dairy free baked goods

~ Cowboy Cookies ~

Tweaked these chunky gooey bad boys and they came out a treat. Featuring hazelnuts and peanuts, big gobs of dark chocolate, oats, coconut, and that always delicious brown-sugar base - these are the perfect chunky treat. 
Currently writing up this recipe and an accompanying blog post, listening to Patsy Cline and enjoying the lovely autumn sun…

etherealsuperposition  asked:

Care to share the specific recipe you used for the pie? I've been looking for one I can trust, and obviously if you made it five times you'd know! =)

I would LOVE to! The recipe I used is this one right here:

Gosh, I love this pie so much. As you noticed from the last ask, I’ve made this pie five times! Every time it has left my lucky guests licking their plates and begging for the recipe. Even non-Undertale fans will appreciate it!

You can read my full glowing review from my first try here, but here are my main take-aways:

  • I’m not much of a baker, but I just follow the directions exactly and it always turns out AMAZING! BAKE WITH CONFIDENCE
  • This is a time consuming recipe. I recommend making it with a friend. Don’t have a friend? You’re gonna make a bunch with this pie.
  • The pie is not too sweet– it’s PERFECT! However, the whipped cream was too sweet for me according to the recipe. Sweeten to your tastes!
  • I easily made it gluten free by changing the crust, but there’s a ton of milk and eggs in the filling so I’m not sure if it can be vegan/dairy free. 

Good luck and happy baking!

bitty greets the tadpoles

with pie, per usual. He makes a special flavor for each freshman because he is an excessive southern mom.

tango is ecstatic about his coconut custard pie and asks for extra whipped cream, but when bitty offers whiskey a brown sugar pie, he’s politely turned down! why?

“im lactose intolerant.”

bitty, excessive southern mom, scrambles to find recipes for lactose-free pie and bemoans the fact that his go-to secret ingredient (a LOT of butter) is out of the question.

the fridge at the haus begins to fill with almond milk and soy butter, pie after pie scrapped because its “tastes like the gamecocks play,” which the guys can only assume means “bad.”

finally, a week and a half after classes start, bitty presents whiskey with a beautiful dairy-free black-bottomed peanut butter pie, and holster swears whiskey smiles. 

everyone has a slice, declares it swawesome, and the crisis is over…until bitty notices another tadpole didn’t try any. why?

“im allergic to peanuts”


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