perfect proteins.
  • Steel-cut oats: Good for breakfast.
  • Whole grain grits: Because they’re filling and delicious.
  • Whole-wheat couscous: More nutritious than regular.
  • Multigrain pasta: Whole-wheat or legume mixes offer more nutrients and don’t all taste like cardboard.
  • Sprouted bread and tortillas: Food for Life products are nutrient-rich and altogether lovely.
  • Amaranth: Super cheap and nutritious. 

jesuisprest-tolive  asked:

How to go vegan? Ik such a broad topic but I'm already vegetarian. I'm a texture person tho so stuff that doesn't have a texture I like, I won't eat it. I also love love mint ice cream but there's diary free ice cream at the store so I bought some (it was mint) and I took one bite of it and couldn't eat it it was gross. I want to go vegan for the health benefits but it seems really hard. Is there like a book on how to go vegan or something?

Hey jesuisprest-tolive ! I believe that you’re looking to start a plant-based diet, as veganism is more than just eat to be healthy. Even though, it doesn’t matter it is great that you want to make the first step and is not always easy. 

It is important to know that as many vegan options are, those are very difficult to get in the same taste as the animal version. If you really want to succeed, you have to take things slowly, and by that I mean to add new foods to your diet, if you don’t like the taste of green, for example, make smoothies, eventually your taste preferences will start to change. I used to hate greens and now I crave them. It is a matter of commitment, patience and be open. Here are some resources that can help you to start:

kittypudge  asked:

I want to go vegan but I don't know what to eat??

Hey there cuteyetcreepy! So nice to hear you want to become vegan. This is going to be a learning process, we never stop learning! So here are some links that will help you to get started!

remy-thibedoux-deactivated20161  asked:

Sorry if I've missed it, but do you have any suggestions for convenience foods on a vegan diet? I've been vegetarian for quite some time now, and the biggest obstacle to vegan (dairy products get me, plus eggs are in so many things) is fast food and quick things. I don't cook a lot during the work week, and tend to just grab a TV dinner and salad for my lunches.

Hi there! Take a look at this couple of links! :)